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    A lemon

    • Written by from Sycamore

    I have only had this battery for a month and it is down to 90% original capacity with 20 cycles. My original has 511 cycles and is at 60% health- I got it five years ago. Returning this junk for a replacement. Seems like Apple only sees $$ anymore its a shame they used to be an awesome innovative company ;_;.

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    Buying a brand name battery isn't helping

    • Written by from Pennington

    I bought the Apple replacement battery thinking it would be a better value than the cheaper alternatives. Wow. What is going on with these? I'm back to using the original Mac battery because my "new" replacement is dead. Will try a cheaper one from eBay, but that's not want I wanted to do.

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    • Written by from San Diego

    I've been using Apple laptops since the days of the Wallstreet,
    I have owned every model of laptop since then. I can say that Apple's batteries have gotten worse with time, I had problems with the Powerbook batteries before, but the ones for the Mac Book Pro's are a joke. The wear out so quick, and now my machine started to just shut off without warning.

    So disappointed!

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    Apple's One Flaw - HORRIBLE BATTERIES!

    • Written by from Las Vegas

    Bought two original Apple A1175 batteries. Both had about half the charge life as was advertised, and both completely died (unrechargable) after fewer than 30 recharges.

    Apple, for such a great, innovative company, how are you not ashamed of your batteries?

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    More Battery Problems

    • Written by from Seattle

    Bought the 15" macbook pro when first released in Feb 2006. Good battery for 8 months. Now--exactly like reported elsewhere on this site(!)--the battery will not hold a charge and computer spontaneously shuts down after a few minutes on a full charge, then registers empty after restart with the power adapter. Apple better figure this out pronto!

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    Go with the cheap third-party batteries on eBay

    • Written by from Belleville

    After going through two of these batteries, the original and an official replacement battery, it's clear that they're poorly made. Even if you follow all of Apple's recommended procedures for battery care they'll still die far sooner than they should.

    For the price, you could buy three batteries from eBay - and they'd still last longer than Apple's version.

    I love Apple products, but these batteries (and the fact that they've never been improved) show that even Apple are far from perfect.

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    Disappointing new battery

    • Written by from Santa Clarita

    I am a loyal Apple consumer, love my macbook pro to death! BUT, I just bought this ridiculously overpriced battery, charged it once and after that kept getting the "not charging" next to the indicator. After reading up on forums regarding this surprisingly common issue, I shut down, took out battery & power cord several times for this brand new battery to recharge on it's 2nd cycle. Alas it did but again, starting up with the problem on the "not charging" indicator....With this price, Apple needs to value it's customer quality assurance & seriously fix this $129 + tax problem!!

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    This is seriously a problem

    • Written by from istanbul

    My macbook pro haven't finished its second year, yet I'm buying the third battery. My battery is in its 80th cycle now and the health is %16.
    The most damaging thing I did was actually calibrating the battery. At the first calibration it went to %50. Then at the second one, it went to somewhere around %20. This should have supposed to help the battery, not kill it gradually.
    Right now it's not even giving a warning before getting completely dry and shutting everything off. I could have given a 0 rating if I could.

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    Macbook Pro 15-inch battery is Terrible!

    • Written by from Elmira

    The battery in my Macbook Pro 15-inch died 1 month before its first birthday. I am very unhappy. I don't understand why Apple doesn't redesign this battery

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    What the heck - battery life?

    • Written by from Deltona

    This is my fourth battery! After about 3 months I start to see degradation in the time in will provide power. It gets so bad that I can watch the battery life drain out at rate of about 1 percent every 10-15 seconds. After about 20 minutes - shutdown. What's the purpose of having a laptop if you must stay plugged in? Common Apple, fix this.

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    Really Apple?

    • Written by from San Marcos

    I find it completely silly that I am having to buy a new battery after less than two years with my computer. Apple, you really should get a clue...
    I've had lots of rechargeable electronics in my lifetime, including other laptops, and never this severe of a battery problem. Maybe I don't use the battery perfectly, but I am no idiot. There is no reason I should be requesting a battery for a Christmas gift. Apple has really dropped the ball here.
    I would urge everyone to NOT buy a replacement battery from Apple. Go to an outside source. You can find the same product MUCH cheaper.

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    poor battery usage

    • Written by from Aurora

    I've had my mac pro for about a year, I cycle my battery at least once a week and have been doing so for most of the life of the computer. I have been frugal with the power saving features and do not crank everything at full brightness, etc... frequently (although that shouldn't matter if the battery had been engineered efficiently).

    My battery now last for maybe an hour, whereas it lasted for about 3-3.5 hours for the first 8 months I owned it. I do use my computer frequently, and I love the graphics of my mac pro compared to my PC - but Apple seriously needs to do something about the mac pro battery.

    I really hope the marketing & sales managers read these forums, and realize that most of its customers are not happy with the battery life they are getting out of these highly-priced pieces of equipment. I'm happy that Apple is trying to be socially correct by spending so much money on advertising about making "greener" computers, but please don't go so green that you resolve to making poorly designed, inefficient pieces of equipment. Maybe Apple's next ad campaign could talk about how consumers will start to see longer lasting usage from their equipment between battery charges.

    The sales & marketing divisions should realize that manufacturing equipment with low utility and lifespan isn't the best way to increase long-term revenues and profits for the company. This may sound insane, but if Apple doesn't start acknowledging the problems with their inefficient equipment and take greater measures to fix them... I'll consider buying another PC and lobby with every mac user I know to do the same thing. I like the Apple brand, and the Gucci features, but I also like to get the most for my money as a consumer, and so far overall... I'm not completely impressed.

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    Horrendous Battery!

    • Written by from Miami

    Battery life decreased 15% the first month, and now it is signaling for me to purchase another one? I hardly even use this computer, I've had it for only one year. Extremely disappointed, PC's hardly have this issue.

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    2 years 1 hour.

    • Written by from baltimore

    Yup. It does not matter how often you cycle the battery it dies after 2 years. This is my third mac and my second bad battery situation. Right now I am very lucky if I get 1 hour of battery life out of it. Apple makes too much money to allow this to continue.

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    Swollen battery

    • Written by from Edmundston

    I have 5 macs in my house, and this is the first time I'm having problems with a Mac... Everything was OK with my Mac Book Pro battery, but suddenly, it swelled up really bad, and it is completely not usable anymore!!! Since my AppleCare Plan expired a few months ago, I have to buy another battery, and I think it is frustrating, because Apple knows that they have mojor problems with those batteries!!! The replacement battery should be free of charge!

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    The weak link

    • Written by from Carmel

    Original battery (from 2006) lasted until Fall of 2009. I then was forced to get a replacement battery, yet it has only lasted a little over one year.

    THE PROBLEM: These are lithium-ion batteries. Apple needs to go with the better (albeit heavier) Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH).

    One year of use, no matter how many "cycles" is ridiculous. For such a great product as the MacBook Pro, it should have a battery that meets or exceeds the competition.

    It simply does not.

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    Less than 2 year life

    • Written by from Oakland

    I've taken good care of this battery, conditioned it regualary etc. and after having it for about a year and a half it gets only about 20-30 min. of life. They have about a 2 year life before they're next to useless.

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    • Written by from Shallow Lake

    I bought my MacBook Pro in August of '06. A little while ago, my battery life started dropping almost exponentially.

    Apparently, what apple does not tell you when you buy the computer or the battery is that you can expect a maximum of 300 cycles. Now, if you're a student like me, you use your laptop AS A LAPTOP almost every day. Or if you were someone who travels for work and can't often get corded power for your computer.

    Basically, if you use your laptop AS A BATTERY-POWERED LAPTOP regularly? Expect a MAXIMUM of a year for your laptop to be usable as such.

    Basically, I have the most expensive semi-portable desktop on the planet now. I'm not too pleased. After 300 cycles it is not covered by your apple care plan, so don't even bother calling them, except to see if there MIGHT have been a recall.

    If you use your laptop regularly, make sure you can afford a new battery at LEAST once per year. If you're like me and can't afford this, then don't bother buying the laptop.

    If anyone had told me about this issue, I would have bought a mac desktop and bought a cheap laptop elsewhere, saving me money.

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    Do a better job!

    • Written by from Saskatoon

    I love the computer, but this is my second battery in less than three years. I think Apple gets a very decent price for its product so it should back up its award winning computers and software with a battery that lasts...either that or provide a replacement battery at reasonable price. Enough said.

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    Love Apple, Hate the Batteries

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I am a Apple user/lover - desktop, laptop, iPhone, etc... but the batteries for the MacBook Pro are simply awful. I literally get about a year 1/2 out of each one I'm forced to buy. I have to order another one today, because my batter dies now at 50%.

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