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    Lifespan of a Fruitfly

    • Written by from Atlanta

    My MBP 15" is only 18 months old and the battery has been on "4 cycles left" for the last 4 months. I keep the laptop plugged in on AC unless I take it on vacation, so it shouldn't be getting much of a work out. I also cycle it every other month to preserve the calibration and health of the battery. I know Li-ion batteries have shorter life-spans, but 14 months at $130 a hit is pretty terrible.

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    Horrible battery

    • Written by from Federal Way

    Does not hold a charge for long. I cycled mine down weekly (for the most part, except when I couldn't) but still did not stand up to my WAY-less-than-average use. A lot of money to pay for a battery that doesn't work that well.

    But, what are your options? They sort of have you over a barrel...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Atlanta

    Battery lasted 18 months and dead. My first Mac and but have had laptops for years. Never had to replace a battery. Apple should be ashamed of the profit on this $129 bucks. Happy to pay a premium for quality but this falls short.

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    After 33 cycles...

    • Written by from Den Haag

    When charged at 100% my MacBook Pro shuts down after 15 minutes at 60% without warning. This MacBook Pro is almost 2 years old and cycle count's at 33. Apparently the age is leading...

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    wothless in less than a year;

    • Written by from Morganton

    Knowing the problems people tend to have with laptop batteries, when i got my macbook pro I babied it. I treated the batter exactly as the manual described. And each charge lasted a good amount of time. But in less than year the batter no longer would charge. It's now useless. Thanks mac for making pay you $130 extra to get a new battery that will probably do the same thing.

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    Not perfect

    • Written by from Riyadh

    My Macbookpro is 14 month old, with 45 cycle count, and battery health is less than 30%, I did the battery cycling and calibration every month as recommended. a new battery is a must now..

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    MacBook Pro 15 inch Rechargeable Battery

    • Written by

    I am very disappointed with the battery. Only had my Mac for a year and the battery no longer charges. I don't use it that often. Expected it to last a lot longer.

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    Not a good battery

    • Written by from New Delhi

    My battery crashed out after only 64 cycles... I now have to use my computer at a desk, always, and if the magsafe gets pulled out, my computer looses all power! The battery life is exactly 0! I now have to buy a new one, and see how long that lasts.

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    Poor Battery

    • Written by from Gainesville

    My Macbook pro is 2 years old and I have to replace the battery for the second time it only has 40 cycles on it. I take it out when it is plugged in for an extended time and do everything that is recommended to extend the life. I am really disappointed with the batteries in this particular model. Now I have to spend another 129.00 dollars for something that should surely last longer than 40 cycles.

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    Battery comment

    • Written by

    My battery is really bad, it only has 40 cycles and when my computer is not plug in, the battery last for 25 minutes with just one program running, i paid so much for this macbook pro but i just get more disappointed every day.

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    50 cycles and stone cold dead.

    • Written by

    My original battery had a reasonable lifetime, something just over 2 years, hundreds of cycles, not complaining (too much), but this one was just outrageously bad. Didn't change usage patterns and within less than 6 months, less than 50 cycles, it's stone cold dead, 0% and will not charge.

    One star since it did not blow up in my lap.

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    Bad...Bad Battery!

    • Written by from San Antonio

    All the posts are correct. Apple Batteries don't last long at all. Even with all of the extra power draining features tuned off like recommended, I have never gotten 4 hours of use. Even when new. I was looking to buy another, but will save my money. I hate to say it, but I'm looking at PC's now. :(

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    Worthless - Do Not Buy

    • Written by from Freehold

    After 6 Cycles of my BRAND NEW battery, the battery life is already less than that of the original battery of my MacBook Pro! I WASTED over $130 on a new battery. Even after returning the new battery for a second new one, I still had problems with the battery life. This was after multiple battery calibrations and other tests. Apparently the change from SMP (original battery manufacturer), to a new one is a major problem.

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    the battery doesn't last

    • Written by from nashua

    The batteries in the macbook pro and macbook don't last. I followed the instructions on how to get the max battery life and just end up with a dead battery. It doesn't even hold any kind of charge not even 5 minutes. Now I have to get a new battery and my pro isn't that old. I have other computer's batteries last a lot longer, I mean I still get at least a 50 minute charge and I do leave that one plug in 24/7 I use it like a desk top until I need to use a certain printer.

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    battery does not deserve to be on an apple

    • Written by from Miami

    I have had my Mac Book Pro for 1 year and 4 months, battery is lasting only 43 minutes with all the power conservation possible. This is my only HORRIBLE experience with an Apple. I would give it 0 stars.

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    Terrible Battery

    • Written by from COLUMBIA

    It is beyond me why a product as good as the MacBook Pro would have a power supply that only lasts a very few minutes after being cycled and properly charged. I get less than an hour from a properly prepared battery. My wife can seemingly go all day on her Dell and then she will get a fair warning to recharge. I just get a dark screen without warning. Apple needs to address and correct this brand changing product.

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    Simply awful

    • Written by from Augusta

    I've had my MacBook Pro barely a year and already have to replace the battery. My next computer will not be a Mac. Really Apple? Really?

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    17 months...44% left battery life remains - max cap 2490mAh

    • Written by from Wayne

    Wow...not what I expect from such a world renowned product. Great system, case, overall everything great, but to be tied to an AC outlet 24/7 is nuts. My first battery was under warranty, and it was replaced with one of these. I cycle my battery monthly and do not leave it plugged in. It now lasts less than 1 hour after fully being charged. I had no choice but to buy one of these, now my second. Normal max cap should be over 5000mAh and the battery should last 3-4 hours.

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    Replacement - Awful

    • Written by from Sarasota

    The battery that came with my new Macbook Pro back in April 2007 was decent - certainly better than the Powerbook G4 battery. But, two years later, the battery only holds about an hour worth of charge - WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE, but the replacement battery I bought from the Apple store is awful.

    The replacement only holds maybe 90 minutes of charge, and whenever I've got the power plugged in to charge the battery while I use my laptop, the fans always kick into high gear. That rarely happened with the original battery...only when I had a ton of applications going at the same time.

    Macbook Pro's great...battery's awful.

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    Great for a few months...

    • Written by from WYLIE

    I bought my MacBook Pro Feb. 08' and the battery will no longer hold a charge for more than an hour, even though all I am doing is using Pages... Now I am replacing my battery because one hour of typing is unacceptable. I think Apple should seriously start addressing this issue..e.g. make longer lasting batteries for older model macs instead of just making "longer lasting" batteries for the newer models.. Quite frankly I am fed up with my computers battery life. I absolutely hate that my computer just shuts off without warning! I have lost many hours of my work due to the short battery life.

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