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    • Written by from Stratford

    I've had my MacBook Pro for 17 months.... The 1st battery was a recall after it was said to swell up and over heated. I got a second battery, and just 4 days ago this one started acting up. At first it said fully charged, but when unplugged from power cord, Ltop would just BLACKED OUT. Yesterday it started saying No battery is available even when the batter is still connected..... SO whats up with that? It is not a nice feeling being backwards when you have projects working on and your Laptop is not Mobile as it should be...Especially to me. (A STUDENT)...

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    • Written by from Bern

    After 1 1/2 years, the battery start acting funny. It would say it still has 90% charge but it'll shut down and I can't turn it back on with battery power.

    I thought it was a long shot to bring it back to apple for repair since battery have only 1 year warranty, but I was informed that for the batch of MBP I've got, apple extended the warranty to 2 years. So now it's in repair, and hopefully apple would give me a new battery for free.

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    Battery life

    • Written by from miramar

    I had the same problem as most of the people here. My battery died after 10 months. Apple you should do something about it.....

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    MacBook Pro 15" Dead Battery

    • Written by from East Norriton

    Like many others on this post, my battery died after 14 months. Compared to others I shouldn't complain but I will anyway. Apple you need to fix this problem! This issue is driving many of your best and most loyal customers crazy.

    MacBook Pro: 5 Stars
    Battery: 0 Stars

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    Battery failure

    • Written by from Pullman

    I agree with everyone's assessment based on my own experience this week. The battery on my MacBook Pro quitted after one-year of use with any warning. Worse, now I have to wait over a month to get replacement battery from Apple store.

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    15 Inch MacBook Pro battery life

    • Written by from Edmond

    15 inch MacBook Pro battery life
    I love my MacBook Pro laptop but this battery has been very disappointing. I have only had the laptop one year and I try very hard to watch the charging of the battery. It worked one day and the next would not hold a charge. Considering the cost of the replacement battery, there must be a solution to keeping the battery more than one year.

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    A Mediocre Battery

    • Written by from Shelburne

    I turn off BlueTooth, Airport, mute the volume, put the screen brightness on one block, and close all applications except my word processor and still only manage a little over two hours. This computer is three and a half months old - 15 inch 2.33 ghz MacBook Pro. I absolutely love it, but when I purchased it I was promised FOUR TO FIVE hours of battery life. With all power saving on, I have never once hit over three.

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    Laptop battery woes

    • Written by from san mateo

    I've used a lot of laptops over the years. Mostly PC laptops but the technology is really the same. Invariably within 2-3 years of use a battery has little useful life left. Strangely my macbook pro battery has lasted under a year and lost over half its capacity. Thankfully it should be within warranty. I suspect these issues are related to the battery source mfg issues (batteries catching fire, etc) from a year and more ago. Hopefully the replacement battery will last longer. I'd highly advise all macbook buyers to check their battery life before the first year is up and ask for a warranty replacement if it has significantly declined.

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    Need a better battery

    • Written by from Ellenwood

    My battery worked fine until now that I've had my computer 6 months. Now It goes from 99 percent to 40 percent in less that ten minutes. I definitely don't have 129.00 to buy another one right now so I have to make sure I have my power adapter at all times.

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    Not up to snuff

    • Written by from Highland Park

    I doubt that there's anything Apple could do, and I know that everyone is looking hard for better battery technology, but these are just not very decent energy storage devices. Initially, they're capacity is acceptable, considering the amount of power the machines require. But it is extremely frustrating that my replacement battery is now lasting about 60% as long as it did when it was new, less than six months ago. For the amount of money they charge for these, I would expect more long-term longevity.

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    MBP batteries..

    • Written by

    i bought my MBP jan 07'. the first time i used it.. it went out just fine till the day i read some comments about the batteries of MBP(april 24).. then i read something about the "cycle recharging" thing.. i'm planning to do it but then... i try to charge it to 100% each time i disconnect it.. lets say till 85% then i plug in the "ac adaptor" it'll say thats its fully charged.. i've even tried the "battery saving/ better battery life", turn the brightness down, turned of the airport and bluetooth off.. nothing happens.. it justs dicharges very fast.. its very disappointing for me who walks with work all the time.. hope apple wil work on this problem..

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    another one bites the dust

    • Written by from Montreal

    well i can say ive gone thru an smu and 5 batteries in one year thank heavens for my APP keys to get that replacements is going thru all the steps calibrate the battery charge till full and drain then if u get issues try a known good battery if then it gets better then u call applecare they will hook u up

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    MBP Battery

    • Written by from San Dimas

    I have had my MBP for about a year. The battery used to work an average of about four to five hours before I had to recharge. Now, it's more like about every two hours. I am also of the opinion that, even though I love my Mac, they should make a more reliable battery, and given that also maybe give customers a break on the cost of replacement.

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    • Written by from Airdrie

    At first this Battery was going for 3+ hours, but that was only for the first 3 months or so... It stopped working after a while and then it would work again and then cut out. This battery definetly needs a recall, not just on the ones that were sent out 8 months ago, all of them.

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    Not very long...

    • Written by from Greensboro

    Seems to work okay. Just wish it lasted longer than a mere 2.5hrs. Some PC notebooks have larger, yes heavier, batteries that can last over 6hrs!

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    Not good

    • Written by from Jacksonville

    My experience is consistent with everyone else's. I got my Macbook Pro in September and the battery was more or less fine until recently. Now it runs out of power very very quickly. But who are we kidding. I have been with Apple since the early 80s and I love them. But we all know that their batteries are lousy, and their claims of battery life have always been gross exagerations.

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    • Written by

    I purchased my mac book pro in august of 2006. The battery ran fine until just recently. I went to take my computer off of the charger because I was going to take it to a coffee shop and when I unplugged the power adapter my computer turned off. When I plugged the charger back in I was able to turn the computer back on as normal. When I got to the desktop, the battery metter said it was fully charged but only displayed that the battery had 33% life so I unplugged the charger again and the same thing happened. I can use my computer as normal with the charger plugged in but if I needed to take it any where this would be a big hassel.

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    Battery issue- response to JW

    • Written by from park City

    Below JW bags the rest of us for not using our battery correctly. Maybe he should go to work as a consultant for Apple Customer Service. My battery died 6 months after the purchase of MBP. Old batteries were vulnerable to damage with AC power use. Current batteries are, supposedly, not effected the same way. With out wasting time on battery technology; the reality is that the MAJORITY of 15" MBP users are having problems. If you want to help, tell us what is working for you. If not keep your opinion of the rest of us to yourself. You are in a forum to voice about the product and help others. My battery cover is also bowing out, which is also suggesting over heating. I too have followed every instruction by Apple and the result has been the same. This will be a test of the Apple warranty and customer service in handling the product.

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    Good Computer - Bad Battery

    • Written by

    I've had my computer for about 5 and a half months and my battery is now completely dead. It will not hold a charge at all. It seems most people have that problem with these batteries. What's really disappointing is I took excellent care of the battery and machine. I did everything they told me to do and still the battery died after only 6 months of usage. Mac desperately needs to fix this problem, my old PC laptop of 4 years still has its original battery and can hold a charge longer than Apples.

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    Poor Battery Life

    • Written by from BIRMINGHAM

    As has been mentioned previously many times before, the lifespan on this product seems to be incredibly poor. I bought my 15in MacBook Pro back in August, and everything was working fine - I calibrated the battery just like the manual said, and I was getting a good 4 or 5 hours of use out of it each time. After about eight weeks I noticed a slight drop in battery performance, in that it would be fully charged but only have about 3 hours power. It's now December and the most I can get out of it is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Either I have a faulty product or these batteries simply aren't as good as they're made out to be. At $129 (approx £65) a throw, replacement is an option I don't want to think about. Sort it out Apple!

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