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    Waste of Money

    • Written by from Newark

    After a year, I had to replace my battery. Now after a few months, I will have to replace it again because the replacement will no longer hold a charge. I can't believe a company like Apple, with all their technology, can't figure out how to make a battery with a long life span.

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    Save Your Money

    • Written by

    I had purchased the MacBook Pro in December 2008...it is now January 2010 and my battery is near dead. It will not hold a charge past 30 minutes. I too have cycled the battery according to the instructions and have used my laptop responsibly. Funny how a "reliable and respectable" computer manufacturer's battery does not last past a year. Never had this problem on other laptops I have owned.

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    1.5 yrs and dead

    • Written by from Abington

    I've owned my 15" MacBook Pro since October 2008. It's cycled only 30 times and I get the "check battery" reminder. Now my MBP will not run without the power adapter. Apples creates awesome products... such a shame they cannot make a battery that has such a poor shelf life. I'm disappointed to put it nicely.

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    Apple take responsibility

    • Written by from Abbotsford

    The battery that came with my Macbook Pro was fine, and held 3-4 hours of charge until I upgraded to Snow Leopard, now I get 30 minutes max. I refuse to believe that something went wrong overnight the day before I installed Snow Leopard, so Apple needs to do something about this.

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    Worst Battery On The Market

    • Written by from Upper Marlboro

    This is by far the WORST battery on the market. Has to be replaced at least once a year either due to expansion or failure to hold a charge. Three years, four batteries later. Right now, my fourth battery only holds a full charge for one hour and all I do is surf the web, no heavy duty apps or games. This will be the last one I buy for it. Apple needs to get on it's A game or else I will be moving back into the PC market for my next computer.

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    • Written by from Port Richey

    My battery in my 15 inch MacBook Pro is awful!!!! I can charge the battery and it will last for maybe 50 minutes and then... dead!!! :(

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    • Written by from Denver

    I bought a new battery because my 2.5 year old that came with the computer was getting pretty horrible. But this new one is only slightly better than my old one. Should have saved the money and just put it towards buying a new Pro. I wouldn't buy this unless you absolutely have to.

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    The batteries from Sony have known issues

    • Written by from hanna

    I had a Sony battery in my original 2007 macbook pro and it lasted less than 140 cycles, at which time, the battery held less than half its original charge, so Apple replaced the battery with an even poorer Sony battery that didn't even last 100 cycles. They claimed that the second battery was not part of the faulty batch, and did not acknowledge that this and the original battery were subpar, and not what you'ld expect when you buy a high end laptop. I wouldn't buy a battery from apple again.

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    Snow Leopard and MacBook Pro batteries

    • Written by from Coppell

    I bought two replacement batteries for my 2006 MacBook Pro (week 10). My original battery had a full life, and I was happy to buy a new one. When I upgraded to Snow Leopard, my replacement battery retention took a huge nose dive. Now my replacement battery lasts at most 30 minutes. So I bought a 2nd replacement battery. The 2nd replacement battery performance also took a nose dive, and now it only lasts 45 minutes. I hate to criticize, but I'm out $300 and I can't get 2 hours total time from two new batteries. I'm not a happy camper. I'm sure (I hope) Apple is working to fix this issue.

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    Service Battery after SL OS upgrade

    • Written by from Dover

    I have a Macbook Pro 15 inch and always have used just one battery and kept the other in reserve for traveling. After SL OS upgrade both batteries report SERVICE BATTERY error and one has 83 cycles and the other only 25. As an Apple fan it makes me wonder if I will every buy another top of the line product from Apple that has such battery issues.

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    This is seriously a problem

    • Written by from istanbul

    My macbook pro haven't finished its second year, yet I'm buying the third battery. My battery is in its 80th cycle now and the health is %16.
    The most damaging thing I did was actually calibrating the battery. At the first calibration it went to %50. Then at the second one, it went to somewhere around %20. This should have supposed to help the battery, not kill it gradually.
    Right now it's not even giving a warning before getting completely dry and shutting everything off. I could have given a 0 rating if I could.

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    • Written by from Fairfax Station

    Why can't they come up with a battery that doesn't die after 100 cycles. I shouldn't have to spend $130 on a new battery every 9 months.

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    2nd battery dead within one year

    • Written by from Waterville

    When the original battery that came with my Early 2008 Macbook Pro started to fail, I took it to an Apple Store and they verified that it only had 70% health after 60 cycles. That was about one year after I bought my Macbook Pro so I got a new replacement battery for free.
    My new battery, however, started to die (again) and now it is only registering 70% health after 80 cycles. I am getting the infamous "service battery" that many Snow Leopard owners are experiencing even though I am 100% certain that I followed all the proper battery care and calibration procedures recommended by Apple.
    My conclusion: these batteries, which are supposed to retain 80%+ health after 300+ cycles do not perform as intended and they are not worth my $110!!!!!!

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    Worst battery ever!!!

    • Written by from Bronx

    I own quite a few notebooks and this battery is by far the worst. In the 1year and 10 months I have had my MacBook Pro, this will be the second time replacing the battery! If I had known that I would be replacing batteries like this I would have just bought an iMac. I refuse to buy another battery. I cycle my battery, the last one had 100 and the first one had 257. I have a 5 year old dell 17in laptop and the original battery still holds a charge of an hour and a half(it was a 2 hour 20min battery in a desktop replacement)

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    Battery fails - works stops

    • Written by from Amery

    I blog and podcasts at conferences all over the country - at least I do if the battery works. I've missed unrecoverable opportunities because of a battery that fell off a cliff. Tuff to work the conference floor if you're tethered to the wall. I was a PC user for over 20 years before switching to MBP. Love my Mac, but this battery is a very limiting factor for someone trying to make a living with her MBPs. I'm thinking of buying a netbook.

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    Crummy Battery

    • Written by from Hafnarfjörður

    My Mac Book Pro is awesome. I bought it in 2006 in San Diego and have only had to fix one thing since: The backlight, which is expected. However, I am now on my second battery and it's very close to dying on me. The laptop, supposedly a mobile device, has to be connected to an outlet all the time! This stinks to a high degree because now I have to buy a third battery, knowing it's only gonna last me about six months. I just hope the batteries in the new apple notebooks aren't as crummy, especially since they are enclosed in the unibody, you can't just pop 'em out anymore.

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    Battery Flaw

    • Written by from Audubon

    There is clearly a design flaw in the macbook pro battery. I am now about to purchase my 3rd battery in as many years. I use a dell for work and have had the same battery for 3+ years without any issues. Macbook pro battery design is flawed. Mac works great when it is on AC power or when battery is new. Apple, you can do better than this!

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    Battery #3

    • Written by from Mead

    I am now on my third battery in 3.5 years. Battery life is way sub par for an Apple product. Grade F-

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    MacBook Pro (purchased 2006) Battery is junk.

    • Written by from Mattawan

    After 50 cycles and a year or so on the calendar the battery was down to 45 minutes. This is a stationary MBP with no particular attention given to when or how the charging was done. The battery is the achilles heal of the MBP. There are lots of post on how to recycle the battery. If we can send a man to the moon, then the battery aught to take care of itself, especially at $130 a each year to replace it. I actually have not done the one year replacement schedule -- just lived with the laptop turning off abruptly after 10 minutes when not attached to the AC.

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    Mac PowerBook battery a dissapointment

    • Written by from Norcross

    After several Dell's, I decided to go for Apple MacBook Pro. The battery is a big disappointment, after a year forced to buy a replacement. This is quite opposite I wanted, with Dell the battery lasted three years, typically.

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