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    poor battery life

    • Written by from anderson

    My battery looks 100% charged, but it starts discharging so fast and when it is
    50% the computer just switch off without any warning.... I've lost my work many at
    least two times !!! now I have to keep my computer attached to the power supplya.

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    3 hrs of battery life cut down to 1 3/4 to 2 hrs.

    • Written by from Bellflower

    What a relief that I bought an extra battery along with my MacBook. Even though the computer itself is brand new, battery life sucked. It'll say 3 hrs. initially, you'll get more like 1:45 - 2 hrs of battery life. I guess it's better than other batteries running on PC's out there. Pretty good? Ehh... Gotta have extra battery to work longer.

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    Expected Better Time

    • Written by

    This being my first Mac laptop I expected more time out of my top of the line product.
    I get 2 hrs out of my $699 PC. So I thought I'd get at least 4 hrs here. Guess not.

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    just a little more than 3hrs

    • Written by from San Antonio

    i have a basic mac book pro at 1.83. i have adjusted my settings to conserve power but i will still be getting an extra battery.

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    MacBook Pro & PCs: Hated LI battery in both = hot

    • Written by from san jose

    Lithium Ion batteries run hot. The life of mine is about an hour now--same result as the PC I had, so buy another one. I've had my MBPro laptop for about a year. I seasoned it appropriately, etc. Mine does get very, very hot, etc. There are three sources of heat. One is the battery, yes. The second is the surge protector (I think that's what it's called). The third is the actual plug that attaches to the machine. So, it's not just the battery that gets hot. The whole machine gets hot. And, yes, it's hot enough to give a 1 degree burn. But I travel a lot, work a lot in the bed with the mac on my lap (duh, it's a laptop). I put something between me & the computer. Balance the computer so it gets some air under it.

    But then , , , the PC did the same thing! I learned these techniques when I had a Sony & an IBM. Mac is much better folks, trust me.

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    MBP Battery

    • Written by from Squamish

    I have had my battery for going on 2 years. Has worked great! Time for a new one though. A good application to has is Coconut Battery which will tell you the max hold the battery can take and how many recharge cycles it has been though. Great!

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    Battery is ok, not the best.......

    • Written by from El Paso

    I am going to be going on my second battery, the first one warped on me after about a year and a half. This is my first laptop, love it, but really the battery warping, is it due how hot it gets or? I am lost and buying another battery for $129.00 is not in my budget right now. Works fine still, does not last too long though, maybe about 2 hours. UGH!!!!!

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    • Written by from SONORA

    I was wondering why I could smell burning flesh when I used my Mac Book Pro (MBP) on my lap. I thought it was because of the high speed processor until I read the reviews on the battery. It all makes sense now. For some reason this battery has to run at elevated temps to power this majestic computer, and it has a shorter life because of that. I heard early on of folks that lost a battery early in the life of their MBP and the hot fix (NPI) was to plug it in and run it on the adapter and when it was charged, unplug it and run it down to near nothing and then plug it in again. I have been doing that for 108 cycles and currently have 91% battery health.
    I bought two Mac Book Air (MBA?) laptops for field use in the company and they don't get hot and the battery run time is marvelous. I was ready to toss the MBP and get an MBA but then, I really love the Pro and I just spent the usual $3000 on it with accessories.
    Apple, if you are listening, (and I can't believe you're not) please do something about this.

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    Bad Battery replacement

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    If your battery dies quickly (before 300 cycles), you're eligible for a free replacement (within a year of your MacBook purchase). Just call Apple up, they'll ask you a few questions, and send you a new battery. This will also extend the warranty on your battery for 2 more years, so if the new one dies quickly again, call them up again. You don't have to pay $130 every few months. For more info: Apple Site/support/macbook_macbookpro/batteryupdate/ (can't post URLs in reviews)

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    A bit odd...

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I have had my new MBP for exactly 13 months. The battery that came with it is doing pretty well. I have almost 200 cycles on it and I'm presently at 93% capacity.

    The second battery is another issue. It was purchased about a month later, and it was doing pretty well (91% capacity) until last week when it hit the 12 month mark and capacity nosedived to 59%. I am not doing anything different, I load and discharge fully on both of the batteries several times a week, don't let them sit on the charger...I am actually considering that Battery Conditioner/Charger from NewerTech.

    Also, what gives with all the heat, I thought my MBP was a laptop computer, not a lap warmer?

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    30% to 0

    • Written by from Ponca City

    I also am having my MBP battery go from around 30% to zero and I got it in Aug. of '06. I have an extended warranty so I am definitely getting a new one. It is very disappointing.

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    I don't have this battery yet....butttt....READ

    • Written by from Niles

    Are you guys using the actual power cord or the cute little white plug end that folds in? Because if you're using that one, you're not giving a good ground to the laptop and is probably why you're frying the batteries out. The 3 prong cord has the ground prong which should actually help in saving your battery...and maybe even running a little cooler.

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    short battery life

    • Written by from Fullerton

    Looks nice, but the battery life goes up to about 5 hours for a month, then dies down to 4, then 3, and etc. Constantly, you need a new one for reasons like that. The computer is definitely worth it, but it's not really good to watch a movie or play games when you have 2 hours of play AND while the battery is burning up.

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    Death of a battery

    • Written by from Niles

    I love mac more than most people should love there computers. I recently ungraded from a powerbook to the 2.16 macbook pro. I bought it used from ebay because a new one was a bit out of my budget. Needless to say it's a great computer still way better than if i had purchased a brand new pc. It's like comparing buying a year old Lexus to a brand new Pinto no comparision. The only problem it had is that when the battery hits 20% it's done i mean no sleep, no warning just shuts the computer right off. I'm assuming that since the battery still says 20% is why I'm getting no waring before hand.
    Just wish they were a little cheaper, but i got a real good deal on the computer I'm guessing it died on the guy and he freaked out and sold it. The battery has 287 cycles on it so it's been through a lot, not sure if this is a common problem as the battery ages or not.

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    Apple took care of me, again....

    • Written by from Pennington

    This is the second time I've had to replace this battery, however, both times, Apple has sent me a new one, free of charge in less than 5 days. While these batteries clearly have problems, Apple has made it right both times.

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    What is up with these batteries?

    • Written by from Platteville

    I recently bought a new MacBookPro, love it. Good investment. I was a avid Windows user and this MBP changed my view.

    But I had a previous Windows based laptop and the battery performed a lot better then these batteries that are in the MBPs. I have had mine for 4 months (according to the battery life) and it is currently at 96% life and have been going doing a 1% a month or so.

    Poor design or flaw. It is irritating that a battery acts like this and in a few more months, I will be under 90% charge if this continues.

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    Battery So-So Apple GREAT

    • Written by from Roswell

    I have owned my MBP for almost exactly 13 months, done 80 cycles on the battery (according to iStatPro) and at 12 months (just after warranty), I noticed the battery life dropping quickly and the health of the battery down to 40% and dropping fast. I took it in to the Genius Bar at Apple today, they looked at it and replaced the battery for free, even though it is out of warranty and I don't have AppleCare or extended coverage. Kudos to Apple... After an iMac, MBP, iPhone and several iPods, I will remain a HAPPY Apple customer even as they work through some kinks due to the GREAT customer service I have received.

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    Apple Apparently redeemed themselves w/17" 2009 unibody battery....

    • Written by from Durham

    I been reading these reviews and I understand they are using an older, smaller pro and different battery management system, but I'm here to swear by my 17" 2009 unibody MBP. w/just the Intel Core 2 Duo not the new i5 or i7. I get 8-10hrs on my 256 graphics card and as much as 6hrs on my 512 on high performance!!! TEN HOURS ON A 17" FULL 1900x1200 LED SCREEN Mac Book Pro w/backlit keyboard... OMG. Look at the $2500 17.3" HP ENVY. 3.75 hrs MAX on the BIGGER BATTERY. THERE IS NO 17" on the market that even gets 1/2 the life! Its an amazing product. I am sorry their older batteries are not as good but they fixed the problem in these 17" unibodies and are promising 5X the cycles. Now that, we'll have to see, but if I'm getting 9hrs after 1 year on engineering programs while web browsing and playing itunes and dragging it to campus daily, trust me the've got a good product now. BTW I just witnessed a 13" 2006 MacBook get 4.5hrs in front of my eyes 7 days ago running 2GB RAM and Snow Leopard and 2.0GHZ processor, so I wouldn't call that terrible either and I just turned from PC's a year ago and was fairly dedicated until I witnessed my MBP.

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