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    Cycle and Airflow

    • Written by from Wayne

    I get very good battery life considering all the work I do on my Macbook Pro. But I DO Cycle my battery once a week, which is letting your battery go down to basically 1 or 2%, and then plugging in your laptop until it is fully charged. This WILL extend the life and use of your battery. I didn't do it with my last Mac and paid the price with more batteries. So far, over a year and this one is working great. BUT one thing is the heat that is generated with the Macs. As great as they are, I had burnt out my memory in my first Powerbook because of the heat. Since then I use a Targus 17 inch cooling pad, and I haven't had a problem since. You've got to keep your computer as cool as possible. So Cycle and keep cool... you'll be happy!

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    Misunderstandings about battery life

    • Written by from Oak Creek

    It seems most of these reviews are useless. It really depends on charge cycles. The analogy I'd use is it's like tires. If you put 80,000 miles on your car in one year do you complain your tires didn't last more than a year? No you just buy new tires. Same thing with batteries. If you go through 300-400 charge cycles in a year of course your battery isn't going to last long.

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    3 Years later =(

    • Written by from Milton

    I followed the cycling instructions that came with my computer and the battery is just now needing to be replaced, three years later. =) So not a bad product, just expensive when it needs to be replaced =/

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    Expesive, but works well

    • Written by from Akron

    I am happy with my purchase - I had to order a battery after my original laptop battery hit 300 cycles (1 1/2 years) and it's life did not last long. I ordered a new one because I am a student and I need my MBP to be portable.

    I would say that this battery is as good as the other battery, IF you properly take care of it. It's not just about the cycling. DON'T leave your power cord plugged in when your laptop is off and it's fully charged! Only when you're actually working on it. That will just ruin your battery.

    After 1 1/2 years of cycling almost every day or a few times a week, and never leaving the power cord in when it's not needed, my battery was still at about 4 hours, even with the Internet, but diminished after it's 300th cycle.

    Testing out this product, I am happy with it, but wish that we could get an 8-hour battery for our older MBP's. Mine replacement is lasting me 4-5 hours using the Internet and adjusting settings for better battery usage.

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    Mac Book Pro Battery Life

    • Written by from Calgary

    My battery is 21 months old. It currently provides ~2 hours of power while running 4+ applications or the DVD player. In terms of cycling, I have not applied any particular regime; I plug-in whenever I can. The unit has performed flawlessly over 2 field seasons in a remote area of northern Tanzania, but perhaps my machine has been the exception to the rule.

    This review is not to promote the battery, rather it is to indicate that the inconsistent performances among our batteries suggests that Apple has had an issue with consistent quality. While Apple tends to produce superior machines, customer support remains wanting. I hope this discourse assists Apple in acknowledging a problem with battery performance, and that these issues are resolved.

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    East Bound and down...still truckin'

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    I have an mbp that I bought in July of '07. My battery has been through a lot of abuse and has run over 500 cycles. Unfortunately, the batter life was so spectacular when I first got it that it never crossed my mind to 'reset' or cycle my battery once a week (or month for that matter). I was STILL getting 3.5 hours out of it running resource hogs! I must say, that as long as I'm not taxing resources too much (lower brightness, quit un-needed applications, keyboard illum, etc.), that I STILL get 2 hours out of this battery.

    That being said, I'm going to do better to cycle my battery from now on. At $129, it does make better sense to stroke your battery just right but, that's an awful lot for a replacement.

    All-in-all, I get compliments all the time on my battery life.

    "You can have my mbp when you pry it from my cold, dead hands." — Me

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    I agree

    • Written by from Marietta

    Something is obviously going on with the way you are using you batteries. My battery's health is at 80% after 410 cycles, and it still lasts a while.

    Almost all of my friends have killed either their battery or whatever hardware is in charge of power management by using the incorrect charger on their computer. If your friend also has a mac, do not use his charger unless it is the same wattage as your own. You will regret it.

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    you're doing it wrong.

    • Written by from Castlemore

    something is CLEARLY wrong with how you're USING your macbook pro. i'm at 326 cycles and i only JUST hit 78%. its not the battery. the battery works fine. i still get 4 hours out of my computer. stop misusing it.

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    Mac Book Pro 15 inch

    • Written by from Merritt Island

    Just to let reader know I purchased my Mac Book Pro Thanksgiving 2007 and I still have the original battery and on a full charge I get 2.5 to 3 hours before the battery dies. I have used this computer everyday for several hours and have run the battery to empty many times. With another Apple product my iPhone bought in 2008, Apple exchanged the phone because the battery life was only 2 hours, now I can go all day on standby with more than 2 hours talk time. So even great companies produce defective items every once in a while. I hope this helped.

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    It's a decent battery with the lifespan of about 1 year +

    • Written by from West Lafayette

    This battery would have lasted me longer if I didn't install Snow Leopard on it when it was half charged, beside the point you should cycle your battery at least once a week (I find it best to do it Saturday night, just let the battery drain then plug it in Sunday morning and your good to go.)

    If taken care of properly, it can last you a VERY LONG TIME!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    It has worked well for me.

    • Written by from SPRINGFIELD

    I have had my MacBook Pro for almost 18 months now and the battery has worked well for me.However the battery does not last as long as I would like. I think Apple exagerated a bit on the its life.

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    Battery Life is what I expected

    • Written by from Mexico

    I have used laptops since the Intel 486 days, and I expect these batteries to quit after a couple of years. My Macbook Pro is no exception. Little over 2 years old and the battery failed. Same thing with my iBook G4 - battery failed after 2 years. I have replaced the batteries on the following after a similar (or shorter) time period: iBook G4, Thinkpad X, Thinkpad 600E, Thinkpad (x486) Toshiba Satellite.

    I have 432 cycles on my battery, and I use this machine, and unplug it often to work. It was all I expected. However, some day perhaps they will go longer, but I don't know how they can make them last 10 years, especially given the fact that we require more processing power.

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    Dim your screen, unplug the adapter

    • Written by from West Jordan

    Dim your screen, save power, battery lasts longer. Apple displays are EXTRA bright. Dim it down a bit and it's still a beautiful display.

    Don't leave your computer plugged into the adapter all day, every day, and expect your battery to be unaffected. They last longer when the ions are moving around.

    My computer has been on for 2 years straight (seriously, I've never shut it down, only restarts). I go through about 2 charges a day and just now my battery is starting to wear out (though I can still get 2.5 hours, compared the 3.5 I was getting when I first got it, so it's not dead yet).

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    Great Battery

    • Written by from Vancouver

    The battery has lasted me for a full 3 years. The capacity is now at 38% designed capacity. I could see that with heavy use the battery would have been in this state in 1 1/2 Years. This seems comparable to IBM batteries I have had in IBM ThinkPad T60P. (which i have also had for almost 2 years and has just failed completely).

    The Apple Battery is expensive, but the laptop cost $3200. so it's minimal compared to that. Let's hope the new battery technologies improve battery life span. it's not just Apple, but all vendors with Hg free Li-on batteries have these issues.The batteries internally are all made by the same manufacturer in any case i.e Sony etc...

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    Three Years

    • Written by from Wilmore

    I purchased my MacBook Pro almost three years ago and am just now having any battery issues. Now it will only hold a charge for about an hour. I think three years on one battery is pretty good. The battery on my PC laptop before this didn't last that long.

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    Battery finally died

    • Written by from Grass Valley

    I just read all the reviews because I have to buy a new battery for my MacPro. I bought my laptop back in 2006 and it just died. I think it's lasted a long time. My only problem with the battery is I think it gets extremely hot. My husband's PC doesn't get hot at all but his laptop doesn't hold a candle to mine. I hope Apple can fix figure out how to cool down the battery.

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    a little hot but still going strong

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    The reviews all seem to be a little over wrought but I have been an obsessive cycler and still have "88%" health after nearly a year + and 158 cycles. I do make a point of cycling through the charge. I still get at least 2 full hours of a movie and sometime use this to determine the actual endurance of the battery. This thing does get notably hot and Apple should address this.
    I am quite satisfied with this product and would buy it again. I will be buying another battery for a trans-pacific trip and will crab about the new one if it has problems.

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    battery life as advertised

    • Written by from Lake Oswego

    Works great, I have never needed to think about it.

    I have had my 15" MacBook Pro for 1.5 years. The battery claims to have been cycled 92 times and still provides 5100 mAh of battery capacity. I have not been particularly careful of how I cycle the battery. Most of the time the laptop is plugged in. When the battery is used it is usually a fairly shallow discharge before returning to the wall. It has been drained completely several times.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Wildomar

    The battery life all depends on what you use it for, I've had mine for over a year and I haven't had any problems with it, ya it goes down after a while but thats natural, and I keep mine plugged in pretty much all the time, battery issues are not a good enough reason to get a different brand of laptop, the main reason to get a Mac of any kind is because they are the most reliable computers they have less then half the issues PC's have. Back to battery usually watching a movie will give you about 2-3 hrs, at school typing notes maybe 3-4 hours, playing Sims only about 1 hr. The cycling thing is good, I can agree with it but I would suggest if your using it constantly during the day let it die while you sleep. Hope this helps! :)

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    For its size and life I would say it is a decent battery

    • Written by from Stoney Creek

    Most PC based battery last much longer now-a-days, but you pay the price of weight that come with the monster battery. If you want your MBP battery to have a good long life, it is plain and simple logic. When the laptop is done charging take it off the power cord, if you don't you will kill the battery in a short period of time. If you notice big drop in the health, then calibrate the battery and you will see improvement. Best advice, educate yourself about your MBP and your battery and you will be a happy MBP user.

    146 Cycles
    91% Health
    2 - 3 hours use depending on software/hardware demand

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