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    Go with the cheap third-party batteries on eBay

    • Written by from Belleville

    After going through two of these batteries, the original and an official replacement battery, it's clear that they're poorly made. Even if you follow all of Apple's recommended procedures for battery care they'll still die far sooner than they should.

    For the price, you could buy three batteries from eBay - and they'd still last longer than Apple's version.

    I love Apple products, but these batteries (and the fact that they've never been improved) show that even Apple are far from perfect.

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    MacBook Pro Batteries or MagSafe Adapter, who is guilty??????

    • Written by

    Last month I bougth a 17-inch MacBook Pro from Apple Stıre North Michigan Avenue Retail Store, Chicago, IL...I had recharged 5 times the batteries and last weekend I could not get charged my Mac. I do not know why??? After just plugging the adapter, the green led lits 5 seconds and then turn into amber but off within 2-3 minutes... The batteries are not recharhing and the MagSafe power adapter is problem...Is there anybody experienced with that problem? I have no time and there is no service close to me, because I am now in Turkey.....................

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    The battery you keep on replacing

    • Written by from West Hurley

    The battery I had for my original macbook pro had to be replaced three times due to use. Each replacement occurred after under a year. Thankfully two were covered under applecare. This battery is a nightmare as it effectively turns your laptop into a desktop with no warning. I've tried all the tips and tricks but had to keep replacing. Eventually I just bought a macbook and haven't looked back.

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    it's still up and running

    • Written by from Paw Paw

    My computer is two years old. I bought it refurbished. The battery has 520 !!!!! cycle counts and keeps my computer powered up for two hours or so. Of course it's not 5-6 hours as the new macbook pros but pretty good. It says: 'Replace soon' but it's been saying that since the cycle count reached 450.

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    • Written by from Calgary

    These batteries are terrible. I'm replacing mine every few months! I haven't been able to get more than 75 full charge cycles before they stop holding a charge. Is Apple selling me a cheap knock-off?!

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    Terrible Battery

    • Written by from Bursa

    Battery dies very quickly

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    batteries dont last

    • Written by from Largo

    I've had my laptop since may 2008. I always allow full charge then full drain as recommended. Now my computer will just shut off at anwhere from 20-45% battery life for now apparent reason and wont turn back on until it has been charging for a little while. I would understand if it got to under 15% or if it at least would display the message saying it is about to shut off but it doesnt. it is becoming extremely frustrating especially when in the middle of a report and it shuts off forcing me to startover. I will be getting a replacement aftermarket battery as the factory ones DO NOT LAST.

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    Decent performance

    • Written by from OXFORD

    I've had my MacBook Pro since February 2007 and I have all the original parts (including the battery). I power cycled as suggested and after almost 4 years, I still have 50% battery life remaining in it. I started with 5-6 hours and I am now down to 1-2 hours usage on it. I'll eventually replace the battery and continue power cycling. My only complaint is the memory within these batteries. I have always found that feature to be a problem in ALL batteries with it. If Apple offered a replacement without that, I'd use it.

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    Horrible battery

    • Written by from San Francisco

    This is the second original Apple battery I have had in less than 3 years. The first battery I had lasted under two years and about 400 cycles. At it's best, it gave me a little over two hours of battery life. The next battery lasted one year and one day (and less than 100 cycles). I contacted Mac and they said that since it was beyond one year they wouldn't replace it (I'd complained earlier that the battery was defective as I never got more than an hour and a half of battery life). Piece of ****... getting an imitation now for half price and hoping for the best. No more Mac products for me.

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    very disappointed

    • Written by from Smyrna

    I am a big fan of pretty much anything Apple puts out except this battery. I have cycled it, and followed all the tips I could find out there. I am on battery number three in four years so I guess I should be happy compared to other posts? Apple needs to ditch these Sony batteries and find a better quality product. Its almost enough frustration to not buy another macbookpro. Almost.

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    Max life for you MBP 15

    • Written by from WESTON

    To keep your battery life at its best, charged it to the fullest and used it until your computer runs on reserver battery when there is no ac plug-in around, then charged it to the fullest. If you're going to used the battery make sure you drain it then charged it back. If you're around ac plug-in, take the battery out of your MBP, THEN PLUG IN THE AC ADAPTOR, therefore the batter is out of the picture, and your battery will perform at its best with very low cycle. IT WORKS! There is no need to used the battery or leaving it attached to your computer when you are around the ac plug-in. Never charged it @90,80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10 % Always charged it @ 0%. Follow these steps and you will be happy with your battery and your MacbookPro.

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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Absolutely the worse battery I ever seen I have 8 of them six got bad very fast!

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    Not Typical to Apple Standards

    • Written by from Warren

    Even following the battery maintenance schedule, the battery will claim to provide 4 to 5 hours. But this is only true if you turn on the computer and leave it alone. Using your computer will reduce your battery life to maybe 2 hours tops, a solid 90 minutes for sure.

    I love my Macbook Pro but it is time for a new laptop and I am having second thoughts purchasing another Mac. I alway find myself envious of PC Laptops working for hours on their laptops while I am searching for a power outlet.

    Horrible Battery, are you kidding; asking $129 for a under performer.

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    • Written by from DeBary

    These batteries are horrible. I cycle the batteries religiously and I get about 9 months out of them before I am down to around 1 - 1.5 hours of time. Unfortunately the aftermarket ones are not much better. I am happy Apple has invested in their battery technology because these things stink and they are very expensive.

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    Batteries are not very good.

    • Written by from San Diego

    I am now on my third battery in so many years. I think it is real stupid that Apple has chosen to make batteries on their new computers built-in. They are so unreliable the computer will be in the shop getting a new battery again and again and again.

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    mixed blessing

    • Written by

    The battery gets very hot. It doesn't last long. I'm spoiled because this computer replaced my old MacBook and the battery on that one always got me through a full day of discontinuous use. I'm on my 3rd battery in 4 years and it's good for about 1 minute at a time. Love my computer, but sorry to be buying a fourth battery already. I've checked around on line and perhaps if I am diligent about exercising the battery this next one will last a little longer.

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    4th battery in 4 years

    • Written by from Victorville

    First battery died after a year. Replaced under Applecare. I had about 130 cycles. 2nd battery died another year later with only 44 cycles. Warranty denied since I didn't have the extended Applecare, so had a choice on 90-day warranty for $99 or a standard retail new battery for $129 with a year warranty. This one is dead another year later with about 50 cycles. At least this one will be a warranty. Thankfully I didn't take the offer to save that $30.

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    Dont buy Original Battery

    • Written by from Houston

    I just bought original battery for 15" MacBook pro ,battery life is no longer than 2 hours, i think waste of money better to buy 2 compatible batteries for better price.

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    They changed their batteries for a reason

    • Written by from Southington

    This battery isn't the best, but it sure does work. I have had my 15" macbook pro for over four years and i've only had to replace the battery twice. If that seems like too much, it's not. I'm just pretty demanding from my laptop. My latest battery is at 413 cycles, well over the amount it is rated for, and it still lasts almost 1-2 hours.

    My only wish is that they would drop the price, even though 129$ every two years is definitely not the worst. It is much better than buying a new computer every two years.

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    not too good not too bad

    • Written by from Lewisville

    Read on the web these batteries chemistry has an average effective period of ~2 years, and that's exactly when my battery started deteriorating rapidly. it's almost 4 years old now, hold charge for about 5-10 mins. Battery indicator has become useless, the MBP shut down when it shows 60% remaining; plug in the charger and reboot, it then shows 0% and charging.

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