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    The only bad part in my MBP... hardly lasts an year

    • Written by from EDISON

    I have my MBP for just about 3 years now, and it was reporting that I should replace my second batter now (for about 3 months).... the battery I currently use is just about 1 year old and I really took care of it this time, but regardless, it hardly holds 40 mins of charge anymore.....

    Unfortunately, I have to buy it again 'coz I still love my MBP and it is doing great... I really wish I had choice with batteries here...

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    MB Pro Batteries last ~ 18 months

    • Written by from Phoenix

    I have had my Intel MB Pro since 2006 and am at the end of my third battery's life. I have taken great care to keep the battery as cool as possible during use and typically eject the battery when using external power. I love my MB Pro and take the limitation with the battery life as the price of doing business with such an otherwise great computer. When I have the cash, I'll upgrade to the newer MB that offers more robust and newer battery technology. C'est la vie.

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    The battery is bad, but Apple customer service is great

    • Written by from Denges

    I agree with the many people complaining about the battery. It is indeed a huge (the only) downside of the wonderful device that the MacBook Pro is. Personally, in the past few months I've seen my battery dying twice. Though, Apple has been very understanding in both situations, and admitted their fault. The batteries have been replaced and the new one works great (so far...).

    So, they should definitely do something about this battery and finally come up with a product that is reliable in all its components. Considering that the battery is indeed a very important part of a laptop and that many customers may decide upon what laptop buy next depending on the performance delivered by the battery.

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    Battery failure

    • Written by from Pullman

    I agree with everyone's assessment based on my own experience this week. The battery on my MacBook Pro quitted after one-year of use with any warning. Worse, now I have to wait over a month to get replacement battery from Apple store.

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    My thoughts

    • Written by from Middleburg

    It seems almost that getting one of these batteries is a game of chance. Some people's are really reliable, while other peoples' are terrible. One poster said his battery lasts 5-10 minutes. One thing written in the manual that you have to do is charge your battery, run it until it dies, and repeat the process... a couple of times. It sounds like kind of a hassle to get the battery up to speed, but those are the mechanics of the battery. I'm not saying the battery is great, because it lasted me only two years. but i won't discredit it completely because in those two years i must have run it through two cycles a day on average. but still this battery does have inherent problems, and it could be a lot better. All in all if you get a good battery, congratulations you're one of the lucky ones. If not, call apple about it, they might help you out.

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    20 Months 126 Cycles - YMMV

    • Written by from Gainesville

    A few weeks ago I started hearing a high pitched whine during some operations - which has increased to mostly all the time now.

    It seems to be the battery, which reports its health at 40%, but went from sustaining hours of operation from a full charge when new to 45 minutes a few weeks ago to less than 45 seconds now. Pretty sure it's a goner.

    I've had better luck with Lithium-Ion batteries in other products, this performance lifetime seems little better than the NiMH batteries of old. I guess it is smaller and lighter, and generates a recurring revenue stream...

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    Good Computer - Bad Battery

    • Written by

    I've had my computer for about 5 and a half months and my battery is now completely dead. It will not hold a charge at all. It seems most people have that problem with these batteries. What's really disappointing is I took excellent care of the battery and machine. I did everything they told me to do and still the battery died after only 6 months of usage. Mac desperately needs to fix this problem, my old PC laptop of 4 years still has its original battery and can hold a charge longer than Apples.

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    • Written by from Stratford

    I've had my MacBook Pro for 17 months.... The 1st battery was a recall after it was said to swell up and over heated. I got a second battery, and just 4 days ago this one started acting up. At first it said fully charged, but when unplugged from power cord, Ltop would just BLACKED OUT. Yesterday it started saying No battery is available even when the batter is still connected..... SO whats up with that? It is not a nice feeling being backwards when you have projects working on and your Laptop is not Mobile as it should be...Especially to me. (A STUDENT)...

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    Not very long...

    • Written by from Greensboro

    Seems to work okay. Just wish it lasted longer than a mere 2.5hrs. Some PC notebooks have larger, yes heavier, batteries that can last over 6hrs!

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    The quality is not consistent with the price

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Like many others, I was unimpressed and disappointed by the life and performance of this battery. It not only died after two years, but also never seemed to hold a charge for very long while it was still working. I would be more inclined to blame myself because I don't use that MacBook Pro very often, but after seeing similar reports in the review section, I suspect that the battery itself is probably defective too. I did not cycle the battery often, but I did cycle it, and I think my limited use of the computer should have *increased* the life of the battery instead of the other way around.

    I realize that all batteries degrade with time, but for $129, I expect a little bit more.

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    Battery - look to the future...

    • Written by from Copenhagen

    I am positive about the new internal battery life in new pros, but the 15" battery life is poor. after 69 cycles on my second battery I am on to my 3rd in 2 years. Hope there is more life in the 3rd time lucky battery...

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    My Worst Laptop Battery experience

    • Written by from Littleton

    Yes, I know about cycling the battery and recalibrating it but this MacBook Pro battery lasted just under 1 year. I better be able to get it replaced under warranty or under my 3year extended warranty.

    I own Toshiba and IBM (Lenovo) laptops with batteries that have lasted for many years.

    And not being a Mac fanatic, I can honestly say that I am underwhelmed with Apple's inability to produce a more intelligently managed battery system.

    Don't even get me started on this cheesy intermittent MacBook Pro keyboard or the DOA DVD drive that came with my unit.

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    The Dead battery

    • Written by from Frederick

    I'm having the same problem. One year old battery dies after 15 minutes use. I use Lipo batteries all the time with my RC Helicopters and one thing you have to watch is letting one of the cells get below 3.4 volts.
    This is what I think is happening to these batteries. For whatever reason one of the cells in this two cell lipo is getting to low. The only way to fix it is a low voltage charge to the low cell but you can't do that with these batteries.

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    Bad batteries

    • Written by from New York

    I've had my Macbook pro since 2007 and am on my second battery! The current one was bought in December 2008 and I'm getting a "Service Battery" message already.

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    Great Computer, Not So Great Battery.

    • Written by from Wenatchee

    My MacBook Pro sits at my desk all day. On the occasion that I remove it from its station, which is attached to ethernet and a large external monitor, the battery dies quickly, under 2 hours. I know that you are not supposed to leave it plugged in all day for months, but still, I can never unplug it now.

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    Notebook Batteries Need Upgrade & Price Cut

    • Written by from Chicago

    For years the big pain with laptop batteries was that they didn't last very long. Batt producers finally developed much longer lasting ones. But battery development, at least concerning MAC seems to have been put by the way-side. With my 2.3Gb processor and 3Gb RAM, new OS's and power hungry programs, I'm only able to get about 2.5hrs of batt life. Why not 5 or 10hrs?! You would think that battery technology would keep up, maybe it's intentionally being left alone to fuel the purchase of very over priced batteries.

    The battery that powers your $30,000 car costs about 1/3 less that the ones that power your $2,000 notebook.

    As an idea: With all the smarts and technology we have and all that the Mac Book does, why hasn't someone developed a way for notebook computers to keep batts charged with a concept similar to a car or other motor vehicle? Maybe because they would hurt battery sales.

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    Not long enough...

    • Written by from Lafayette

    It has been probably close to 15 months, and now my battery doesn't hold much charge at all. I go to my college classes, and have to have the screen dimmed to 1 bar before backlight off... The battery "updates" show that I have 2.5 hours remaining, but the timer seems to go down 3x faster than it should. I calibrate it all the time through the natural use...

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    Apple Battery

    • Written by from Sarasota

    I'm not so sure about the battery at all. After I installed iStat pro, the battery lasted for 1 hour (It used to be 3 hours!) and iStat showed 98% battery health, but after that hour it went to 40%! Just hope iStat didn't mess up the battery! Just a warning to people, be careful installing iStat for your MacBook Pro 15 inch!

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    Good at first

    • Written by from Austin

    When I first got the battery, it gave almost 5 hours of battery life. However, slightly over a year into it, I'm down to less than 1 hour. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other options for batteries, so I'll be buying another one in a couple days.

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    another one bites the dust

    • Written by from Montreal

    well i can say ive gone thru an smu and 5 batteries in one year thank heavens for my APP keys to get that replacements is going thru all the steps calibrate the battery charge till full and drain then if u get issues try a known good battery if then it gets better then u call applecare they will hook u up

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