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    The same bad thing happen to me

    • Written by from WINTER PARK

    I have had my Mac Book Pro for over two years now. I love the machine and Mac Products. I use my Computer everyday for Computer Animation. I thought the reason my battery died is because I always kept it fully charged. Now I am hearing that the same problem happens to more than just I. I believe that Mac should take care of this problem or they are going to loose costumers. It just started to do this and after 15 minuets it dies. I still use my computer all the time I just can not move from a plug. That really defeats the purpose of a Laptop. I still like Macintosh products. I would never buy a wireless device because of this problem. They should at least give us a percentage off of a new battery.

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    • Written by from Morgan Hill

    lol, for those who can't seem to get more than 2 hours outa this battery must be creating the next pixar blockbuster while traveling. If i cycle the battery every month like you should, i get about 4 hours outa this puppy while using apps such as the DVD player, Word, and Flash no joke awesome storage capacity, hands down macs rule!

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    $500 in batteries!!

    • Written by from Chino Hills

    I'm about to purchase my 4th battery in 3-1/2 years. Do I have a choice?? Nope. They hold a nice long charge for about 3 months after purchase, then start to decline quickly after that no matter what charge/recycle maintenance advise Apple gives you. After 9 months my current battery will only hold a charge for 30 minutes. Pathetic, considering what they cost!

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    Not worth the price

    • Written by from Orlando

    I'm on my 3rd battery now, and already getting the "service battery" message.

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    What's the deal with these batteries?

    • Written by from Red Bank

    They start losing most of their charge for us after 3 months. We definitely don't see this with our PC laptops.

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    $120 per year investment

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    These batteries are terrible. $120 and they last a little over a year? Total joke.

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    They changed their batteries for a reason

    • Written by from Southington

    This battery isn't the best, but it sure does work. I have had my 15" macbook pro for over four years and i've only had to replace the battery twice. If that seems like too much, it's not. I'm just pretty demanding from my laptop. My latest battery is at 413 cycles, well over the amount it is rated for, and it still lasts almost 1-2 hours.

    My only wish is that they would drop the price, even though 129$ every two years is definitely not the worst. It is much better than buying a new computer every two years.

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    • Written by from Richmond

    As with many others, love my MBP, hate the battery. I've had this computer for just over two years and now my second battery is already not holding a charge very long and showing service. Only 143 cycles. I've calibrated, etc. C'mon Apple, you really need to get the battery together. I am now going to have to shell out ANOTHER $140 for something that should have lasted 3 years and which will probably last less than another year. My old Powerbook battery hung in there for almost 3 years. I would be really nervous about buying a new MBP with built in batteries. Battery life is constantly exaggerated and then if you can't replace the thing easily... I fail to see how this is a feature in new models.

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    Burn out way too fast

    • Written by from Needham

    I've been going through about one battery per year, averaging only about 100 cycles before they no longer hold charge for more than thirty or forty minutes. Apple claims the batteries should last for at least 300 cycles. To their credit, they have replaced the battery twice, free of charge, even though my computer wasn't one of those officially covered in the battery recall. I just went to my local Apple store and they were very accommodating. After some online research, I found that one major killer of battery life is high temperatures. I noticed that my fans were running much faster and more often than usual....I don't know if that's a cause or effect of the battery problem. My IT guy replaced the fans (which were getting very noisy) and I just bought a new battery....so we'll see if that improves things.

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    But what choice do I have?

    • Written by from Huntington Beach

    Yeah, there is a problem with these batteries. I've had 2 replaced under warranty in the last 18 months but now the warranty is expired and I'll have to shell out the cash or always be plugged in. Your credit card issuer MAY offer to extend the 12 month warranty if you purchase a NEW battery. Thats my plan, at least I know I'm good for another 24 months for $130. Not the best, but gotta make it work!
    Cycling the battery will help make it last, try to do that.

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    • Written by from Rowlett

    The batteries are WAY too expensive for the length of life that they provide, even with cycling the battery the performance and the overall life of them are disappointing. Apple makes a great computer, but a lousy battery.

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    Very Poor

    • Written by from Thunder Bay

    If you're like me and you rely on using your MBP battery a lot for work or school, expect this battery to be about half-capacity within 6-12 months. Very disappointing performance.

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    Battery Went Bad

    • Written by from Zeeland

    MacBook Pro Battery went dead so I took it to the Apple Store. They tested it and determined that I didn't last as long as it should have so they gave me a new one. Free of charge. This was a year and a half ago,

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    Battery burst open

    • Written by from Arlington

    We've had the MacBook Pro for 3 years now, using it pretty regularly but basically leaving it plugged in. I went to use it today and realized the computer wasn't sitting flat. Turning it over, I discovered the housing on the battery was popping open. Took it out and the battery has burst every seam. Quite a mess. Luckily no damage to the computer and no fire.

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    0-stars MacbookPro battery is not worth $10.

    • Written by from Altadena

    This should have been recalled. I'm on my third one. They don't last more than a couple months. I fully drain and charge at least a couple times a month and I hardly run on just battery alone, but they just don't work. I don't really know what the point of writing a review is, because there is no other choice of battery to buy. Love all mac product, but these batteries should've been scrapped in the beginning. I give this 0 stars, but in order to post this they make you click at least 1 star.

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    Battery? over and over again

    • Written by from east lansing

    I have had 2 replacements so far. Now my 3rd battery won't hold a charge past 20-30 min. max. I calibrated etc. no luck. Now, my Apple Care is expired, so I must pay for it on my own. I think when you purchase a laptop the battery should last at least 2-3 years. Replacing it every year is awful and costly. Apple should fix this. I would much rather spend my money on a new computer vs a new battery every 11 or 12 months. System says Battery Condition: Check Battery and said yesterday my capacity was 4000+, today capacity is 3000+. I don't get warnings that the battery is about to die, just a complete shut off.

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    • Written by from DeBary

    These batteries are horrible. I cycle the batteries religiously and I get about 9 months out of them before I am down to around 1 - 1.5 hours of time. Unfortunately the aftermarket ones are not much better. I am happy Apple has invested in their battery technology because these things stink and they are very expensive.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    mixed blessing

    • Written by

    The battery gets very hot. It doesn't last long. I'm spoiled because this computer replaced my old MacBook and the battery on that one always got me through a full day of discontinuous use. I'm on my 3rd battery in 4 years and it's good for about 1 minute at a time. Love my computer, but sorry to be buying a fourth battery already. I've checked around on line and perhaps if I am diligent about exercising the battery this next one will last a little longer.

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    not too good not too bad

    • Written by from Lewisville

    Read on the web these batteries chemistry has an average effective period of ~2 years, and that's exactly when my battery started deteriorating rapidly. it's almost 4 years old now, hold charge for about 5-10 mins. Battery indicator has become useless, the MBP shut down when it shows 60% remaining; plug in the charger and reboot, it then shows 0% and charging.

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    Buyer Beware

    • Written by from Gilbert

    Just bought brand new replacement battery for MBP. I get 3 hours at lowest display brightness setting and "better battery life" for graphics setting. I'm only editing files and browsing the web (no video). I guess I should be happy since I was only getting a little more than an hour on my 18-month old battery.

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