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    Bitter truth: Apple need to solve battery problem

    • Written by from Ames

    One of the reason I switch to Mac was the long lasting battery feature. However, I am so disappointed. After fully charging and set brightness to 50%, the battery gauge said 4:30 hr, but as soon as I opened Safari, it drop down to 2:30 hr. I continued to use it, and it really lasted 2 something hours--the gauge was right. The battery is said to last up to 5 hr. I went to Apple store. The guy said that I had 30 cycles on my battery that was why I see the reduction in performance. At fully charged, my battery has 5352 mAh. The battery with 1 cycle at the store has 5500 something mAh. The guy said that I should not let the battery less than 50%, otherwise it will start counting cycle. So, it means that I have to stay plugged all the time? What the use of having laptop? I have also been told that the battery will only last 300 cycles ($129/300 = 40 cents per your wireless freedom) Bitter truth !

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    • Written by from Apex

    I replaced my MacBook Pro (15") battery just one year ago. Already I get "Battery needs servicing" (ie., replacing at $129). Seriously? APPLE DO SOMETHING! There are enough horrible reviews that it seems you'd want to take action. Or it's a forced upgrade path to unibody (?)

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    Poor quality but expensive price

    • Written by

    To my surprise that so many Apple owners have the same problem like me. I owned a 15" Apple Macbook Pro for about a year and not too much used but still failed within a year. Apple charges too much on the battery with a short life. Expensive laptop but cheap battery, how are they suppose to remain on the top? I love the design of the Apple comparing with all the rest brands, but this battery really.......disappointed me. Well, Apple....give us something good for the price we paid. I think all Apple battery shoud have a rebate program and discount for the second ones to compensated for our first purchase. But of course, there are some good one on the market too. Well, I am the one that always drained out my battery before I charge it. Cordless phone battery can last up to 2 years, but why not you Apple! Or lower your price! APPLE BATTERY ARE MINUS -

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    poor performance

    • Written by from Mississauga

    I've had my mac book pro for 4 years now & I'm about to be on my 4th. battery! After the 3rd. they should be a nominal fee, not $160+Can. every time. The one that's dying lasts a whopping 15-20min. tops on a full charge. Apple/sony have really dropped the ball on this one. I consider it a major drawback.

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    • Written by from Larkspur

    I bought an iBook G4 in December '04 which is still on battery # 1, yet bought this MacBook Pro in March '07 and have a dead battery. I used both laptops in the same fashion. What's up with this?? Come on, Apple, your great OS and software are only going to last you so long before people get frustrated with this built in obsolescence and switch back!!

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    Six months...

    • Written by from BEMIDJI

    Had this replacement battery a little over six months and now it will shut down, without warning, at about 30%. This began happening to the original battery as well, although the original seemed to last about a year and a half before becoming erratic.

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    Not Real Happy!!

    • Written by from Grand Haven

    I have an early-2008 15" MBP. The original battery lasted over 350 cycles, about three years usage for me. I had to replace it in late March of 2011. The $100 replacement battery was completely shot 17 months later after only 82 cycles! Not much bang for the buck!

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    These batteries are horrible!

    • Written by from Fort Nelson

    I got my macbook for christmas in 08 and it is now October 09 and the battery is completely dead. I thought it would last much longer then this now i have to pay 160$ for a new one that's going to do the same thing!

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    • Written by from Sellersville

    I had the same problem as the other guy. I've had my MBP for about a year now, and the health of the battery is down to 65%, and the computer does not last long without being powered. I have cycled it, like the directions say, and it still has gone downhill. Its a bummer, because the computer is awesome, however the whole point of a laptop is to be able to be on the move, and Apple really dropped the ball here.

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    The battery you keep on replacing

    • Written by from West Hurley

    The battery I had for my original macbook pro had to be replaced three times due to use. Each replacement occurred after under a year. Thankfully two were covered under applecare. This battery is a nightmare as it effectively turns your laptop into a desktop with no warning. I've tried all the tips and tricks but had to keep replacing. Eventually I just bought a macbook and haven't looked back.

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    Mac BookPro Battery

    • Written by from Waialua

    2 years life and thats it! Fix the batteries or make them less $$$$$

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    Sad, but it is so true!

    • Written by from Unionville

    I have to agree with all the other posts. The battery for the Mac Book Pro is so disappointing. I bought mine in August of 2006 and ever since then, I have had nothing but trouble. It starts out great, giving you a warning when the battery gets low. However, in only about two months, the warnings disappear and it just shuts off without warning. Blackout! I don't know what to do. I don't think it make sense to buy a new one. Apparently, it is a problem with the mechanics of the battery.

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    Great Battery (If you change it every month)

    • Written by from Shorewood

    I acquired one of the first 15-inch MacBook Pro Core Duos and bought an official battery in the hopes that I could eek a few good years out of it. The battery worked great - for one month. That's right... 30 days and OS X was informing me the battery was dead despite resetting *RAM, etc. I suppose I'm preaching to the choir, but I couldn't resist staying silent on such a poor battery.

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    Poor Battery Life

    • Written by from BIRMINGHAM

    As has been mentioned previously many times before, the lifespan on this product seems to be incredibly poor. I bought my 15in MacBook Pro back in August, and everything was working fine - I calibrated the battery just like the manual said, and I was getting a good 4 or 5 hours of use out of it each time. After about eight weeks I noticed a slight drop in battery performance, in that it would be fully charged but only have about 3 hours power. It's now December and the most I can get out of it is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Either I have a faulty product or these batteries simply aren't as good as they're made out to be. At $129 (approx £65) a throw, replacement is an option I don't want to think about. Sort it out Apple!

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    Disappointing Battery Lifespan

    • Written by from Kitchener

    My macbook pro's battery is only 16 months old and like one reviewer suggested, I cycled it every week and yet it can barely hold a charge now. If I unplug my laptop, it will only last for about 30 minutes.

    I downloaded Coconut Battery and did a battery check. My battery can only hold a maximum charge of 1335mAh now, which is only 24% of it's original capacity! I am a little disappointed in how quickly this battery lost its ability to hold a charge. Always needing to be plugged in kind of defeats the purpose of having a portable computer. I hope my next battery will hold up better than this one.

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    Stopped Working Suddenly

    • Written by from Rutland

    My Macbook Pro is not even a year and a half old. The battery had been working perfectly fine until a little while ago, when it inexplicably started to last only about ten minutes when not plugged into a power source. If it isn't plugged in i get low battery messages even when the battery appears to be at near full power and then my Macbook shuts down.

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    • Written by from Seattle

    I love my MacBook Pro, and wouldn't give it up for a second. However, I just purchased a second battery that was dead (wouldn't accept charge) within a week of having purchased it. The included battery, despite having been carefully cycled, puttered out shortly thereafter. I'm now on my third battery in less than a year.

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    Had laptop for 1.5 years, battery suddenly works poorly

    • Written by from Hampstead

    My battery life for my macbook pro used to last around 3-5 hours depending on what I was doing. Just a couple weeks ago, when fully charged, it only lasts an hour and rapidly dies. I've only had this battery for 1.5 years and feel this is ridiculous to die so soon.

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    Great while it lasts...

    • Written by from Newport News

    Bought a 15" MBP in early 2009 - it's been just over 2 years and now I need a 3rd battery. I've let the battery drain often without leaving it plugged in and now it's not even recognized. The Apple store replaced my first one free of charge, but I seriously doubt they'll do it again.

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    these batteries are bad

    • Written by from Chicago

    I bought my MBP in Sept 2007 and just a year later the battery doesn't even last more than 15mins without dieing.

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