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    A Terrible Product!

    • Written by from Kentwood

    This MacBook Pro battery amazes me -- for all the wrong reasons.

    I'm amazed that Apple -- in spite of the hundreds of negative reviews and very poor overall rating -- has not seen fit to improve this product. You'd think by now they'd have put more time into it. It's a very, very expensive battery and, yet, it's virtually worthless.

    I'm also amazed a product this poor got past Apple QC. It should never have been released in the first place.

    I'm about ready to obtain my third battery for my MacBook Pro. The first one had to be replaced, and was covered under warranty. The second one hasn't fared any better. It dies in less than an hour (and heats up like a mama if I use it without a cooling device under it). Now, I need a third battery, which means I'll have to buy this one. At $129, this is a major purchase. But, then again, most of Apple's products are outrageously expensive.

    If there was a way NOT to use this battery, I would. But what good is a laptop that I can't use apart from the power chord?

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    "Third Battery's the Charm"?

    • Written by from Winnipeg

    I have two batteries, but didn't switch them often, since I usually made sure to find a convenient outlet to plug into -- they don't last long at the best of times, and I'm paranoid. Well, a couple months ago I couldn't find a convenient outlet, so I tried the battery alone. The battery went down to 50% and then my computer did a hard shutdown without warning. Since then, it's been steadily getting worse -- now it dies at 80% charge, and it gets to that point in about 10 - 15 minutes. I tried switching to the second battery, but it won't run at all with that one; won't turn on or charge. Guess I'll have to buy a third.

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    Absolute Garbage!!!

    • Written by from Richmond

    This battery is absolutely terrible. I had three since I bought my laptop in 2007. Not a single one has made it past 350 cycles without completely dying. And I have done everything apple asks to maintain battery life. Cycling it once a week, recalibrating it, etc. etc. I cannot believe the lack of quality control in this piece of trash. And $160 for a replacement!? Seriously someone at Apple is on hard drugs because this is the biggest joke I have ever seen. Well Apple it's your loss as I just bought a pc laptop and built a hackintosh. Hopefully you can bring your quality control up again and I will consider buying another mac. Until then I'm sorry but this experience has ruined my switch to the mac.

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    Horrible Battery, Second One That Has Died in a little Over 2 Years

    • Written by from WARREN

    I just thought I'd warn everybody about this product. This is now the second battery I've had in a litlte over 2 years and the battery doesn't remotely hold a charge. As soon as I take it off the charger the entire laptop dies. On top of that, the green LED's on the back do not light up at all indicating very poor health and the laptop even reports that the battery is not installed. The battery worked for maybe 9-10 months and for the price this is a horrible product. I think it's funny that even after everybodys horrible review of this product Apple continues to try and sell it, fail, in my opinion.

    An unahppy customer.

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    i hate it...

    • Written by from rowland heights

    same as myself that all the review regarding this baterry life . i both it brand new 15 months ago and now the battery is dead. actually this is my second battery, and the problem is the same. it won't last. i hope this problem is to fix or make 2 yrs. warranty instead of 1 year. this rip off. and i'm upset. and before the battery is dead i expereince also that no warning what so ever is the computer is shut off.

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    your no good your no good your no good baby your no good.

    • Written by from COLLEGE PLACE

    Same as every one else. This battery bites butts and replacements are outrageously priced. I love my mac but will definately think twice next time about buying the laptop because of this issue. Little bit peeved that Apple hasn't stepped up and sold the battery for a reasonable price.

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    TERRIBLE product

    • Written by from Toronto

    It is far too expensive and only lasts a little over a year...

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    Life is to short

    • Written by from ravenna

    I am going on my third battery and there is really nothing you can do about it. The cost is way to high for such a short life. My wife has a different model going on three years and it has never shown signs of giving up.
    Come on Apple lets get going on changing this problem.

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    I would give zero if I could. Apple is slipping....

    • Written by from CROWN POINT

    I have been an Apple user since the beginning. Have owned over 20 different machines.
    This battery is my second replacement, and it had only 12 cycles on it before going completely dead, no mAh, no charging. Apple apologized the first time and replaced it with this one, but now they will not replace this one. Poor service. Go to aftermarket sellers. Apple quality control on these batteries is nil.

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    Why does the Mac Book Pro Battery perform so horribly

    • Written by from Olympia

    After owning my MBP 15" for three years I have had to buy one battery each year. Even when they are brand new the battery lifespan does not last that long. All my friends with regular mac books have excellent battery lives and last forever. Why why why? I know the basics, more memory, more ram, bigger screen....... but common, this is just ridiculous. Well here goes another 140$ for a new battery. Thanks Apple.

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    Terrible lifespan

    • Written by from Ajax

    Third batter just died. They last about a year with mild usage, maybe 50 total power cycles and they are ready for the trash.

    If you add up all of the batteries and power supplies that I've had to purchase, it would equal the cost of a dell laptop. Seriously.

    BTW, why can't I rate this 0 stars?

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    On to my 3rd battery

    • Written by from Dundas

    I'm on my second battery after 2 years of having my 15 inch MacBook Pro. It will go from being 100% charged to dying without warning (no "plug in or you will lose your work" pop-up) after 10-15 minutes of being unplugged. Never had this problem with any other computer - I will have to buy my third $160 battery in 2 years!

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    3rd battery in three years?

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    Love the computer sorry I can't say the same for the battery. there's has to be away around this problem.

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    Cheap and Cheaper

    • Written by from Guntersville

    I'm on my third Apple laptop and have nothing but good things to say about them. The battery is another story. I replaced the battery in my MacBook Pro last year. The new battery has been cycled 124 times and is now dead for all practical purposes. It's a shame that Apple can't come up with components to match the quality of the computer.

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    The weak link

    • Written by from Carmel

    Original battery (from 2006) lasted until Fall of 2009. I then was forced to get a replacement battery, yet it has only lasted a little over one year.

    THE PROBLEM: These are lithium-ion batteries. Apple needs to go with the better (albeit heavier) Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH).

    One year of use, no matter how many "cycles" is ridiculous. For such a great product as the MacBook Pro, it should have a battery that meets or exceeds the competition.

    It simply does not.

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    • Written by from Fitchburg

    I have had to request an additional battery every 12-18 months. The system shuts down without notice. This battery can't be made by Apple. This has to be a Microsoft implant. I not happy with this product and concerned that Apple's standards are slipping. They done nothing to solve this problem. Apple beware, when you get to good you start making junk. Look at Microsoft, GM, Ford.

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    Go with the cheap third-party batteries on eBay

    • Written by from Belleville

    After going through two of these batteries, the original and an official replacement battery, it's clear that they're poorly made. Even if you follow all of Apple's recommended procedures for battery care they'll still die far sooner than they should.

    For the price, you could buy three batteries from eBay - and they'd still last longer than Apple's version.

    I love Apple products, but these batteries (and the fact that they've never been improved) show that even Apple are far from perfect.

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    MacBook Pro Batteries or MagSafe Adapter, who is guilty??????

    • Written by

    Last month I bougth a 17-inch MacBook Pro from Apple Stıre North Michigan Avenue Retail Store, Chicago, IL...I had recharged 5 times the batteries and last weekend I could not get charged my Mac. I do not know why??? After just plugging the adapter, the green led lits 5 seconds and then turn into amber but off within 2-3 minutes... The batteries are not recharhing and the MagSafe power adapter is problem...Is there anybody experienced with that problem? I have no time and there is no service close to me, because I am now in Turkey.....................

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    • Written by from Calgary

    These batteries are terrible. I'm replacing mine every few months! I haven't been able to get more than 75 full charge cycles before they stop holding a charge. Is Apple selling me a cheap knock-off?!

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    Terrible Battery

    • Written by from Bursa

    Battery dies very quickly

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