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    Best I could ask for

    • Written by from Fremont

    I have had my battery for 15 months (1 year 3 months) and it is still running great. i get about 3-4 hours of charge while running Aperture, and Safari. My Battery Health (accodring to iStat Pro) is 94%.....AMAZING.....15 months and only a 6% drop. I Love my Battery. It beats out my wifes Dell, my sisters HP, and my moms gateway. LOVE This Battery. For those of you who are having problems, try cycling your battery Trust me its worth it)

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    Apple, amaze me more.

    • Written by from Cottam

    i have had my mac book pro for over a year now, and my battery is still as fantastic as when i got it. lasts approx 2 and half hours, just like when i got. Good job apple, you never cease to amaze me.

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    Batter not so bad!

    • Written by from Laurinburg

    I had the same problems, with the bettery showing 30% and suddenly shutting down the computer at 0%. I checked battery health in iStat Nano and saw 65%. I was deeply disappointed. Apple.com says the bat should retain more than 80% health at 300 cycles, but I am only on 320 cycles! I calabrated the battery. No difference. So I charged it up to 40% and set it aside for three days. Then I plugged it in and found charge held past 30%. I checked iStat Nano again. Battery health 85%!!! After a year of use, 85% health is very good, and I am very satisfied. If you have my problem, charge to 40%, and set aside for 72 hours. Yes, it is inconvenient. But this is not the major issue most are passing it off as.

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    Great Job Mac.

    • Written by from Jacksonville

    I think you've guys done a wonderful job considering the dimensions of this computer. I honestly believe that 2 1/2 hours of battery life is great in comparison to the 1" thick computer you have given the world. My computer works just great and my battery is over one year old, has been through 151 cycles (according to iStatNano), and is as good as new. AppleCare hasn't given me a problem and I believe that I'll buy from you guys for myself, my parents, and whomever else that I could buy your products for as gifts. My Macbook Pro works just as great - actually it works better - than any desktop PC that I've ever used in my life, thanks again Apple.

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    Works Great

    • Written by from Columbus

    The battery works just fine. For the people having problems are you actually setting the battery? You have to charge it completely and then run it down and then recharge it, something like a battery reset.

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    no probs

    • Written by from Hook

    i've had my MBP for 6 months now and i dont cycle or follow any of the recomended charging teckneques and i think that my battery might even be lasting longer now than when it was new (I've had 3+ hours before) so i might just be lucky or it will soon starty to deplete but so far so good :)

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    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    I have had my MBP since september 06. i started to have a battery problem. Even after severl cycle attmepts, I took it into the yorkdale store and they were quick to replace the battery for a new one. i am very happy with the replacement sofar and the service

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    Good Apple - Bad Sony

    • Written by from Gainesville

    I have a Macbook Pro and I cycle mine and it's still going strong. The battery health is maintained when the power is properly cycled. However, if people blame Apple for a bad battery then they should do their research on who actually manufactures the battery: Sony - the same manufacturer of PC batteries. Doing your research will come in handy and will pay off.

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    Cycle the Battery!

    • Written by from Leadville

    You have to cycle the battery, just like Apple tells you too in the owners manual. It's simple to do, and you only have to do it once a month. I've had my macbook pro for almost a year now and the battery lasts about 3 hours depending on what I'm doing. Which is another thing. If your running on battery power and doing very processor intnsive apps, like photo editing, video editig, burning cd's, converting or importing songs in iTunes, of course your battery is going to run down fast. People expect too much from great Apple products. They can't do it all. Go try the battery on an HP, Sony, or Dell running windows. It literally lasts an hour if your lucky while only typing or web surfing. Windows has no energy saving preferences. My girlfriend has a gateway laptop and she can't even use it unless it's plugged in.

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    Awesome Battery Life

    • Written by from somerset

    Many people complain of poor battery life which i have never experienced i think the problem these people may have is that they need to change their settings such as turn the backlight down to its lowest setting which the screen is still completely visible when the light is on very low, turn off the keyboard lights, and set their computer to battery saver mode if you do these things your computer can easily hold a charge for four or five hours Mine does it all the time

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    • Written by from Flemington


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    Better than any other computer I have used!

    • Written by from San Rafael

    Everyone complains about their quickly dying batterylife. I am so happy that my MacBook Pro gets the 3.5 or 4 hours or so of battery life. My old compaq had a whopping 50 mins of life. All i need the battery for anyways is to get me through 3 hours every monday and wednesday of Digital art class. So 3 hours is good for me. Also bring your charger with you if it begins to die. Nowadays they have outlets everywhere so there shouldnt be an issue.

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    Good Batt's

    • Written by from Sulphur

    I got my MacBook Pro back in September and haven't had any problems with the batter at all. I use the batt almost continuously while I travel so it goes through several cycles of charge and discharge. Once fully discharged I have to let it charge up fully again which is a drag because it takes several hours but once it's up the charge will run full apps for a good 5 hours or so.

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    Take care of your things.... no problems

    • Written by from Headingley

    This battery is great if you follow basic battery maintenance. Don't just run on AC. Cycle battery every week or so even if you don't need to use the battery. Stop posting about how your battery won't hold a charge when the real reason is that you are lay and simply inept at maintaining electronics.

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    My battery works great!

    • Written by from Clearwater

    I've owned and used a MacBook Pro 17" for over 6 months and it works just fine. I traded in my old 15" Powerbook and the battery in the Pro has twice the life of the Powerbook. I make sure to occasionally run the battery until it dies, then plug it in and charge it all the way up, leaving it connected for several hours thereafter, just like it says in my manual. I routinely get 3.5 to 4 hours as long as I lower the screen brightness and make sure that Bluetooth and Airport are turned off. With Airport on I still get a respectable 3+ hours on a charge, which is amazing for such a large screen and powerful notebook. I'm very happy with the engineering that Apple has accomplished with the new Pro batteries. Of course, a miniature clean fusion reactor that could run for several years would be preferable, but I don't think R&D has worked out all the bugs yet.

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    You gotta know your stuff

    • Written by from Brampton

    I have had my macbook pro since aug 28, and I have used it conssitently since sept.11/2006. I love the laptop, however, the lid sits a bit weird on one side, and that has been a problem with many people I know. The battery life however, contrary to the general idea here, is no less than awesome. I have been getting about 3-3.5 hrs, and that's what apple claims. If you run it with a few more programs ESPECIALLY the airport on, the battery will deplete faster than normal. SO all you "smartypants" stop blaming the company, may be get more info on how to get more battery life for dummies....geez.

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    Time remaining on battery with 2.0 vs 2.16ghz and warping of battery

    • Written by from Anchorage

    I had read numerous revies saying you could get up to 4 to 4.5 hours of battery life with this. So purchsed a Macbook pro for my wife. With her computer we were only getting at most 3.25 hours of life per charge. I couldn't figure it out and was slightly frustrated with that.

    We were very happy with the laptop though so decided to purchase me one. We got the baseline model for me and whala figured out the difference that was being stated here in the reviews. She had the 2.16Ghz 15" Macbook Pro, and I purchased the 2.0 Ghz Macbook pro and bam I get the full 4 to 4.5 hours stated.

    Could it be the difference in the battery? Could be, we havn't switched the batteries to see if it still held true but bet your money that it would hold true.

    Now to the warping of the battery. Havn't had that problem but willing to speculate that its because the laptops get really hot if laid on a flat surface weather a table top or bed.

    With this in mind I think I will purchase either a platform or some type of cooling device for under the laptops. Yes it makes them tougher for portablitiy if you took that everywhere. So proably will just use these things when at home.

    I do believe though this will prevent the battery from warping from the heat, if this is truely the reason they are warping. Some type of energy has to be making them warp and this is proably it.

    It is truely a great computer though!!!! :O)

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    They've worked out the problems

    • Written by from Fresno

    I bought my MacBook Pro 7 months ago and the first battery failed after 2 months. The tech support admitted that there were problems and promptly replaced it. I revceived a new one in 2 days! It has performed flawlessly for 5 months. Given the recent problem with Sony-produced batteries for Dell and Apple, it seems reasaonable to give Apple a break on this. Their vendor produced a faulty battery. The gladly replace them. The new ones work wonderfully. I am experiencing the life that they claim.

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    Works great

    • Written by from Piedmont

    I've had my macbook pro for almost 6 months now and I'm still getting 4 hours out of my battery!! I've had no problems with it except for the fact it was just recalled. This battery definetly works!!

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    Great Product

    • Written by from SAINT PAUL

    These batteries are incredible. I previously had an HP and the battery life was about 30 minutes when it was brand new out of the box. I now get almost 4 hours with my Mac battery. For those of you complaining, are you aware that Apple has an exchange program in effect right now? Go to the support area of the website for more info!

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