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    MacPro Battery

    • Written by from College Station

    I've had two batteries go bad (not the charge holding per se, but just plain quit working properly). Definitely sub-par relative to the quality expected of most Apple products and most MacPro components. For the price, they should be better (or replaced for free).

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    Six months...

    • Written by from BEMIDJI

    Had this replacement battery a little over six months and now it will shut down, without warning, at about 30%. This began happening to the original battery as well, although the original seemed to last about a year and a half before becoming erratic.

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    Not so great, but not so bad

    • Written by from Mission Viejo

    I'm on my 4th Macbook Pro battery now, and this one is down to 30 minutes of power (even with the cycling as per the docs). I find that these last about 5 months or so.

    Compared to my 12 inch powerbook, these batteries are better. Compare to my 15 inch powerbook, these batteries are awful.

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    Poor Battery

    • Written by from Washtucna

    So I have had my MBP for about 13 months now and have not really had a problem with the system. The only problem I have had is my battery and my charger. One day I left my charger on my computer and now my charge light stays red, wont turn green when "charged", and stays on after I unplug it from the machine. What is this all about?? Does this have anything to do with my battery life because it is at 13% just after one year of use. Is it worth spending the money to buy a new battery or am I going to be plagued by the same problems. Not impressed!!

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    TOO HOT!

    • Written by from San Francisco

    This is my first time switching to a replacement battery...(original battery only lasted 30 mins)
    Battery Life was extended to 4 hrs 30 mins off charge!!

    The replacement gets overheated real quick!!!! (VERY HOT to touch!!!!)
    Especially while its charging when you are still using the laptop.
    Once overheated...the fan kicks on and thats loud.

    I think i will only use this replacement for when I need to take it on a trip, other than that I will switch back to the old battery. I feel this one is too dangerous to use and would not recommend a friend to use it.

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    The Dead battery

    • Written by from Frederick

    I'm having the same problem. One year old battery dies after 15 minutes use. I use Lipo batteries all the time with my RC Helicopters and one thing you have to watch is letting one of the cells get below 3.4 volts.
    This is what I think is happening to these batteries. For whatever reason one of the cells in this two cell lipo is getting to low. The only way to fix it is a low voltage charge to the low cell but you can't do that with these batteries.

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    Disappointing Battery Lifespan

    • Written by from Kitchener

    My macbook pro's battery is only 16 months old and like one reviewer suggested, I cycled it every week and yet it can barely hold a charge now. If I unplug my laptop, it will only last for about 30 minutes.

    I downloaded Coconut Battery and did a battery check. My battery can only hold a maximum charge of 1335mAh now, which is only 24% of it's original capacity! I am a little disappointed in how quickly this battery lost its ability to hold a charge. Always needing to be plugged in kind of defeats the purpose of having a portable computer. I hope my next battery will hold up better than this one.

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    Love Hate Relationship

    • Written by

    Yep, Like the majority of reviews - really like my MacBookPro... and then there's the battery issue.

    In my case, the first battery lasted around 18 months and suddenly died. I just happened to be in Beijing and it took a little convincing to get the service centre to agree to Apple's own policies. Eventually they capitulated when I wouldn't budge on the issue. To be honest, it should not be my job to convince them, but I did get my replacement battery and I was satisfied.

    This was short-lived, however, as my new Sony battery lasted 7 months and a whole series of anomalies emerged. Magsafe fashing between red and green, computer dying when battery indicator showing 65% charged, 28%, 30% 45% - you name it. Fully charged, it would show 45 minutes (or other times), and this is a battery with only 66 cycle counts.

    I wondered how it would be handled this time.

    To my amazement, I was still in Beijing and a new Apple store in Sanlitun had just opened near my place, so I went there and explained my story. This time, they were fantastic. They recognised the problem, got me a new battery and apologised for any inconvenience. I felt good with this level of service - I wish it was just more uniform.

    Well, here I go again and hoping this one works.

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    Love the Macbook Pro but...

    • Written by from Abbeville

    I bought my laptop in August of 2006. Everything worked fine until last week when the battery started acting up just like all the other reviews. So I think in comparison, I fared better than most. I plan on buying a new battery.

    However, I do think apple should address the problem.

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    Not impressed...

    • Written by from Tulsa

    Basically my battery has a maximum life of 5 minutes now. I did not cycle it often so it's probably a result of my careless use, however, after having to leave my magsafe constantly plugged in, its plastic melted at the connection and now I have to purchase two extra items.

    Both matters should be addressed for a firm who take pride in their design expertise.

    My advice, if the battery loses its functionality, replace it immediately and start cycling that thing before your magsafe melts!

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    Great Computer, Not So Great Battery.

    • Written by from Wenatchee

    My MacBook Pro sits at my desk all day. On the occasion that I remove it from its station, which is attached to ethernet and a large external monitor, the battery dies quickly, under 2 hours. I know that you are not supposed to leave it plugged in all day for months, but still, I can never unplug it now.

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    Last a while, then dies quick

    • Written by from Highlands Ranch

    I've had my MacBook Pro for about 16 months, and the battery worked really well for about the first year -- a good 2.5 to 3 hours on a charge, with power settings set for best performance. Then, just in the last month or so, it has started dying sooner and sooner. Now, I get about 1 hour at best. I thought I had done something wrong with the way I was cycling the battery. But after reading these reviews, it seems I'm doing what everyone else is doing, and pretty much no one's battery is performing well after about a year.

    Okay, buy a new one, but maybe Apple could charge a little less for having to buy a new battery every year or so?

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    Notebook Batteries Need Upgrade & Price Cut

    • Written by from Chicago

    For years the big pain with laptop batteries was that they didn't last very long. Batt producers finally developed much longer lasting ones. But battery development, at least concerning MAC seems to have been put by the way-side. With my 2.3Gb processor and 3Gb RAM, new OS's and power hungry programs, I'm only able to get about 2.5hrs of batt life. Why not 5 or 10hrs?! You would think that battery technology would keep up, maybe it's intentionally being left alone to fuel the purchase of very over priced batteries.

    The battery that powers your $30,000 car costs about 1/3 less that the ones that power your $2,000 notebook.

    As an idea: With all the smarts and technology we have and all that the Mac Book does, why hasn't someone developed a way for notebook computers to keep batts charged with a concept similar to a car or other motor vehicle? Maybe because they would hurt battery sales.

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    LI batteries

    • Written by from Tucson

    I've had my MBP for 2 years. I now get less than an hour of battery life if I'm running more than just one program. I cycle every month, and otherwise don't let the battery run down "on purpose."

    Cycling has NOTHING to do with battery life. People don't seem to understand LI batteries. Read up on it, folks. LI batteries need to be cycled to calibrate the battery-life indicator, NOT to get more life out of your battery. An LI battery has X number of cycles (for example, my iPod has 400) before the cycle length decreases. A cycle is counted as 1 full depletion then recharge to full. So if you use 10% of your battery, then recharge, you've only used one-tenth of a cycle.

    Running down to zero, letting it sit for 5 hours, then recharging to full DOESN'T increase battery longevity! It resets the charge meter so you see how much battery is left, and that it's an accurate representation.

    My MBP has never gotten more than 3 hours on a charge, and recently it's so bad that I can't use it off the cable for 20 minutes without worrying about a shut-down (complete, not just to sleep mode). That's 23 months of use. NOT GOOD, APPLE!

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    My thoughts

    • Written by from Middleburg

    It seems almost that getting one of these batteries is a game of chance. Some people's are really reliable, while other peoples' are terrible. One poster said his battery lasts 5-10 minutes. One thing written in the manual that you have to do is charge your battery, run it until it dies, and repeat the process... a couple of times. It sounds like kind of a hassle to get the battery up to speed, but those are the mechanics of the battery. I'm not saying the battery is great, because it lasted me only two years. but i won't discredit it completely because in those two years i must have run it through two cycles a day on average. but still this battery does have inherent problems, and it could be a lot better. All in all if you get a good battery, congratulations you're one of the lucky ones. If not, call apple about it, they might help you out.

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    Stopped Working Suddenly

    • Written by from Rutland

    My Macbook Pro is not even a year and a half old. The battery had been working perfectly fine until a little while ago, when it inexplicably started to last only about ten minutes when not plugged into a power source. If it isn't plugged in i get low battery messages even when the battery appears to be at near full power and then my Macbook shuts down.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Seattle

    I love my MacBook Pro, and wouldn't give it up for a second. However, I just purchased a second battery that was dead (wouldn't accept charge) within a week of having purchased it. The included battery, despite having been carefully cycled, puttered out shortly thereafter. I'm now on my third battery in less than a year.

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    Way too hot and only lasts for 2.5 hours

    • Written by from FALLS CHURCH

    It's too bad that Apple didn't design a battery worthy of the excellent Macbook Pro Laptop. This battery gets hotter than any I have ever used before and only lasts for about 2.5 to 2.75 hours. I have two of them. Wouldn't it be nice if Apple recalled them and replaced them with cooler longer lasting ones?

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    Bitter truth: Apple need to solve battery problem

    • Written by from Ames

    One of the reason I switch to Mac was the long lasting battery feature. However, I am so disappointed. After fully charging and set brightness to 50%, the battery gauge said 4:30 hr, but as soon as I opened Safari, it drop down to 2:30 hr. I continued to use it, and it really lasted 2 something hours--the gauge was right. The battery is said to last up to 5 hr. I went to Apple store. The guy said that I had 30 cycles on my battery that was why I see the reduction in performance. At fully charged, my battery has 5352 mAh. The battery with 1 cycle at the store has 5500 something mAh. The guy said that I should not let the battery less than 50%, otherwise it will start counting cycle. So, it means that I have to stay plugged all the time? What the use of having laptop? I have also been told that the battery will only last 300 cycles ($129/300 = 40 cents per your wireless freedom) Bitter truth !

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    Quickly moving towards its death.

    • Written by from Mount Vernon

    I'm losing about 0.17% design capacity per cycle: I'm at 4652 mHh out of a design capacity of 5500 mHA in 89 cycles. It seems to me this is a pretty quick depletion of battery potential.

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