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    Portable Computing At It's Worst!

    • Written by from Marietta

    I'm going for my third battery in three years. I actually needed this battery three months ago! What is the use of having a laptop if I have to use it like a desk top.

    Love Apple - great products - but the worst battery on the market.

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    Apple Store Battery is a piece of #*&%

    • Written by from Sparkill

    I bought a new battery for my MacBook Pro. the laptop is about 3 years old. A brand new battery should last a lot longer than 2 hours. This is the third battery I've bought as well.

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    This is Sub-Apple standard

    • Written by from DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX

    MBP Santa Rosa, recently replaced for free previous battery due to poor health by an Apple Store. New battery, 17 cycles 85% health, no overheat (laptop always 3/4 inch off table). Adapter unplugged when MBP powered off, and cycled once 1-2 weeks. On the go battery barely providing 1-2 hrs life. Remember that my latest one is new. Battery obviously catastrophically poor quality and sub-Apple standard. Or, maybe it IS the Apple battery standard aiming to have us buy again every x number of months? Not his cat, stores on my side and replacing it for free.


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    Buyer Beware

    • Written by from Gilbert

    Just bought brand new replacement battery for MBP. I get 3 hours at lowest display brightness setting and "better battery life" for graphics setting. I'm only editing files and browsing the web (no video). I guess I should be happy since I was only getting a little more than an hour on my 18-month old battery.

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    MacBook Pro battery

    • Written by from ARTESIA

    I have owned the MacBook Pro 15" for three years and I am about to order my third battery for it. I love the performance of the laptop, but I am disgusted with the battery. It gets very hot, loses it's ability to hold a charge and just doesn't last. Additionally, at $129 a pop, it isn't very economical for something to last such a short time. I was hopeful that Apple would come up with a fix for it, but I guess that isn't going to happen. I am afraid to purchase the new Pro because the battery is internal and I cannot afford to be without the laptop while it goes in for a new battery, when it goes out.

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    • Written by from Richmond

    As with many others, love my MBP, hate the battery. I've had this computer for just over two years and now my second battery is already not holding a charge very long and showing service. Only 143 cycles. I've calibrated, etc. C'mon Apple, you really need to get the battery together. I am now going to have to shell out ANOTHER $140 for something that should have lasted 3 years and which will probably last less than another year. My old Powerbook battery hung in there for almost 3 years. I would be really nervous about buying a new MBP with built in batteries. Battery life is constantly exaggerated and then if you can't replace the thing easily... I fail to see how this is a feature in new models.

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    Needs an alternative!

    • Written by from Orange Park

    My battery looks like it's going to explode. It is over twice it's normal size and tearing apart, literally. It had always been very hot, so much so that I used a pillow to keep my legs from burning. I called and asked if there was a different battery I could put in there and they said no. I love my mac, but am not so sure about purchasing another one of these batteries in order to operate it.

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    • Written by from Union Mills

    Love the Macbook Pro, HATE HATE battery (m. A1175)

    Does not last as long as advertised!!! And the battery updater does not work either (any of them). Have the same issue, don't waste money on support, just go to ebay and get one.

    Thank you Apple for ALMOST creating a good product.

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    • Written by from Tulsa

    I got this battery about 8 months ago, and its starting to give out on me. Waste of $140 IMHO. Apple should be more willing to put a half way decent battery in their machines at that price.

    68 cycle loads, battery was cycled about every 2 weeks, and coconut battery is showing 77% of original capacity.

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    • Written by from Act

    I love apple, and mac is the biggest tool in my business, in i.t graphic design and photography and cinermatography, cause how versitile they are, (window's and mac work station all in one), but the problems i get is 1hr to as little as 5mins of battery life after 100cycles, charged discharged correctly, battery taken out when on ac for periods of time when its at 100% so it doesnt over charge, but now it doesnt charge, and the new battery shat it self also, then i find out of the battery replacing program nearly a year after, it finished and not to mention, my laptop has cooked it self twice and batteries keep buckling.. come on guys we need you to step up, you are doing a great job same prob with iPhones 6 replacements, and still, no longer then a day with light use...

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    Apple's One Flaw - HORRIBLE BATTERIES!

    • Written by from Las Vegas

    Bought two original Apple A1175 batteries. Both had about half the charge life as was advertised, and both completely died (unrechargable) after fewer than 30 recharges.

    Apple, for such a great, innovative company, how are you not ashamed of your batteries?

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    Love Apple, Hate the Batteries

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I am a Apple user/lover - desktop, laptop, iPhone, etc... but the batteries for the MacBook Pro are simply awful. I literally get about a year 1/2 out of each one I'm forced to buy. I have to order another one today, because my batter dies now at 50%.

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    Junk Batteries

    • Written by from Bakersfield

    I am on my 4th battery in just over 3 years. All were replaced under my apple care due to manufacture defects. When they told me to calibrate the battery to make it better, it did nothing but make it not work again. I have been told that the new macbook pro batteries are better but that does not help me.

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    Low Battery Life

    • Written by from Kenosha

    As with other MAC users, I would have to say that the Achilles Heel to the MacBookPro is the battery. I am on my second one and, even though I followed the tips to extend life of the batter, alas it is already dead after 75 cycles. It is only one-year old.

    Do you think anyone from Apple is reading our comments. Doubt it as they have not addressed this problem at least for the older models.

    Thank goodness I just bought a new MacBookPro 13" before going abroad where Apple products are tres, tres expensive.

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    Terrible lifespan

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Have to agree with the other reviews here - this battery lasted me about 1 year before the powered time tails off to under 1 hour under normal use. I treat it well - charging down fully regularly. I'm on my 3rd battery on a 3 year old computer.

    Apple's attitude to batteries in the past makes me extremely worried about buying a new generation MacBook Pro where the batteries are less replaceable.

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    Only had 69 cycles when it died!

    • Written by from Lake Elsinore

    This is the worst battery I've ever used. I only had 69 recharge cycles on it, by the time it died completely. Now it won't even hold 1 second of charge, so I have to go find a new one for 100 bucks. Terrible!

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    Burn out way too fast

    • Written by from Needham

    I've been going through about one battery per year, averaging only about 100 cycles before they no longer hold charge for more than thirty or forty minutes. Apple claims the batteries should last for at least 300 cycles. To their credit, they have replaced the battery twice, free of charge, even though my computer wasn't one of those officially covered in the battery recall. I just went to my local Apple store and they were very accommodating. After some online research, I found that one major killer of battery life is high temperatures. I noticed that my fans were running much faster and more often than usual....I don't know if that's a cause or effect of the battery problem. My IT guy replaced the fans (which were getting very noisy) and I just bought a new battery....so we'll see if that improves things.

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    MacBook Pro fine, battery ridiculous

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    On 3rd battery, disappointing situation. Hopefully the unibody macs will be better (but then I have a matte screen at a normal res!) Always having to look for an outlet, fiddling with battery maintainance is absurd.

    IMO Apple ought to have addressed this problem with all of the MBP of this gen, not just a limited set of serial #'s. For a premium product this persistent and widespread issue is pathetic.

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    Constant failures

    • Written by from Portland

    Waste of money. I'd actually enjoy my Mac if it wasn't for constant battery and power supply issues. I'm having to buy my second new batter within a year because the old one is no longer recognized by the laptop. My wife's Toshiba laptop which cost 3 times less has NEVER had to have the battery replaced and it's been in service as long as my MBP. Perhaps I'd actually have money to spend on new Apple products if I didn't have to constantly waste it on keeping my existing MBP working.

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    Apple's downfall

    • Written by from Rathdrum

    Apple's biggest downfall is the battery. The notebooks are great, but the batteries are absolutely horrific. Even the new advertised (8-10 hour batteries) are NOT GIVING YOU the advertised hours. Apple needs to complete revolutionize there batteries. If this continues, the lot of us are not going to buy Macintosh Laptops (buying a PC with linux is perhaps a better alternative)

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