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    20 Months 126 Cycles - YMMV

    • Written by from Gainesville

    A few weeks ago I started hearing a high pitched whine during some operations - which has increased to mostly all the time now.

    It seems to be the battery, which reports its health at 40%, but went from sustaining hours of operation from a full charge when new to 45 minutes a few weeks ago to less than 45 seconds now. Pretty sure it's a goner.

    I've had better luck with Lithium-Ion batteries in other products, this performance lifetime seems little better than the NiMH batteries of old. I guess it is smaller and lighter, and generates a recurring revenue stream...

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    weak battery

    • Written by from Bozeman

    I've had my MB Pro for nearly 12 months. The original battery has deteriorated much faster than I think it should. It now lasts only about 100 minutes. Recalibration does not help. According to System Profiler, the battery has been through 128 cycles, but it has only 2386 mAh capacity (the original spec is 5000 mAh, i.e. 60 Wh at 12V).

    Fortunately I called Apple support today. My laptop is still (barely, by one week!) within warranty. I'm giving 2 stars rather than one because Apple offered to overnight a new battery at no charge. This is on the regular/default warranty, I have not purchased AppleCare.

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    Poor lifespan

    • Written by from La Jolla

    After only 80 cycles in about 15 months, my original battery holds only about two minutes of charge. It's out of warranty, but this kind of lifespan seems like a manufacturing defect. Still, what can you do?

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    65 cycles and barely holds charge

    • Written by from brooklyn

    I never did the calibration and now my battery pretty much won't work. Only 9 months old. So I'm buying a new one but I am not thrilled.

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    Good life at the beginning, quick downturn

    • Written by from Blacksburg

    I loved this battery for the first 4 or 5 months I owned my macbook pro, however if you do not cycle this thing religiously it will lose it's ability to hold a charge within days of noticing a downturn in life.

    Mine lasted 8 months before it would no longer hold a charge.

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    i'd rather have this in alkaline

    • Written by from Blacktown

    i've got this on my laptop and like i've had it for just over a year, but now it just dies out instantly, i charge it and at 50% i get that notification which says to plug my charger in.... like i love my MBP but the battery i just LOATH!, please apple fix this up!! NOW!

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    • Written by from brooklyn

    My battery died right around the 12-13 month mark as well. I'm disappointed that it has such a short life, though while it was working, it was great! I could get about three hours without charging, but now I have to replace it.

    Very disappointed! (the macbook pro 15" is great though!)

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    Necessary but disappointing

    • Written by from washington

    A battery is obviously necessary for a laptop, but the performance on all three batteries I've had with my MacBook Pro has been less than desirable. That I've gone through three already seems extraordinary to me compared past Powerbooks and iBooks I've used. The battery health seems to drop-off quickly after a few months.

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    Sad, but it is so true!

    • Written by from Unionville

    I have to agree with all the other posts. The battery for the Mac Book Pro is so disappointing. I bought mine in August of 2006 and ever since then, I have had nothing but trouble. It starts out great, giving you a warning when the battery gets low. However, in only about two months, the warnings disappear and it just shuts off without warning. Blackout! I don't know what to do. I don't think it make sense to buy a new one. Apparently, it is a problem with the mechanics of the battery.

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    Sudden Death

    • Written by from Tucson

    Spent hours trying to figure out what I had done wrong-----turns out this is common. I am shocked that Apple can't provide a battery that lasts more than a year. Of course I will go buy another, what other choice do I have? This has made a black smudge in Apple's permanent record book if you ask me.

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    Power Beast!

    • Written by from San Jose

    The macbook pro 1st edition is the one with serious battery issues. The bright LCD screen and 1st-gen dual core intel processors are BEASTS of power consumption. If you have my system, with 2 GB RAM and a 2.1gHz dual core processor, you can expect poor battery life. The newere ones are LCD-backlit and the processors use less power- however this can all be avoided by cycling the battery once a week - draining it until nothing at all will function, then charging it overnight. However, this battery doesn't get good life even for that (down to 20 min after a year) and gets excessively hot.

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    battery life is terrible

    • Written by from abingdon

    I bought my macbook 2 yrs ago and i have already had to replace my battery. the cover plate on the battery warped, it wouldn't sit flat o the table and my battery life got so bad that my computer would turn off after i unplugged it from my ac adaptor. i inquired about this with my local apple store but i was told that there was nothing they could do. i wouldn't be nearly as upset if these were cheap batteries but for what they charge for these things i expect quality. i have a 17 in macbook and i an having the same problem something must be done about this.

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    Poor quality but expensive price

    • Written by

    To my surprise that so many Apple owners have the same problem like me. I owned a 15" Apple Macbook Pro for about a year and not too much used but still failed within a year. Apple charges too much on the battery with a short life. Expensive laptop but cheap battery, how are they suppose to remain on the top? I love the design of the Apple comparing with all the rest brands, but this battery really.......disappointed me. Well, Apple....give us something good for the price we paid. I think all Apple battery shoud have a rebate program and discount for the second ones to compensated for our first purchase. But of course, there are some good one on the market too. Well, I am the one that always drained out my battery before I charge it. Cordless phone battery can last up to 2 years, but why not you Apple! Or lower your price! APPLE BATTERY ARE MINUS -

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    • Written by from calgary

    Well my MBP is first gen version, i have had it for about 17months and have found that my battery only last 1%for every 30-60secs that go bye, that is horrible life. Apple needs to fix this problems and issue a recall on all batteries. being that i am student in a media based program So ALL my work is on this machine and is needed every day!!!
    DESIGN LONG LIFE BATTERIES NOT LAP WARMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Battery is bad

    • Written by from Pleasantville

    Worked OK for a while but after 10 months and 157 cycles it's somewhere around 46% health.

    Latest battery update guarantees that the battery dies after 90 minutes.

    I also have a battery from Fastmac that was cheaper and gives me 3 1/2 hours battery life.

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    Not long enough...

    • Written by from Lafayette

    It has been probably close to 15 months, and now my battery doesn't hold much charge at all. I go to my college classes, and have to have the screen dimmed to 1 bar before backlight off... The battery "updates" show that I have 2.5 hours remaining, but the timer seems to go down 3x faster than it should. I calibrate it all the time through the natural use...

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    Everything is great with my MBP but the battery...

    • Written by

    I've had my MBP for 4 months now and the battery has already decreased to 98% battery health...I;ve tried all the hints to make it last but it just seems to keep decreasing on me. Great Laptop but the battery needs improvement.

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    not very satisfied.

    • Written by from Cincinnati

    okay. i bought my macbook pro for college.
    obviously, while i'm in class, it looks rather obnoxious to be plugged into the wall.
    so i've been extremely disappointed that the battery life seems to be steadily decreasing.
    after reading the review about istat pro causing problems, i removed it, and it has helped, but still, when i got the computer, it had five hour battery life, and i would dare to say it went over that. now the meter says 4 hours every time i unplug, and this soon dwindles down to three, even when the screen is dim it still doesn't have much effect.
    i am proud to own an apple, especially when people ask me longingly "so is that the new macbook pro" or something like that, but as far as i am concerned, this computers battery life to this point was certainly not worth shelling out $2k.

    apple. please fix this issue, it's pretty sad when the powerbook g3 i gave my little brother to toy with is exceeding the performance of your latest and greatest.

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    Apple Battery

    • Written by from Sarasota

    I'm not so sure about the battery at all. After I installed iStat pro, the battery lasted for 1 hour (It used to be 3 hours!) and iStat showed 98% battery health, but after that hour it went to 40%! Just hope iStat didn't mess up the battery! Just a warning to people, be careful installing iStat for your MacBook Pro 15 inch!

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    Good at first

    • Written by from Austin

    When I first got the battery, it gave almost 5 hours of battery life. However, slightly over a year into it, I'm down to less than 1 hour. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any other options for batteries, so I'll be buying another one in a couple days.

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