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    Rechargeable Battery - It is embarassing for Apple to have such a weak batt

    • Written by from New York

    My MacBook Pro cost more than $2000 if including tax. The battery last less than 3 hours on the first months, now it is on the computer just to cover the hole, I have my MacBook Pro plug at all times. It is riduculous since I have wireless internet, wireless mouse BUT plugged notebook. The computer is excellente, but already bought 3 battery for it. Never had a problem with my Dell and IBM before... It looses on the battery issue big time.

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    A bad battery starts with a bad manufacturing plan

    • Written by from Bastrop

    My MBP works great. My battery only had 29 cycles after fifteen months before it quit accepting a charge at all. Apple designed a great notebook. With a good idea for a smart battery and screwed it up by going with the cheapest vendor for parts. Apple should realize that they could have paid an extra $20 for a better battery cell and the niche market that is willing to pay the price for a MBP would gladly pay up to $200 for a battery that lasts. People don't buy Apple products because they are the cheapest out there. They buy them because they expect a high performance level.

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    A common theme

    • Written by from Oakhurst

    You can read all the following reviews; but save yourself the time. Nearly every one says the same thing; Macbook Pro batteries last generally far less than a year before turning to toast. While we all agree we love our Macs as a whole, they require a maintenance investment of about $150-$175 a year to have operable portable power. I just bought another battery in May of this year, which started doing the "indicator says its fine, but it just suddenly goes dead" routine. My old battery (a year and a half old) holds about 1/2 hour. So...off to the apple store I go. (And yes, I do the cycling routine...to no avail.) But...its a trade-off. I could be spending that much on virus protection with a pc. Apple is confident enough in their computer product and our loyalty that I doubt they much care about our issues with its battery. If they cared, they'd write something pertaining to such in this forum.

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    • Written by from Waterloo

    I've owned a MacBookPro for just about a year now, and just around 3/4 months ago my battery life started decreasing dramatically. Even when I did as the genius bar recommended and dimmed my screen, didn't leave it plugged in all the time, ejected the peripherals when not needed, etc., it still continues to be garbage. If Apple really wants to be a cut above the competition they should provide batteries that can sustain their product's performance demands. My battery hasn't even completed 92 cycles yet and it dies without warning after being unplugged for 15 minutes. I am extremely disappointed that I don't have the freedom I paid for when I decided to purchase a laptop.

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    Why did it die?

    • Written by from New Haven

    My MacBook Pro battery had an enviable 3-4 hour life span. Then, last weekend it up-and-died without warning. From full function to no function literally overnight.



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    Watch a Movie on Battery???? Good Luck!!!!!!!

    • Written by from Kapaa

    I tried downloading a dvd from itunes on my new MacBook Pro. The computer was charged up when I started watching the movie. Quite irritating that towards the end of the movie, I got the message my battery was running low and the computer would soon shut down. I had to quit the movie and charge the battery.

    I called tech support several times the next few days and was told that about 90 minutes watching a dvd was about average. Who would design a battery to last less than an average movie they are selling on itunes?????????
    I have used apple products since the early 80's. Had a Newton, 256 E machine, imac, iphone, etc. So, I like their products, but not their battery designs. What happens if you want to watch a movie on a flight?? Do you need to spend over $100 for a spare battery????

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    On my 4th battery!

    • Written by from Toronto

    Man I hate this battery. The first one I got didn't hold its charge and was replaced free of charge by Apple. The second one did a big melt down/bulge and was replaced free by Apple again. Then I was out of warranty and had to replace my next batter myself at a cost of $160 and now the battery isn't holding a charge once more and will need to be replaced AGAIN! That's 4 batteries in the 3 years I've had my MacBook Pro. That's unacceptable and Apple knows this.

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    Stop it with the "Cycle your battery" stuff

    • Written by from Oshkosh

    Seriously. Maybe I've got bad karma/voodoo/luck/whatever, but I *babied* my second battery. I have over 252 cycles on the battery according to System Profiler in the 92 weeks I've owned the battery. And Snow Leopard still says "Service Battery". Funny, 92 weeks is about the same life I got out of my first battery when I didn't cycle it at all! They are junk. I'm going to an Apple Store soon to hear the corporate line and, unless I get a free battery, I'm buying a NuPower battery.

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    Portable Computing At It's Worst!

    • Written by from Marietta

    I'm going for my third battery in three years. I actually needed this battery three months ago! What is the use of having a laptop if I have to use it like a desk top.

    Love Apple - great products - but the worst battery on the market.

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    Battery not the best..

    • Written by from Brownsville

    The battery has never performed well. More time charging the unit (and less run-time) than I consider acceptable.. Heating is excessive. After a few months it gave out and when examined it was found to have physically failed.. the case swollen and split.. From my experience I do enjoy the laptop but can not recommend the Appple battery.

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    After 10 months, battery won't hold charge...

    • Written by from Vernon Hills

    I've owned this one for 10 months. Now the battery dies after 15 minutes.

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    Battery bad

    • Written by from Santa Rosa

    Yep, it's true. The battery on my MacBook Pro is about a year and a half old and it's suddenly gone bad. Same symptoms as described below.

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    Dead Batt

    • Written by from las vegas

    Same as other review. Have had my MacBook Pro 15" about 14 months. 75% of the use is with the AC. My battery now lasts an amazing 10-15 min.!!

    With so many people having the same issue as it relates to the batteries, it seems that there is a significant design flaw somewhere. Not something expected from Apple for this long a period of time. $130 every year for a battery kind of stinks!! (I'd like to use another word but the review nazi's won't allow it).

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    • Written by from Raleigh

    I have owned my Macbook Pro for only a year and already I am told that I need to buy a new battery. You would think after paying $2000 for a top of the line laptop that the battery would last at LEAST several years. Not with Apple though. The battery holds a charge only until it gets to 50% battery and then shuts off. Horrible horrible product satisfaction.

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    Sub-Par Battery Life

    • Written by from Newcastle

    Looks like I'm not alone. If I do anything more than use the internet my battery hardly lasts at all. I've had this computer for less than a year. What a shame. I'd rather not throw down for a new battery. This is total garbage.

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    Sudden shutdown

    • Written by from Bristol

    My Mar 2006 MBP now shuts down (not sleep, not - actual power-down, with no warning and loss of unsaved work) suddenly when at around 30% battery power.

    Unacceptable, and Apple better start offering replacement batteries, because this batch is clearly bad.

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    15" MacBook Pro Battery

    • Written by from Redding

    We've had this computer for 8 months and love it, however the battery only lasts about 5 minutes, even though it reads as fully charged. They are now recalling these batteries. We have a 12" laptop and its battery has also been recalled. The worse part is that we use these for business and it takes Apple 4-6 weeks to send a new battery for the exchange. That in itself is discouraging me when I consider buying another Apple computer.

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    Battery did not last

    • Written by from Mcminnville

    The battery that came with my Macbook pro lasted 5 years and I just had to replace it. The battery I bought just over a year ago is already dead again. You should't have to replace every year.

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    Do not waste your money

    • Written by from Stanford

    It is better to save $100+ and contribute them towards buying a new Mac instead of buying this replacement battery.
    I was fed up with the 1st one (it wouldn't last more than 1 hour) so I bought a second one.
    I did all by the book to ensure I maximize its duration. Still after a week it is depleted in about 2 hours.

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    • Written by from Fitchburg

    I have had to request an additional battery every 12-18 months. The system shuts down without notice. This battery can't be made by Apple. This has to be a Microsoft implant. I not happy with this product and concerned that Apple's standards are slipping. They done nothing to solve this problem. Apple beware, when you get to good you start making junk. Look at Microsoft, GM, Ford.

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