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    Worked fine, then it just died

    • Written by from Clifton Springs

    My battery worked fine for about 1 year. I routinely fully cycle it and then one day poof! Nothing. Went to the Apple store and they said batteries are a "user serviceable part". After saying that 2 times I finally got the gist that "User Serviceable" means YOU PAY FOR IT! After asking what good was the extended apple care warranty I was told that it only covers "internal mechanisms and parts." I guess my battery dangles off the bottom of my MacBook. The worst part is this was the replacement battery I got because of the recall. Now I wish I didn't get the replacement.

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    battery is a disaster,,,,

    • Written by

    I got my new battery 2 months ago and now is pretty much garbage, so why you guys don't put more attention to make better batteries? the other brands just work great !!!

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    • Written by from Act

    I love apple, and mac is the biggest tool in my business, in i.t graphic design and photography and cinermatography, cause how versitile they are, (window's and mac work station all in one), but the problems i get is 1hr to as little as 5mins of battery life after 100cycles, charged discharged correctly, battery taken out when on ac for periods of time when its at 100% so it doesnt over charge, but now it doesnt charge, and the new battery shat it self also, then i find out of the battery replacing program nearly a year after, it finished and not to mention, my laptop has cooked it self twice and batteries keep buckling.. come on guys we need you to step up, you are doing a great job same prob with iPhones 6 replacements, and still, no longer then a day with light use...

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    Bad Battery Hurts Apple Brand

    • Written by from Brentwood

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a mac addict, but this smells a lot like the PeeCee world.

    I'm seriously HATING what appears to be the battery that came with the Mac Book Pro 15. I now have to keep it plugged in or it gets EXTREMELY hot and shuts down without warning. Despite the fact that the battery shows an almost full charge (3-4 lights).

    Did I mention that it gets extremely HOT. Not just super toasty like before. AND yes, I've followed all the battery care and fix recommendations.

    Bottom line, the Apple brand is tainted by this battery. I feel forced to try another brand.

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    Macbook Pro Battery is junk.

    • Written by from Courtenay

    I have 73 charge cycles on my battery and it holds less than 30 min of charge. I just learned about calibrating the battery, but most sources (including Apple support) say that lithium batteries don't need to be cycled like ni-cad so it shouldn't make any difference. I used the battery lots and it just didn't last like it should have.

    I am torn about buying a new one since it's possibly a waste of money. I am amazed that some people are getting 2 hrs of use out of batteries with hundreds of cycles... Seems like a roll of the dice at this point.

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    Awful battery, awful service

    • Written by from Port Charlotte

    I've had my MBP for only 16 months and the battery drops all of it's charge once it reaches 60% power remaining, causing my laptop to shutoff and losing all information. Since i'm out of warranty I'm out 120 bucks because the folks in Cupertino can't manage to get a reliable battery manufacturer. The guy at the genius bar told me all he could do is turn me away and say go buy a new battery bub. Last apple product I'll ever purchase.

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    Really bad

    • Written by from Seattle

    At 1.5 years old, mine decreased to 30 minutes fully charged. I cycled it regularly and did all the other things Apple recommends. Difficult to imagine paying $140 for another one, but that's what I just did. You can bet I'll be watching this one closely for the next 12 months. Any sign of the defect my original one exhibited and it's back to the Apple store (again). Very frustrating.

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    Just awful!

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I was on my way to buy ANOTHER battery when I ran into the reviews. Thought I'd take the opportunity to add my two cents' worth. With an apparent 1 hour 30 minutes of charge indicated, the computer shuts down with no warning. I've been a Mac user since 1984. This is truly disappointing.

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    Only 38 cycles on last battery (that's number three)

    • Written by from Woodland Hills

    The last one lasted 6 months and 38 cycles before failing to charge. Love the computer, hate the battery.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible quality control and durability

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    This is the 3rd time I'm ordering a new one of these. All the other ones stopped charging in a matter of months, with very little use (when using plugged in, I would remove the battery, which would run at slow CPU speed, but at least save the ultra-picky battery.)

    I went to the Apple store to complain about a possible logic board controller or charger problem, since my battery issues have been way too recurring. Nop, it's the battery again! This is the most overpriced, overrated battery in the market today. And all MacBook Pro users are stuck with it!

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    very bad product

    • Written by from Sanford

    first battery died after about 30 cycles, the second died after only 21 cycles. Both batteries were calibrated, as suggested. And of course the warranty does not cover it, if I was putting this garbage out I would not cover it either. I like apple products but for this amount of money I expect a much better quality. Would have loved to give zero stars.

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    This battery is NOT good

    • Written by from Fullerton

    My battery says its still has 70% battery health. But it doesnt last longer than 5 mins without being plugged in. I am at a loss for what is happening and the Mac store just blows me off with a reference to getting a new battery. If the battery has 70% health left, it should at least work for 70% of the original charge time right?

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    • Written by from Dayton

    My battery stopped working. So with batteries being so expensive I figured I would just use my plug for a while...only problem with that is if it gets bumped or unplugged then all of my work is lost. A week later I noticed my battery starting to warp. I took the battery out of my laptop, so it would not do any other damage to the laptop. Another week later my battery is so warped that it actually busted open! I think that this is ridiculious! Apples are great computers, especially for designers, BUT this is the SECOND laptop I have went through AND the THIRD battery since late 2006!! Oh yeah and you can count the chargers that I have also bought because they are also garbage and start smoking! I really think that APPLE should take care of there issues and replace these batteries that are busting open! That has to cause environmental issues!

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    two batteries, under 300 cycles

    • Written by from keller

    I have had two macbook pro batteries for my c2d mbp, one is 120 cycles 58% health, other is 240 cycles 48% health; both hold a charge under hour and a half. My iBook G4 which is 3 years old has better battery health and longer charge almost than these two batteries put together. Paying an extortionate amount for batteries frequently where as other companies such as Dell can give some of their laptops 5 - 6 hour charges should really be an indicator that the macbook pro is not a great all round laptop. It's a good desktop replacement in the fact that I have to now have it constantly plugged in. But if I wanted a desktop I could have bought an iMac, which would of been faster and cheaper. Overall the battery experience I have had from this laptop is appalling to say the least, already thinking about buying my third battery in less than 18 months.

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    2007 MacBookPro - Battery Replace Year Ago- Service Battery Prompt Now

    • Written by from ROCHESTER

    I have had my MacBookPro for four years and have had to replace the battery twice, I now have the service battery prompt again on the year old battery. I am definitely not impressed. I no longer have the Apple Care Protection, that expired last March after I replaced the battery and had to take the laptop to genius bar because of boot error issues. Apparently this $2000.00 model of the MacBookPro has had a lot of failings. I may have been sold a lemon form the start. First battery replacement was about year after I bought it brand new (bad Sony battery then)

    I purchased a new iMac this last March and like it, I am considering a new laptop around August, I really don't think I will go with another MacBookPro, I may go with HP, at least the battery lasted longer then a year. Thing that seriously worries me is if there is battery issues in the new ones, I believe they are built-in in the new MacBookPro's, so it isn't a simple replace...so my impression on this laptop is one star at this point.

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    Battery Is Awful

    • Written by from Hopatcong

    My new battery lasted 4 months. Apple should be ashamed of this rip off. It looks like there are 800 people who basically feel the same way I do.

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    very disappointed

    • Written by from Smyrna

    I am a big fan of pretty much anything Apple puts out except this battery. I have cycled it, and followed all the tips I could find out there. I am on battery number three in four years so I guess I should be happy compared to other posts? Apple needs to ditch these Sony batteries and find a better quality product. Its almost enough frustration to not buy another macbookpro. Almost.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple Store Battery is a piece of #*&%

    • Written by from Sparkill

    I bought a new battery for my MacBook Pro. the laptop is about 3 years old. A brand new battery should last a lot longer than 2 hours. This is the third battery I've bought as well.

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    Needs an alternative!

    • Written by from Orange Park

    My battery looks like it's going to explode. It is over twice it's normal size and tearing apart, literally. It had always been very hot, so much so that I used a pillow to keep my legs from burning. I called and asked if there was a different battery I could put in there and they said no. I love my mac, but am not so sure about purchasing another one of these batteries in order to operate it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    wothless in less than a year;

    • Written by from Morganton

    Knowing the problems people tend to have with laptop batteries, when i got my macbook pro I babied it. I treated the batter exactly as the manual described. And each charge lasted a good amount of time. But in less than year the batter no longer would charge. It's now useless. Thanks mac for making pay you $130 extra to get a new battery that will probably do the same thing.

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