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    Solid Battery

    • Written by from Alpharetta

    This battery is just like any other battery in a laptop. If you take care of it, it will last a couple of years. I just replaced the battery in my 2006 Mac Book Pro after hundreds of hours of usage. They're not designed to last forever. Your car battery won't last forever either.

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    great battery

    • Written by from Mountain Lakes

    The MBP battery is great. I use it everyday for class and I get around 3.5-4 hours if I cycle the battery, decrease LCD brightness, and turn off bluetooth. If you do not do those things then the battery will get close to 3 hours of life if you cycle the battery at least twice a week.

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    So what, get over it.

    • Written by from costa mesa

    It gets hot when you charge it, dies after 2 years, so what, get over it.
    My battery has 32 months (Coconut)and is half strength. It still is twice as good as my old laptop.
    You like your laptop? Buy a new battery and get on with your life.
    Take a few steps to stretch the life like storing it in a fridge while you use the plug:

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    Santa Rosa MBP 2.2 Battery Life at nearly two years

    • Written by from Fort Myers

    I was one of the first to get a new Santa Rosa 2.2 laptop. I have used the machine quite a bit for work on a degree and also personally as a mobile machine. I have a program, iStat pro, that tells me that I have 132 cycles on the battery and 85% of life left in it. In 3 weeks I will have used the machine 2 years running on the original battery. I usually have the machine plugged in when home and occasionally use it with battery in the family room and when away on trips or out around town. I have not purposely planned to cycle it. Perhaps people should share their typical use to compare battery life. Mine is mostly plugged in. Currently I get about 2:45 run time with 85% life left on the aged battery.

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    User Battery Life...

    • Written by from concord

    Lets be honest a lot of us didn't learn when we were younger that batteries need to fully be used up before recharging it. So let me remind all of the users who beat the computer up by charging their computer all day long or charge it while it still has half a battery charge left before needing it. I love the Battery it works the way i need it too and its been holding its charge very well over the past 6 months. Cause i take good care of it. Don't blame Apple, or Microsoft, Etc. Etc. take better care of your computer.

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    The battery in my MBP is fine.

    • Written by from independence

    I bought my wife the early 2008 model for Christmas last year, and we've yet to have any battery life issues. I can even play Quake Wars, Halo, and hop over to Windows to play Crysis, and the battery will last for a good 2.5 hours under that kind of load before it's out of juice. Using MS Word or surfing the internet is good for 4 hours and 45 minutes with the keyboard lit up.

    It's all in how you take care of your laptop. If you let it get too hot, then stuff is going to break. The battery is among the stuff that breaks when it gets too hot, which is no fault of Apple's since the people that manufacture the battery cells themselves (companies like Sony, for example) design the cell walls to be as small as possible and aren't great about the purity of material that goes into the batteries. (Remember that big battery recall? It could have been avoided had Sony checked the Li-Ion battery "batter" for the metal shards that caused all of the issues with Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, and Sony laptop batteries.)

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    Almost 3 years strong!

    • Written by from Northbrook

    I've got a Macbook Pro from the week they were released, and for the first 6 months or so, the computer was always plugged in and being used, it never went anywhere, until I tried using it off the desk one day and was amazed (though, I expected it) that the battery only lasted about 9 minutes! After rigorously cycling the battery for a few weeks, I brought its ability to power the computer back to about 2 hours. Now, over another year later, I still get about an hour and thirty minutes of use under heavy load out of the original battery.

    I'll have a new battery arriving in hopefully a few days, I'm looking forward to over 3 hours of life again, that'll be awesome.

    I've had many laptops over the years and Apple's batteries have always amazed me, back from my PowerBook 150 (which still gets an hour and a half out of the original battery) to now, with my MacBook Pro's abused battery with over 500 cycles, still an hour and a half strong.

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    MacPro 15" battery

    • Written by from Esbjerg

    Distressing to hear about people having problems. My 15" MacPro is 7 months old, in constant use, and the battery is still on 98/99% after 134 loadcycles. Regular calibration seems to be the key for me, as well as constant running down to about 10%, then charging.
    The average uptime for the computer is over a week. Perhaps I've been lucky. After 25 years with other computers, the MacPro has proved to be the best investment I ever made.

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    Self-induced Battery Death

    • Written by from Victoria

    I bought my MBP just over two years ago and finally decided to buy a new battery now that my current one was close to 5% health (nearly committing suicide). I did all the things I shouldn't have with it; leaving it plugged in while using and @100%, recharging it when it was still above 10%, leaving it plugged in for a week while it was off an I was out of town. So I wasn't surprised that its not doing its job.
    If you look after your battery PROPERLY then you shouldn't get the short life problems.

    And really, whats the point in writing bad reviews about a product that you have no choice about buying, its not like we have any other choices for battery purchases. lol


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    Don't listen to the bad reviews

    • Written by from Honolulu

    I've had my MBP for 22 months now and no problems with the battery. Just charge it when it is below 10% and you'll get long life from it. I think people have problems when they leave it connected all the time. As with any rechargeable battery you will reduce the life of it by having it plugged in all the time. Same thing with iPods, cell phones, etc.

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    Please don't rate low because of your own ineptitude

    • Written by from oceanside

    If your battery is over 300 cycles, it's expected that it'll be putting out significantly lower than a fully charged battery. Before dropping a low review, please click apple > about this mac > more info > power and see how many cycles there are. If it's over 300, your battery is consumed, so please don't complain. It's the nature of the beast. This is why it's such a big deal that the new 17" gets 1000 charge cycles on it's fancy shmancy battery.

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    My macbook pro battery is almost 3 years old and still > 70% life

    • Written by from Columbus

    If you do not cycle the battery and you frequently put the laptop into standby without AC power, you can look forward to a completely dead battery in well less than a year, regardless of laptop brand.

    I still get more than two hours of wireless use out of my 2.5 year old battery. Coconut battery says I have over 70% (around 4000 mAh) left. I cycle the battery every month or so and my laptop was refurbished. I do not use standby often without AC.

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    Cycling your battery.

    • Written by from Carpinteria

    All of you who are complaining about Apple solving this horrible problem, need to learn how to use a laptop. Cycle your battery! There are no problems with apple batteries (save the random broken one). I bought my macbook pro almost 2 years ago and use it everyday. When I got it, it had a battery life of about 4.5 hours. It now has a battery life of 2 hours...2 years later. This is normal for laptop batteries, and better than most other companies out there.
    All you need to do is make sure to unplug your machine from the ac jack when using it in your home. Run the battery all the way down to zero, then let it recharge (you can use it while it recharges)! If you do this your battery will keep its "memory". Don't just leave it plugged in all the time!!!

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    5 Hours of life

    • Written by from Tauranga

    400 Cycles and 18 months later still going strong. For all those not getting a year out of their battery. STOP leaving it plugged in all the time. At least once a week cycle it even more and you will get two years our of it using it everyday. Mine gets cycled everyday and still get 3 hours out of it.

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    Great MacBook Battery

    • Written by from Pasadena

    After three years, my MacBook Pro battery still holds for an hour. I just ordered my first new one to be safe.

    Heavy, heavy use night and day at home and away. The secret might be heavy cycling---I often use it till the warning flag.

    P. S. I'd use Macs if they ran on kerosene. No virus, no Windows.

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    The 15-inch Mac Book Pro battery is fantastic!

    • Written by from Valencia

    I've owned my MacBook Pro since 2006 and have never had problems with my battery. You should never cycle your battery on a regular basis, only when you are out in the field and need it to the end. Always keep it charged as much as possible and it will last a long time. Mine is now starting to fall under the 2 hour mark when it comes to in the field battery life and so I am buying another one as a spare. APPLE ROCKS!

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    • Written by from Boise

    I consider the performance from mine outstanding, More than 5 days a week averaging 12 hours a day. Nearly 3 years starting at 2.5 hours use per charge and now after 350 cycles, finally it died. For what it's worth I thought that was pretty darn good. All you complainers out there should remember that the batteries are not Apple technology and Batteries in general are practically the slowest advancing technology on the planet!

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    Great battery

    • Written by from Ipswich

    I use my MacBook Pro every day, all day. One day, I forgot to pack the power cable before I left for the office. With brightness turned down, and non-essential services switched off, my battery kept me going from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

    To say, if you have had difficulties, that "I'll never buy apple again!" is a little silly - these batteries are no different in any way from those that you would find in ANY other current laptop.

    Having used PCs on Windows for years until two years ago, I will ONLY buy Mac again!

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    Is it really that bad?

    • Written by from Brampton

    my original battery has 564 cycles on it and still runs just fine, maybe around 2-3 hours max, after being fully charged. I was thinking to buy a new battery if this one runs out because it sometimes show faulty percentage of the battery charge, maybe i need to recalibrate it. Is this new battery worth it? I mean do they give us the battery that someone else returned because it was faulty or is it brand new?

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    322 cycles!!!

    • Written by from Bloomsburg

    Just hit the 300 mark on cycles my battery has been through and it just now started to fail on me. I think the MBP is a wonderful machine and has never given me a problem what so ever. I purchased my MPB in Dec '06 and never followed and battery recharging plan, I mean seriously who has time for that. All in all, I have no complaints over the battery or design of the MBP. Go APPLE!!

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