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    Last a while, then dies quick

    • Written by from Highlands Ranch

    I've had my MacBook Pro for about 16 months, and the battery worked really well for about the first year -- a good 2.5 to 3 hours on a charge, with power settings set for best performance. Then, just in the last month or so, it has started dying sooner and sooner. Now, I get about 1 hour at best. I thought I had done something wrong with the way I was cycling the battery. But after reading these reviews, it seems I'm doing what everyone else is doing, and pretty much no one's battery is performing well after about a year.

    Okay, buy a new one, but maybe Apple could charge a little less for having to buy a new battery every year or so?

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    LI batteries

    • Written by from Tucson

    I've had my MBP for 2 years. I now get less than an hour of battery life if I'm running more than just one program. I cycle every month, and otherwise don't let the battery run down "on purpose."

    Cycling has NOTHING to do with battery life. People don't seem to understand LI batteries. Read up on it, folks. LI batteries need to be cycled to calibrate the battery-life indicator, NOT to get more life out of your battery. An LI battery has X number of cycles (for example, my iPod has 400) before the cycle length decreases. A cycle is counted as 1 full depletion then recharge to full. So if you use 10% of your battery, then recharge, you've only used one-tenth of a cycle.

    Running down to zero, letting it sit for 5 hours, then recharging to full DOESN'T increase battery longevity! It resets the charge meter so you see how much battery is left, and that it's an accurate representation.

    My MBP has never gotten more than 3 hours on a charge, and recently it's so bad that I can't use it off the cable for 20 minutes without worrying about a shut-down (complete, not just to sleep mode). That's 23 months of use. NOT GOOD, APPLE!

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    battery life is terrible

    • Written by from abingdon

    I bought my macbook 2 yrs ago and i have already had to replace my battery. the cover plate on the battery warped, it wouldn't sit flat o the table and my battery life got so bad that my computer would turn off after i unplugged it from my ac adaptor. i inquired about this with my local apple store but i was told that there was nothing they could do. i wouldn't be nearly as upset if these were cheap batteries but for what they charge for these things i expect quality. i have a 17 in macbook and i an having the same problem something must be done about this.

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    Need a better battery

    • Written by from Ellenwood

    My battery worked fine until now that I've had my computer 6 months. Now It goes from 99 percent to 40 percent in less that ten minutes. I definitely don't have 129.00 to buy another one right now so I have to make sure I have my power adapter at all times.

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    Terrible battery, but great customer service

    • Written by from BROOKLYN

    I've had two batteries fail (able to hold a charge for less than 30 minutes) since I bought my MacBook Pro about 2 years ago. Judging from the large number of comments here, there's obviously a problem with the product.

    But my experience with Apple's service department was great. They made me re-calibrate the battery before agreeing with me that it had failed, but once they saw how badly it had deteriorated (by looking at the file I'd uploaded via System Profiler) they agreed to replace it without charge, and shipped a new battery via FedEx. I had it in my hands 26 hours after I called.

    The battery on its own deserves no more than 1 star, but those reading these reviews in search of a solution (rather than just a litany of complaints) deserve to know that all hope is not lost. Call Apple if you've got a problem. They did right by me.

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    Battery life.

    • Written by from Toronto

    Agreed. Battery quality is terrible. I'm on my 3rd battery 32 months.
    p.s. I do cycle the battery.

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    Love Hate Relationship

    • Written by

    Yep, Like the majority of reviews - really like my MacBookPro... and then there's the battery issue.

    In my case, the first battery lasted around 18 months and suddenly died. I just happened to be in Beijing and it took a little convincing to get the service centre to agree to Apple's own policies. Eventually they capitulated when I wouldn't budge on the issue. To be honest, it should not be my job to convince them, but I did get my replacement battery and I was satisfied.

    This was short-lived, however, as my new Sony battery lasted 7 months and a whole series of anomalies emerged. Magsafe fashing between red and green, computer dying when battery indicator showing 65% charged, 28%, 30% 45% - you name it. Fully charged, it would show 45 minutes (or other times), and this is a battery with only 66 cycle counts.

    I wondered how it would be handled this time.

    To my amazement, I was still in Beijing and a new Apple store in Sanlitun had just opened near my place, so I went there and explained my story. This time, they were fantastic. They recognised the problem, got me a new battery and apologised for any inconvenience. I felt good with this level of service - I wish it was just more uniform.

    Well, here I go again and hoping this one works.

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    Necessary but disappointing

    • Written by from washington

    A battery is obviously necessary for a laptop, but the performance on all three batteries I've had with my MacBook Pro has been less than desirable. That I've gone through three already seems extraordinary to me compared past Powerbooks and iBooks I've used. The battery health seems to drop-off quickly after a few months.

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    MBP batteries..

    • Written by

    i bought my MBP jan 07'. the first time i used it.. it went out just fine till the day i read some comments about the batteries of MBP(april 24).. then i read something about the "cycle recharging" thing.. i'm planning to do it but then... i try to charge it to 100% each time i disconnect it.. lets say till 85% then i plug in the "ac adaptor" it'll say thats its fully charged.. i've even tried the "battery saving/ better battery life", turn the brightness down, turned of the airport and bluetooth off.. nothing happens.. it justs dicharges very fast.. its very disappointing for me who walks with work all the time.. hope apple wil work on this problem..

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    Not so great, but not so bad

    • Written by from Mission Viejo

    I'm on my 4th Macbook Pro battery now, and this one is down to 30 minutes of power (even with the cycling as per the docs). I find that these last about 5 months or so.

    Compared to my 12 inch powerbook, these batteries are better. Compare to my 15 inch powerbook, these batteries are awful.

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    Love the Macbook Pro but...

    • Written by from Abbeville

    I bought my laptop in August of 2006. Everything worked fine until last week when the battery started acting up just like all the other reviews. So I think in comparison, I fared better than most. I plan on buying a new battery.

    However, I do think apple should address the problem.

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    15 Inch MacBook Pro battery life

    • Written by from Edmond

    15 inch MacBook Pro battery life
    I love my MacBook Pro laptop but this battery has been very disappointing. I have only had the laptop one year and I try very hard to watch the charging of the battery. It worked one day and the next would not hold a charge. Considering the cost of the replacement battery, there must be a solution to keeping the battery more than one year.

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    Not impressed

    • Written by from Brighton

    I've had my machine since February, and official claims or not, the proof is in the pudding, and I'm not getting more than 2.5 hours of straight usage. This is a particular issue on the plane, where (even from the hard drive without the DVD spinning) I can't even get through a full movie. I haven't seen the warping, yet. Although my lid is absolutely off kilter.

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    it is just like Toyota's defective parts

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Bought MB-Pro about fourteen(14) months ago since I used Macs at work (not notebooks) as a mechanical design engineer. Mac is the appropriate tool (at premium price, of course) for pro's, and it always performed multi-tasking for me better than PC's BUT certainly not better than SUNS Micro Sys (those who have used will agree w/ it).
    Okay, Bottom line: MB-P a good computer, w/ a real bad or leaky gas tank, yes you got it....the battery. It has a really really really bad battery which didn't live up to its name (Sony made this for Mac), regardless...it is a bad battery.
    Also, don't listen to any1 telling you that the battery doesn't get affected when its fully charged & you are running it on the power adapter, not true. It DOES get affected, even your system (Sys Profiler > Power) status tells you otherwise.
    After all, there is no such a thing as perfect vehicle OR perfect computer.

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    Expensive for it's quality.

    • Written by from Toronto

    For the price of $159 and up - This battery does not last long, needs to be constantly recharged. Always insure you drain it before recharging. Fickle. Will only last a year or so.

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    • Written by from Garland

    I use my Macbook Pro all the time, less then normal lately because most of the programs I use for school now, run on a PC. But when I first got my laptop, the battery ran for close to 6hrs when fully charged depending on what I was doing and had no problems with it.

    The computer itself has not given me any problems and I have had it for slightly more then 1 1/2 yrs. Recently, with in the last few months, it has been giving me trouble.

    The battery began to act weird, the time remaining would change constantly. It would go up and down. Instead of getting 3+hrs of full battery life like I know it should have, I got less then 2:30min. Just surfing the web would make it jump down to 1:15 min and it would jump back up to 3:15 min and quickly go back down to 30min.

    Even if you have a warranty on your laptop, the warranty does not cover the battery. I had to buy a new one to replace the one that came with my computer. The battery is much heavier then my original laptop. You think they would improve the battery life when they improved the laptop. Maybe instead of changing technology every 6 months or so they should work on the battery.

    I have an IPOD Nano 3rd Generation whose battery is still working perfectly and it is close to 3yrs old! I use it every day for long hours at a time. The battery is still just fine! If Apple's IPOD battery's can last for 3yrs, why can't their laptop batteries?

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    TOO HOT!

    • Written by from San Francisco

    This is my first time switching to a replacement battery...(original battery only lasted 30 mins)
    Battery Life was extended to 4 hrs 30 mins off charge!!

    The replacement gets overheated real quick!!!! (VERY HOT to touch!!!!)
    Especially while its charging when you are still using the laptop.
    Once overheated...the fan kicks on and thats loud.

    I think i will only use this replacement for when I need to take it on a trip, other than that I will switch back to the old battery. I feel this one is too dangerous to use and would not recommend a friend to use it.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from calgary

    Well my MBP is first gen version, i have had it for about 17months and have found that my battery only last 1%for every 30-60secs that go bye, that is horrible life. Apple needs to fix this problems and issue a recall on all batteries. being that i am student in a media based program So ALL my work is on this machine and is needed every day!!!
    DESIGN LONG LIFE BATTERIES NOT LAP WARMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    very disappointed!

    • Written by from cranston

    have had my macpro 2 weeks and on my second battery. battery life not as described on promo or website. i have only been getting less than two hours, two and a half if i am being generous. god only knows how i will survive a flight to europe. seriously contemplating returning my mac. wnat a shame!

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    • Written by from Bern

    After 1 1/2 years, the battery start acting funny. It would say it still has 90% charge but it'll shut down and I can't turn it back on with battery power.

    I thought it was a long shot to bring it back to apple for repair since battery have only 1 year warranty, but I was informed that for the batch of MBP I've got, apple extended the warranty to 2 years. So now it's in repair, and hopefully apple would give me a new battery for free.

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