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    If u keep ur batter on charge all the time ur an IDIOT!!!!!!

    • Written by from Terryville

    I have purchased a 15" MacBook Pro on Christmas of 2006 and I have done what you are supposed to do ever since the beginning. I have put it on charge in the beginning of my first use but I never turned it on while charged. My battery still runs awesome and I still get the same life i did when i got it (about 3-5 hours depending on the app being used and the keyboard and screen lighting. If you especially do this before u turn it on for the first time and only plug it in when it is like at 19% or lowerand keep it plugged in (preferably if u have the computer shut off then you will startt with and maintain the awesome battery life and other features the MacBook Pro has to offer without needing to be plugged in

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    • Written by from McFarland

    Mine has lasted me for literally 14 months and still strong

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    It's a battery...

    • Written by from Kennewick

    I think a few people don't realize that it's just like every other battery. It does get pretty hot, and when you forget to cycle it it does start to lose its life, and after a lot of use you have to replace it with a new battery... When used properly mine lasts about 4 hours on a charge.

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    Great Life!

    • Written by from Kenosha

    This is a great battery, I have had my Macbook Pro for one year now. Although I have racked up 347 cycles on the battery, it is still at 90% health! As long as you cycle/calibrate your battery, it will last! Definitely the best battery ever for the best laptop ever!

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    It's Not Me - It's Definitely the Battery

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    My husband and I bought a MBP in March of 2006. I'm a stickler for details, so I know that I followed all of the battery directions. Ours got very hot and 2-3 months after purchase, it started freezing up, it wouldn't let us shut it down. It wouldn't hold a charge for more than 30 minutes. Finally, I started checking reviews and discovered that it wasn't just us. Many other users were reporting battery issues. We finally broke down and purchased a new battery and VOILA! No more problems. Now we get about 5 hours worth of juice from a fully charged battery - 3 if were online.

    My other Mac friends and I have all determined that we are all die-hard Mac users, but the key is never to purchase first generation items. Let Apple work out the kinks and wait for the 2nd generation! That, and read reviews before purchasing. In this case, thankfully it was only a battery issue and not the MBP. We also have a Mac mini and I'm thinking of getting a MBA for use at work because I can't stand my PC! It's dreadfully slow and it just feels like I'm using an antique!

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    excellent battery life

    • Written by from DENTON

    i have had my battery for over 2 years now and i still get nearly 2 hours of charge time. i do not know why all these people are complaining so much. you must cycle your battery like apple recommends as well to get the most out of your batteries life.

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    Needs Calibration about every month or so.

    • Written by from Redmond

    I purchased my MBP about 20 months ago. And I still get around 2 and half hours off of a charge. I think the biggest Problem is people either Calibrate Too often ( which can deplete the life of your battery or they don't Calibrate at all). Before my MBP I had a Compaq now you wanna talk miserable battery life. The thing had a 12 cell battery and after 3 months it lasted 45 minutes. So be grateful for the luxury of owning a mac.

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    Cycling works well.. Try it!!

    • Written by from Jaffrey

    I use istat pro to monitor battery health. My battery was down to 52% health and holding a noticeably limited charge. I never bothered with full cycling.

    After cycling the battery several times over the last week, I'm back up to 86% health and the longevity is once again very good. According to istat pro my battery has 308 charges on it, and it is still going strong.

    I've never experienced the hot battery some are talking about. Is this the battery or the computer getting hot? Under prolonged heavy loads (use Activity Monitor to view processor load in your dock) the cpu does get hot and the fans will come up to speed. istat pro can show you the speed if you want.

    How can I cycle?

    Fully charge and discharge your battery, no software required. This is easy, just charge it until it is fully charged (the light on the power cord turns green), then unplug it and use it on battery power until it automatically turns off. Do this several time.

    You will be happy with the results.

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    Great Battery for me

    • Written by from Hallandale

    I am buying my second battery for my macbook pro and i must say that this is a great battery. My current battery was not holding charge at about 100 cycles. but after speaking to a apple tech they told me to calibrate my battery every week or so ( info can be found on support pages) and it has worked like a charm ever since. I have 386 cycles on it now and it still hold about 60-65% charge. hope this new one performs the same. if you calibrate the battery you can definitely get some outstanding life. there are some people who will rate this battery as not good but in all honesty with the proper maintenance and charging habits it will be an awesome battery.

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    Good batteries.

    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    These batteries are great! As long as you know how to manage your battery life, you'll be fine. The other reviewers probably didn't take care of their batteries like they should have.

    You can read about maximizing your battery's performance by searching "notebook batteries" on the Apple support site.

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    Great Product

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I've had my MBP for a year now and it still shows 98% health. I use my laptop for everything I do. I travel at least once a month and take my laptop with me. Haven't had a single problem :)

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    Great Product, Read Manual

    • Written by from Norcross

    I bought my Macbook Pro in November 2007, 2.2 ghz, 2G ram, 120G hard drive. I calibrate the battery every two weeks like clockwork. My battery lasts 4-4.5 hours with iTunes, iPhoto, and Safari running. I got through a 2 hour movie and still had enough to check my email and update my iPhone. As long as the Mac is calibrated then the battery is great.

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    Its the best

    • Written by from Lexington

    it holds up to 7 hours with me!!! and 4 hours of web browsing

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    Good battery - lazy people

    • Written by from Watkinsville

    In my opion these and all laptop batteries are good but its just people are to lazy to read and follow the instuctions on how to prep there battery. Usually you have to charge them for a few hours without using the computer and then drain the battery completely and repeat that process a few times. Most people dont do that and I personaly think people who complain have not done that. If you want it to work properly you need to follow the instuctions.

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    Please check into Mac Support before you review....

    • Written by from Warren

    First of all Mac HAS addressed this problem, please scroll up to the top of your screen and hit the button labeled "Support." There they have wonderful fix ideas on how to get your battery working properly. Apple has been making the best computer products for years and still do, they however have flaws like everyone else... Luckily for Mac fans they don't leave us hanging. Please fix your battery and stop giving these great products bad reviews.

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    • Written by from cincinnati

    I leave it plugged in nonstop, have for about 18 months. No problems. Holds charge great for up to 3 and a half hours.

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    UNPLUG the battery!

    • Written by from orlando

    90% of people leave there darn battery plugged in even when there is no need! Try leaving it out once in a while...it will also help keep your computer cooler too! My MBP battery is over 1 yr old and I am still getting 3 1/2hr Plus per charge, so there!!!!

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    • Written by from Marietta

    I have had this battery for a year and a half and it still keeps 3 hours battery life. and i also bought this and it is a great product.

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    Get over it

    • Written by from Wilton

    Apple uses Lithium Ion batteries for it's laptops, its iphone and its ipods. Countless other companies use lithium ion batteries as well, and the problem is evident with every product that uses this type of battery.

    This isn't apples fault, its your fault if you battery dies after 9 months. If you read your manual you'll see that you're supposed to wait until the battery is completely dead until you start charging it again. Thats just the way that lithium batteries work. Theres nothing you can do about it. Just get over it and start charging your battery properly.

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    Awesome battery with great life

    • Written by from Denver

    I have had my MacBook Pro for over 10 months now. The battery has been great all the way through. Using coconutBattery, my battery health is typically shown at 95-97 percent. The most recent battery update has only increased my battery's life. I get impressive battery life even when using apps like Safari, Word, or Entourage. I constantly have over 2 hours and 15 minutes of battery life, as shown by the system. These things are great! Good job Apple!

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