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    Not the Best

    • Written by from CHAGRIN FALLS

    I got my MacBook Pro in April of 2008, and had no problems with my battery until about September of last year when the Service Battery symbol started to appear in the battery area of the toolbar. I bought a new battery and it has lasted great until now. The service battery symbol is showing up again, which is ridiculous. I cycle the battery everyday and new charge the battery unless it's dead - upon direction of an Apple representative. I don't have the money to keep on replacing these batteries. I wish I would have just waited for the new Macs to come out with their much better batteries.

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    BEWARE: Bulging battery caused trackpad failure

    • Written by from Fayetteville

    I purchased a used MacBook last year that I absolutely love. Recently, I noticed the clicker button on the trackpad was not working. I googled and found out that taking the battery out may fix the problem; however, then you have no backup battery. Indeed, this made my trackpad work again. Upon calling Apple, I learned that if your battery is considered consumed (over 300 cycles) the battery may begin to bulge and separate causing the trackpad to not work. Unfortunately, at this point, I couldn't even check the cycle time, because the battery was bulging too badly for me to reinstall to check.

    Per the very nice Apple Service Technician, I purchased a replacement battery. I received it today and my trackpad works perfectly.

    Moral to the story: From time to time, you should check your cycle count to see if your battery is getting close to being considered consumed. I had not been doing this because my battery seemed to hold a charge for several hours. I hope to enjoy my MacBook Pro for many more years!

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    Computer keeps shutting off

    • Written by from San Diego

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 15 months & love it. Until recently I would use it without AC & only hook up when I was low. Now, my computer will just shut off randomly even when there is adequate battery power. Does this sound like a battery problem? I will be in the Apple store tomorrow for my class & will see what they think.

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    Not So Bad

    • Written by from Swainsboro

    I was, too, very upset at how my battery life has decreased to <4 mins. However, I've had my Mac Book Pro since Summer 2008. My battery has lasted far past the 350 charges guaranteed by Mac. Plus, I kind of abused my battery usage.
    I'm about to order my second battery and I plan to try the "cycling" technique. I was doing this in the beginning but I soon became lazy with it. Therefore, I would recommend you just be watchful of your use. Don't over charge. Don't recharge until it is absolutely necessary (battery in red or computer shuts off).
    I know this requires more care than an ordinary computer, but Mac is not ordinary.

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    good so far

    • Written by from Peterborough

    I'm having a MBpro (spring 2008) and it is still running with its original battery.
    The battery has now over 440 cycles and still gives me over 3hrs when fully charged.
    Though, this is just about half the load it could hold when it was new (6hrs). Guess I'm facing a swap to be made soon, but since I'm not using this MBpro for traveling, I can wait a little longer.

    Bottom line, 3 years, >440 cycles, not bad for a laptop battery. Mine also doesn't get extensively warm and it did not deform at all. Hope I have similar luck with the next battery.

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    2007 15" macbook pro battery

    • Written by from New York

    Summer 2007 15 inch MBP. I love this computer but dislike the battery. The first one died within ten months and the second one nine months after that. On the third one which is holding charge well as of five months of average usage. Always followed cycling recommendations (more or less). Poor battery but decent Apple support (no charge for the two replacements). Highly recommend extended warranty. Currently own two last gen MBP 13" with better batt life. Going to buy a new MBP 15" even though the reviews for the battery are pretty much the same (poor to mediocre) as the last gen. Suspicious of the five star rating reviews but better than one star.

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    • Written by from Elysburg

    I myself am an apple fan. I was reading all of these reports of terrible batteries and I was quite shocked. Except, when I kept going down the list, I read threats. Now, people should settle down, it is not Apple's fault. It is Sony's fault. When they went to seal the battery, they did not do it correctly, or something like that. So, before you go complaining to Apple, get all, not most, of the details!!!

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    Battery Issues Macbook Pro Internal Mounted non user replaceable

    • Written by from McDonald's Corners

    Great product - lost a 2 stars due to battery only.

    I have three issues with users being responsible to use their batteries. I am pretty mad as to how it is working now. I have changed my usage patterns recently only to discover that my Macbook Pro is pretty much useless as a traveling system. Originally I travelled with it frequently - but for about 9 months it has been used as a 'workstation', recently that changed again and now I am trying to be portable with it- and have had a nasty shock - down to less than an hour usage just doing typing.

    1. If there are issues with batteries decaying why are they now 'built in'. Terrible design discussion to make them look nice but not at all functional - unless the design was/is bulletproof.

    2. Why does the hardware/system not automatically discharge the batteries periodically if it has ben tethered in to maintain a proper working battery- this could easily be a system setting that happens overnight etc. with a suspend feature so that it does not happen in inconvenient times. It is inconceivable that Apple does not have this in the system - it is like having a card that does not bother to have an oil warning light for the engine or maybe more appropriate a gas gauge.

    3. Huge warning labels on the packaging about this issue. I did not realize it to be a problem as I had replace a macbook that this did not seem to be an issue with (and one that at least I could get a battery replaced easily). I just opened it up and got using it - just like in the ads. My fault I suppose for not fully ready about the battery.

    Other than that a great laptop but a very glaring problem for something that is portable. Apple products should not have this issue by now.

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    good computer bad battery life.

    • Written by from Bowling Green

    i love my macbook pro ive never been more satisfied with a computer but the battery for it is not that outstanding. I have had my mac for 1 and a half years and cycle the battery but it wont even last 1 hour and 45 minutes any more. over all it is just normal battery nothing outstanding about this product.

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    bad battery

    • Written by from moundsville

    Yeah, the battery life isn't great. I have had my Mac for about 19 months and have noticed a significant change in battery performance over the past 3 months. I'll trade this slight inconvenience for superior performance of fabulous machine. I could not be more pleased with my computer... purchasing a battery seems trivial in comparison to the utility my Mac provides.

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    • Written by from Vancouver

    I have no idea how this thing can squeeze out 4 hours. I've never had anything over 3 hrs and 15 minutes, and thast' when all the applications are turned off. When i run anything, ONE thing, the battery life indicator immediately jumps down to 3 hrs. If i play Warcraft3 it goes down to 1hr 47 min. -_- What apple needs is a longerlasting battery and replace all the MBP ones for free :D

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    battery not the best, but far from worst.

    • Written by from Calgary

    i have had my macbook pro for a year and half and just now am i finding that i am down to an hour and a half of battery left. i have had 240 cycles on it and it is at 53% health. i am going to buy another one as i travel quite a bit and need my MBP. hope it does the same.

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    Good Battery But needs to be babied

    • Written by

    I have had my macbook pro for over two years now and I have recently needed to change the battery. This is by far the best laptop battery I have experience. I am impressed at the sheer length of the battery life even when I am running intense applications such as the adobe suite
    I am away from my desk more often than not and I love having a battery that will not cut out halfway through a task.
    I am not impressed with the documentation that came with both the new battery and the laptop iteself. I had to figure out from experience with other laptops the best ways to keep the battery going as long as it did. Also the amount of recharge cycles that this battery can sustain is significantly lower than those of other laptops I have used.

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    OK but expected more

    • Written by from Thrall

    Only get about 2.5 hours of normal use (airport, and not bluetooth). I am using the 2.16 GHz, 2GTB ram and the 7200 rpm HD. I have read that others get 3 to 5 hours but I can not get that with my config.

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    The old ones was better

    • Written by from São Paulo

    The battery that comes with my MacBook pro 15.4" early 2008 is with 290 battery cycles. And also working. But the charge does work only for one work hour.

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    15" MBP Battery can't make up its mind

    • Written by from Warner Robins

    My MBP battery is at 227 cycles and does (now) still charge to 97% . It did NOT used to do this. It started showing "service battery" AFTER i started cycling it every few weeks per my owners manual and the 40 minute run time was making it about useless as a laptop, HOWEVER since i started using it at home in "clamshell" on my TV, leaving it plugged in all the time and being very careful what’s running when using it on battery it seems to have "fixed" itself. Since i've started leaving it plugged in clamshelled and having it start itself, i never have to open it or touch it so long as it's at home. The battery is now charged to 97% the status page in profiler says charged & "not charging" status is "normal" (note it used to say "service battery") and on the odd occasion i use it as a laptop it seems to go for between 3 & 4 hours? What happened? I have the "usual" dim charger light as well as all the other symptoms everyone seems to complain about, then why is my battery lasting so much longer? To start with delete FLASH, evaluate all non apple apps and look closely at what you have running in the background. then please read the thoughts-on-flash posted by Mr. Jobs. perhaps some of the issues MIGHT be mitigated if people would be more conscious of the processor usage, hard drive status and display brightness.For me anyway turning off/ sleeping unused resources. WiFI & Bluetooth appeared to make a tremendous difference. So much so, that I am no longer considering replacing my battery at 227 cycles especially considering the fact that now it shows as "normal". I can't fully explain it but i'm not one to complain about a happy mystery either. I hope this helps.

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    Prolonged use has killed my battery.

    • Written by from Winnetka

    I've have this laptop and battery for 2 years now. I use it all the time as a computer and as an alarm to get up. I'm in a major in college that requires us to use a laptop all the time and I currently have 509 cycles on the battery. It gets extremely hot, and when it is not plugged in it only has a life of 32 minutes!!!

    I'm really reluctant to buy a new battery for this thing and just ride out the life until im out of school in two more years. After that I'll probably switch to a PC since I need windows for a lot of programs in my profession.

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    • Written by from POTRERO

    OH MY, THIS IS NOT GOOD.. GOT MY MACBOOK PRO IN MARCH 07 AND BEEN USING IT SINCE WITH A LOT OF CARE EVERY DAY, I DO USE IT ALMOST 24/7, AND NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH IT ... TILL NOW. last week i started to notice the battery growing from the inside... it looks really bad, to the point where you have to keep it connected to the charger or else it wont even last for 10 mins with a 100% status of charge. expect this to happen to yours if you use it every day for about 12 hrs or more, talking about if you use it as your working tool. well i guess 2 and half years of battery life isn't so bad.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    37 Months usage, 600 cycles, and 57% health

    • Written by from Surabaya

    I used my MacBook Pro for 3 years since march 2006. The battery now could last for 1-2 hours usage. By my view this macbook pro's battery is good and have good durability.

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    • Written by from HOMESTEAD

    I've had two so far and will need to get a third soon. I've never seen a lithium battery die so fast and loose it's charge so quickly. The batter started out at 5500mahs at full capacity, now the max it can be charged to is around 1500mahs. I don't understand how such a great company consistently puts out horrible merchandise

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