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    • Written by from Sellersville

    I had the same problem as the other guy. I've had my MBP for about a year now, and the health of the battery is down to 65%, and the computer does not last long without being powered. I have cycled it, like the directions say, and it still has gone downhill. Its a bummer, because the computer is awesome, however the whole point of a laptop is to be able to be on the move, and Apple really dropped the ball here.

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    • Written by from Rowlett

    The batteries are WAY too expensive for the length of life that they provide, even with cycling the battery the performance and the overall life of them are disappointing. Apple makes a great computer, but a lousy battery.

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    max : 2 hours

    • Written by from Quebec

    The second battery in 18 months for my 15MacBookpro. The new one is not better than the original one. Maximum two hours of use, even with the minimum of applications runing. But there is no other choice.... the MacBookPro is the best. The battery, the worst.

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    3rd year on my MB Pro and will soon be on my 4th battery

    • Written by from Austin

    I have owned Macs for 20 years now and the battery life on this powerbook is horrible.
    I let the batteries completely drain and fully charge back up. The battery information shows I'm less than 1/2 way on my cycles, but am now getting about 15 minutes battery life and then suddenly powering off. The battery I'm currently using was purchased directly from Apple, and is about 9 months old.

    Almost makes me not want to invest in my next Mac upgrade.

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    MB Pro Batteries last ~ 18 months

    • Written by from Phoenix

    I have had my Intel MB Pro since 2006 and am at the end of my third battery's life. I have taken great care to keep the battery as cool as possible during use and typically eject the battery when using external power. I love my MB Pro and take the limitation with the battery life as the price of doing business with such an otherwise great computer. When I have the cash, I'll upgrade to the newer MB that offers more robust and newer battery technology. C'est la vie.

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    Terrible battery, but great customer service

    • Written by from BROOKLYN

    I've had two batteries fail (able to hold a charge for less than 30 minutes) since I bought my MacBook Pro about 2 years ago. Judging from the large number of comments here, there's obviously a problem with the product.

    But my experience with Apple's service department was great. They made me re-calibrate the battery before agreeing with me that it had failed, but once they saw how badly it had deteriorated (by looking at the file I'd uploaded via System Profiler) they agreed to replace it without charge, and shipped a new battery via FedEx. I had it in my hands 26 hours after I called.

    The battery on its own deserves no more than 1 star, but those reading these reviews in search of a solution (rather than just a litany of complaints) deserve to know that all hope is not lost. Call Apple if you've got a problem. They did right by me.

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    Not even 120 cycles

    • Written by from Lufkin

    I bought my MBpro back in March of '08 and used the thing for word processing, web browsing- that kind of stuff. and after looking at the power tab of the system profiler my battery has 112 cycles. The health says Check Battery.. i can hardly get an hour out of it. I love my mac and the things i can do with it but i'm not too thrilled about the life of the battery.. My old IBM thinkpad from 2001 still rocks a 3 hour battery life with MS 2000 Pro.. anyways that IBM has saved my hide a few times when the macbook needed charging... I'm not happy with this product. I bought into the Mac-thing and I really like the OS, but the hardware is a major step back to what i'm used to.

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    Battery life.

    • Written by from Toronto

    Agreed. Battery quality is terrible. I'm on my 3rd battery 32 months.
    p.s. I do cycle the battery.

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    poor quality lasting shorter and shorter

    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    I have owned a macbook pro 15 inch for 16 months. Perviously I owned a titanium (pervious generation). My battery now lasts 70-80 minutes, my titanium laptop battery lasts 150-180 minutes. Why does a newer product last less? aren't they improving quality not removing it? If it gets worse I will complain, are there any forums out there where other macbook owners express similar problems?

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    • Written by from Palm Desert

    After a year of use, the battery started overheating and the computer quitted when
    showed 31% of charge.............and keep doing the same afterwards.

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    • Written by from Larkspur

    I bought an iBook G4 in December '04 which is still on battery # 1, yet bought this MacBook Pro in March '07 and have a dead battery. I used both laptops in the same fashion. What's up with this?? Come on, Apple, your great OS and software are only going to last you so long before people get frustrated with this built in obsolescence and switch back!!

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    Mac BookPro Battery

    • Written by from Waialua

    2 years life and thats it! Fix the batteries or make them less $$$$$

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    My Mac pro battery fails after only one year

    • Written by from New York

    This is the second time I have to buy a new battery .
    They should give some kind of discount on the batteries , they come with a very short life term.

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    Shuts down with no warnings

    • Written by from Vancouver

    I bought my macbook pro over a year ago and now battery shuts down within 15 mins of use with no warnings eventhough batter life indicator is showing 100%.

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    Battery needs work

    • Written by from onset

    I have been a MAC advocate since my first MAC 512 and have sung Apple's praises even during the hard times. However, I am less than satisfied with the performance of the battery in my Mac Book Pro. After a year of use, I am buying a new one as my original is sinking fast. What a shame such a great notebook has such a terrible battery. Apple can do better than this... and should

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    My Worst Laptop Battery experience

    • Written by from Littleton

    Yes, I know about cycling the battery and recalibrating it but this MacBook Pro battery lasted just under 1 year. I better be able to get it replaced under warranty or under my 3year extended warranty.

    I own Toshiba and IBM (Lenovo) laptops with batteries that have lasted for many years.

    And not being a Mac fanatic, I can honestly say that I am underwhelmed with Apple's inability to produce a more intelligently managed battery system.

    Don't even get me started on this cheesy intermittent MacBook Pro keyboard or the DOA DVD drive that came with my unit.

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    Short Life

    • Written by from Houston

    About to go to the apple store to buy my third battery... Within 4 or 5 months, the battery capacity drops to about 60% and the charge won't make it through one 60 minute class... disappointing considering the high price.

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    The battery is bad, but Apple customer service is great

    • Written by from Denges

    I agree with the many people complaining about the battery. It is indeed a huge (the only) downside of the wonderful device that the MacBook Pro is. Personally, in the past few months I've seen my battery dying twice. Though, Apple has been very understanding in both situations, and admitted their fault. The batteries have been replaced and the new one works great (so far...).

    So, they should definitely do something about this battery and finally come up with a product that is reliable in all its components. Considering that the battery is indeed a very important part of a laptop and that many customers may decide upon what laptop buy next depending on the performance delivered by the battery.

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    this shouldn't be happening

    • Written by

    This really is nonsence because I've used a pc for years and haven't had the battery problems that I'm having now. My battery is good for about 30 minutes and then needs to be charged. I've just recently watched a new dell last for about four hours before needing a charge. Not sure of what I have done wrong but for the money spent this shouldn't be happening. I guess caliblating the battery dosn't work so is there somethng else?

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    these batteries are bad

    • Written by from Chicago

    I bought my MBP in Sept 2007 and just a year later the battery doesn't even last more than 15mins without dieing.

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