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    • Written by from Prince George

    Unfortunately I'm about to purchase my 3rd battery. The first lasted about 2 years...the second about a year...but 126.00 is too much for an item that isn't very high performing.

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    Bad Apple

    • Written by from Tamarac

    I am so not happy with this battery. I bought my MacBook Pro and the battery lasted 2 years. In June of 2009 I bought a new battery, this one, and its now 11 months later and it is already diminishing. I'd expect Apple to have a better battery product and I was wrong. At $129 it should have lasted a lot longer.

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    Not worth the price

    • Written by from Orlando

    I'm on my 3rd battery now, and already getting the "service battery" message.

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    But what choice do I have?

    • Written by from Huntington Beach

    Yeah, there is a problem with these batteries. I've had 2 replaced under warranty in the last 18 months but now the warranty is expired and I'll have to shell out the cash or always be plugged in. Your credit card issuer MAY offer to extend the 12 month warranty if you purchase a NEW battery. Thats my plan, at least I know I'm good for another 24 months for $130. Not the best, but gotta make it work!
    Cycling the battery will help make it last, try to do that.

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    Awful battery life

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    This is my second Mac. I had a Powerbook G4 for 6 years before I had my MacBook Pro, and I NEVER had to replace the battery.
    Now with my MBP, which I bought two years ago, I have to replace the battery once a year. Yes, twice so far. My battery will last about an hour if I'm lucky, and it can't be calibrated anymore, so when it says I have an hour left on it, it shuts down without any sort of warning.
    Come on, Apple, get your act together.

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    • Written by from Rowlett

    The batteries are WAY too expensive for the length of life that they provide, even with cycling the battery the performance and the overall life of them are disappointing. Apple makes a great computer, but a lousy battery.

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    mixed blessing

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    The battery gets very hot. It doesn't last long. I'm spoiled because this computer replaced my old MacBook and the battery on that one always got me through a full day of discontinuous use. I'm on my 3rd battery in 4 years and it's good for about 1 minute at a time. Love my computer, but sorry to be buying a fourth battery already. I've checked around on line and perhaps if I am diligent about exercising the battery this next one will last a little longer.

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    Wow, what a let down.

    • Written by from St. Lawrence

    I love my MacBook Pro, but the battery is terrible.
    Sure they fixed that in the new models from what I can tell,
    but that doesn't help any of us poor saps that have the older model.
    I have only gotten 75 cycles and the batter is failing fast,
    I wish Apple would do something for the people who have been supporting them before they made the fix.

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    • Written by from Philadelphia

    These batteries fade quickly, get hot, and don't hold enough charge even when there brand new, ive had my MBP for 3 years and im about to buy my third battery, my current one doesn't even recharge anymore, i have a stationary laptop...

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    • Written by from tucson

    got my macbook pro may 2008, october of 2009 my battery does not work anymore

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    poor quality lasting shorter and shorter

    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    I have owned a macbook pro 15 inch for 16 months. Perviously I owned a titanium (pervious generation). My battery now lasts 70-80 minutes, my titanium laptop battery lasts 150-180 minutes. Why does a newer product last less? aren't they improving quality not removing it? If it gets worse I will complain, are there any forums out there where other macbook owners express similar problems?

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    Not up to snuff

    • Written by from Highland Park

    I doubt that there's anything Apple could do, and I know that everyone is looking hard for better battery technology, but these are just not very decent energy storage devices. Initially, they're capacity is acceptable, considering the amount of power the machines require. But it is extremely frustrating that my replacement battery is now lasting about 60% as long as it did when it was new, less than six months ago. For the amount of money they charge for these, I would expect more long-term longevity.

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    Battery Explodes

    • Written by from Ellensburg

    My battery died a few months back, but I kept it plugged in to keep power as my mac is what I use to make a living. While working, my power cord got unplugged... I plugged it back in, and to my surprise my computer would not boot back up. I turn my computer over, and my battery had EXPLODED!!! It had doubled it's size.. and miraculously at the same exact time my hard drive had failed. Out of warranty and out of luck! After spending the nearly $400 to fix my hard drive I am reluctant to buy a battery for $140.

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    • Written by from Palm Desert

    After a year of use, the battery started overheating and the computer quitted when
    showed 31% of charge.............and keep doing the same afterwards.

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    Same story (disappointment)

    • Written by

    My story is almost exactly the same, as "LZ from Lansing" described: I bought MacBook Pro in Spring 2007, replaced battery in December 2010, and since last week or in 7 month since purchase it's no longer rechargeable. 144 cycles doesn't seem a big number to die. Now I'm puzzling whether it's reasonable to continue using this Mac as the maintenance costs $159+13%HST every few months for new batteries look high. Nevertheless, it would be great to hear information about improvements in reliability of this type of batteries. Even though the computer purchased in 2007, price paid at that time was almost twice more than for the current MacBook Pros. I understand that business is business, but respect to the "veterans" would be appreciated :)

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    Shuts down with no warnings

    • Written by from Vancouver

    I bought my macbook pro over a year ago and now battery shuts down within 15 mins of use with no warnings eventhough batter life indicator is showing 100%.

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    Cannot Recommend

    • Written by from Lake Forest

    How can I recommend this battery? I have had the battery that came with my Macbook Pro for only a year, and the battery is already giving me an alert that it needs to be replaced. The laptop does not hold nearly the charge it did when it was new, maybe 40% of its initial capacity. I do not subject the battery to inordinate stress, and I cycle it regularly. I use the laptop the way I imagine most users do, and as such, the performance of this battery has been unacceptable. This is simply not worth what Apple is charging for such an inferior product.

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    nothing new to add...

    • Written by from Seattle

    I got better quality life over its relatively short lifespan by power cycling. The first 200 cycles I got fairly decent length of time in-between charges (2+ hours). But streaming or any video-intense apps tend to heat things up, even when I put the laptop on a cool surface. This seems to accelerate the deterioration, which was fast this time around.

    Time to get a new one.

    Thought of the day: think if car batteries were held to the same industrial standards...

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    Worst part of my Mac

    • Written by from Nashville

    I love my computer, but the battery is horrible! It has barely lasted over a year... They should either extend their warranty, or LOWER the ridiculous price-tag for these things.

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    max : 2 hours

    • Written by from Quebec

    The second battery in 18 months for my 15MacBookpro. The new one is not better than the original one. Maximum two hours of use, even with the minimum of applications runing. But there is no other choice.... the MacBookPro is the best. The battery, the worst.

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