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    wothless in less than a year;

    • Written by from Morganton

    Knowing the problems people tend to have with laptop batteries, when i got my macbook pro I babied it. I treated the batter exactly as the manual described. And each charge lasted a good amount of time. But in less than year the batter no longer would charge. It's now useless. Thanks mac for making pay you $130 extra to get a new battery that will probably do the same thing.

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    All of the sudden...DEATH!

    • Written by from Elk Grove

    I bought my MBP in Feb. 2008 and the battery was at about 96% health after about 39 cycles. The battery would last for about 3 hours on one charge. Then all of the sudden, over night, the health dropped to 14% health and now will not last more than about 30 min. on one charge. Needless to say I had better get another one from Apple at no cost! Batteries don't just drop 82% health over night!

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    The same bad thing happen to me

    • Written by from WINTER PARK

    I have had my Mac Book Pro for over two years now. I love the machine and Mac Products. I use my Computer everyday for Computer Animation. I thought the reason my battery died is because I always kept it fully charged. Now I am hearing that the same problem happens to more than just I. I believe that Mac should take care of this problem or they are going to loose costumers. It just started to do this and after 15 minuets it dies. I still use my computer all the time I just can not move from a plug. That really defeats the purpose of a Laptop. I still like Macintosh products. I would never buy a wireless device because of this problem. They should at least give us a percentage off of a new battery.

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    $500 in batteries!!

    • Written by from Chino Hills

    I'm about to purchase my 4th battery in 3-1/2 years. Do I have a choice?? Nope. They hold a nice long charge for about 3 months after purchase, then start to decline quickly after that no matter what charge/recycle maintenance advise Apple gives you. After 9 months my current battery will only hold a charge for 30 minutes. Pathetic, considering what they cost!

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    What's the deal with these batteries?

    • Written by from Red Bank

    They start losing most of their charge for us after 3 months. We definitely don't see this with our PC laptops.

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    $120 per year investment

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    These batteries are terrible. $120 and they last a little over a year? Total joke.

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    • Written by from Richmond

    As with many others, love my MBP, hate the battery. I've had this computer for just over two years and now my second battery is already not holding a charge very long and showing service. Only 143 cycles. I've calibrated, etc. C'mon Apple, you really need to get the battery together. I am now going to have to shell out ANOTHER $140 for something that should have lasted 3 years and which will probably last less than another year. My old Powerbook battery hung in there for almost 3 years. I would be really nervous about buying a new MBP with built in batteries. Battery life is constantly exaggerated and then if you can't replace the thing easily... I fail to see how this is a feature in new models.

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    Burn out way too fast

    • Written by from Needham

    I've been going through about one battery per year, averaging only about 100 cycles before they no longer hold charge for more than thirty or forty minutes. Apple claims the batteries should last for at least 300 cycles. To their credit, they have replaced the battery twice, free of charge, even though my computer wasn't one of those officially covered in the battery recall. I just went to my local Apple store and they were very accommodating. After some online research, I found that one major killer of battery life is high temperatures. I noticed that my fans were running much faster and more often than usual....I don't know if that's a cause or effect of the battery problem. My IT guy replaced the fans (which were getting very noisy) and I just bought a new battery....so we'll see if that improves things.

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    Just plain embarrassing

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    A square log in the world of wheels!

    Heat, battery life and other unexplained disasters. Anyone leaving a good review for this thing is a shill for the company. But who cares, right? Now they're selling a newer, better things... So forget the rest of us, right Steve?

    I've gone through three of these overpriced paperweights trying to escape the slippery slope of unwelcome shutdowns and desperate searches for the closest electrical socket.

    One positive. Mine didn't explode on me.

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    • Written by from Onsted

    My wife and I both own MacBook Pro. Her battery started going bad so I knew I may need a new battery soon too. I bought 2 new batteries and they were fine for about 30 days. Then I noticed that one battery began to swell. I took it out of the computer in hopes to have it repaired, if possible. I put in the second replacement and the same thing happened! Then they both busted open! The cases are cracked all the way down the side! No way they are usable now! VERY DISAPPOINTED! Hope some changes are in the future for Apple concerning batteries...

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    Terrible Battery

    • Written by from COLUMBIA

    It is beyond me why a product as good as the MacBook Pro would have a power supply that only lasts a very few minutes after being cycled and properly charged. I get less than an hour from a properly prepared battery. My wife can seemingly go all day on her Dell and then she will get a fair warning to recharge. I just get a dark screen without warning. Apple needs to address and correct this brand changing product.

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    Very Poor

    • Written by from Thunder Bay

    If you're like me and you rely on using your MBP battery a lot for work or school, expect this battery to be about half-capacity within 6-12 months. Very disappointing performance.

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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Even if you cycle the battery religiously, as I did for a year, the battery is still likely to fail. Mine conveniently died a few weeks after warranty.

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    Very Disappointed in the Battery!!!!

    • Written by from San Antonio

    I got my MacBook Pro last year in August and I was so happy with it. But as the months went on by I n noticed that the battery would not last no more than 10 mins or less, and I was doing what it said to do once a week so your battery would last longer. It did not work on me. And just today which is Oct. 28, 2008 my MacBook Pro dies the minute the power adapter is plugged off. The last laptop I had lasted me for 6 years before the battery died. I would think that since I paid more for the MacBook Pro, I would get a better deal out of it, but I was wrong.

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    Will never buy anything apple again!!!

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    My laptop started shutting down without warning while on battery. I have had this computer for a year and two months, and certainly this started happening right after my warranty expired. A rep at Apple said that they cannot help as my warranty has expired and have to go help myself! I have tried everything like resetting SMC, calibrating battery, etc. I had a cheap dell for 5 years and never had a problem, and I have an expensive Mac that is worthless in a year.

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    The Magic 13-month Battery!

    • Written by from Sandy

    With only 31 Load Cycles (about twice a month it was cycled) it went from 5 hours capacity to 45minute capacity one week after the warranty.

    That's right folks, as soon as the warranty was out! No 'slowly' losing capacity, it went from 5600mah to 827mah within a week.

    Buy this battery if you like surprises (not necessarily the good kind) and if you expect better quality from a laptop that isn't what anyone would call "cheap".

    It's not the cost of a new battery that bugs me, it's the ethics of it all. Month 12, battery works 100%. Month 13, battery works 14%.

    Oh, and yes I calibrated it. It would just die at 61% (30 minutes remaining) - now that i calibrated it, it knows it only has an hour or less.

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    Battery burst open

    • Written by from Arlington

    We've had the MacBook Pro for 3 years now, using it pretty regularly but basically leaving it plugged in. I went to use it today and realized the computer wasn't sitting flat. Turning it over, I discovered the housing on the battery was popping open. Took it out and the battery has burst every seam. Quite a mess. Luckily no damage to the computer and no fire.

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    Battery MISSLEADING info

    • Written by from Bayside

    The MACBOOK PRO battery is simply USELESS, unless you plan to use your laptop plugged into the wall outlet AT ALL TIMES, by another laptop or get another extra battery every 6 months!
    Unfortunately APPLE has not yet realized that their batteries are simply unacceptable.

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    Bad Battery...Bad

    • Written by from new york

    Wow, this battery is my second and I must say I am disappointed. It's just over a year old and now if I am not paying attention my computer will shut off with no warning of low battery. I still have an old g4 laptop with the original battery that works like a charm. What happened to the quality? at 129$ i expect a little better performance than one year. If I could give 0 stars I would.

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    0-stars MacbookPro battery is not worth $10.

    • Written by from Altadena

    This should have been recalled. I'm on my third one. They don't last more than a couple months. I fully drain and charge at least a couple times a month and I hardly run on just battery alone, but they just don't work. I don't really know what the point of writing a review is, because there is no other choice of battery to buy. Love all mac product, but these batteries should've been scrapped in the beginning. I give this 0 stars, but in order to post this they make you click at least 1 star.

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