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    Cycling works well.. Try it!!

    • Written by from Jaffrey

    I use istat pro to monitor battery health. My battery was down to 52% health and holding a noticeably limited charge. I never bothered with full cycling.

    After cycling the battery several times over the last week, I'm back up to 86% health and the longevity is once again very good. According to istat pro my battery has 308 charges on it, and it is still going strong.

    I've never experienced the hot battery some are talking about. Is this the battery or the computer getting hot? Under prolonged heavy loads (use Activity Monitor to view processor load in your dock) the cpu does get hot and the fans will come up to speed. istat pro can show you the speed if you want.

    How can I cycle?

    Fully charge and discharge your battery, no software required. This is easy, just charge it until it is fully charged (the light on the power cord turns green), then unplug it and use it on battery power until it automatically turns off. Do this several time.

    You will be happy with the results.

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    Max life for you MBP 15

    • Written by from WESTON

    To keep your battery life at its best, charged it to the fullest and used it until your computer runs on reserver battery when there is no ac plug-in around, then charged it to the fullest. If you're going to used the battery make sure you drain it then charged it back. If you're around ac plug-in, take the battery out of your MBP, THEN PLUG IN THE AC ADAPTOR, therefore the batter is out of the picture, and your battery will perform at its best with very low cycle. IT WORKS! There is no need to used the battery or leaving it attached to your computer when you are around the ac plug-in. Never charged it @90,80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10 % Always charged it @ 0%. Follow these steps and you will be happy with your battery and your MacbookPro.

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    Cycling your battery.

    • Written by from Carpinteria

    All of you who are complaining about Apple solving this horrible problem, need to learn how to use a laptop. Cycle your battery! There are no problems with apple batteries (save the random broken one). I bought my macbook pro almost 2 years ago and use it everyday. When I got it, it had a battery life of about 4.5 hours. It now has a battery life of 2 hours...2 years later. This is normal for laptop batteries, and better than most other companies out there.
    All you need to do is make sure to unplug your machine from the ac jack when using it in your home. Run the battery all the way down to zero, then let it recharge (you can use it while it recharges)! If you do this your battery will keep its "memory". Don't just leave it plugged in all the time!!!

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    For all those reading bad reviews

    • Written by from Manahawkin

    Look people, if you have a 15 inch Macbook Pro like I have, you came to this page and see a sea of bad reviews from people who have batteries die after a few months. Here's my deal. I, like many "five-star raters" here have owned a Mac for 5 years and my battery has lasted that long only to recently show signs of dying. I have 61 cycles left on my old battery and it still lasts 3 hours if I let it drain close to 10%. This is while running graphic design programs, internet, and communicating with fellow workers. My point is if you have a 15 inch you have no choice, you either buy from Apple or a cruddy one from Amazon or eBay and end up with a meltdown. Price wasn't an issue for me, I like a product sold by people I know will let me return it if there is any problem, fast shipping, and patient customer support. So do not be put off by bad ratings, I can't tell you those individuals mistreated their batteries, and I don't know what I'm doing right, but I can assure you as someone who used to hate Macs, I trust this product.

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    4.5-6hrs of battery life

    • Written by from LONG BEACH

    These batteries last well & work as advertised. Just remember it's a laptop battery, so it needs to be fully charged & fully drained on a semi-regular basis ('cycled') to provide good long term results. Otherwise you'll quickly destroy their ability to hold a charge. I use the iStatNano dashboard widget to monitor them; helps a lot.

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    No complaints

    • Written by from Plano

    I bought my Macbook Pro 15 inch about 3 and a half years ago. The battery still gives me about 3 hours of useful time. The main thing is to turn the screen brightness down to the absolute lowest level you can work with. At home I keep it at about 50%. On airplanes when it's dark in the cabin, I turn it down all the way to the lowest level. It's still bright enough to work with or watch a DVD. The LCD screens take a lot of current, so turn the brightness down to save power. It also helps to simply leave the computer on once in a while and let the battery run down all the way to the point where the computer shuts down. If you walk away from the compute, close the lid and let it go into standby mode. Turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it. Turn off WiFi if you are not using it. Turn off the keyboard lighting if you don't need it.

    Be very careful with replacement batteries. Second source companies will advertise batteries with higher ratings and lower prices, but buyer beware! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't true. Cheaply made batteries can be very dangerous. And in spite of the great specs, they may give very poor performance. I don't work for Apple, and have nothing to gain if you buy a replacement battery from them. However, I think you will happy in the long run if you replace your battery with one sold by Apple.

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    Please don't rate low because of your own ineptitude

    • Written by from oceanside

    If your battery is over 300 cycles, it's expected that it'll be putting out significantly lower than a fully charged battery. Before dropping a low review, please click apple > about this mac > more info > power and see how many cycles there are. If it's over 300, your battery is consumed, so please don't complain. It's the nature of the beast. This is why it's such a big deal that the new 17" gets 1000 charge cycles on it's fancy shmancy battery.

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    Take Care of your Battery and it will last much longer

    • Written by from Columbia

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 3 years with the original battery. I use my computer everyday at my desk and many nights at home. As long as I have owned it, I have made sure to give the battery a full charge and most importantly a full drain at least once a week. I'm also careful not to leave it charging long past it's full capacity.

    Last week I was watching a movie in iTunes on an airplane and was able to get 2.5 hours of battery time. Read your directions people. Don't overcharge by leaving the machine plugged in all day or overnight every night. When on battery power make sure you wait until it's about to sleep and then plug it in. My battery is still great even with a cycle count of 524.

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    My macbook pro battery is almost 3 years old and still > 70% life

    • Written by from Columbus

    If you do not cycle the battery and you frequently put the laptop into standby without AC power, you can look forward to a completely dead battery in well less than a year, regardless of laptop brand.

    I still get more than two hours of wireless use out of my 2.5 year old battery. Coconut battery says I have over 70% (around 4000 mAh) left. I cycle the battery every month or so and my laptop was refurbished. I do not use standby often without AC.

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    • Written by from Morgan Hill

    lol, for those who can't seem to get more than 2 hours outa this battery must be creating the next pixar blockbuster while traveling. If i cycle the battery every month like you should, i get about 4 hours outa this puppy while using apps such as the DVD player, Word, and Flash no joke awesome storage capacity, hands down macs rule!

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    Battery Went Bad

    • Written by from Zeeland

    MacBook Pro Battery went dead so I took it to the Apple Store. They tested it and determined that I didn't last as long as it should have so they gave me a new one. Free of charge. This was a year and a half ago,

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    Time remaining on battery with 2.0 vs 2.16ghz and warping of battery

    • Written by from Anchorage

    I had read numerous revies saying you could get up to 4 to 4.5 hours of battery life with this. So purchsed a Macbook pro for my wife. With her computer we were only getting at most 3.25 hours of life per charge. I couldn't figure it out and was slightly frustrated with that.

    We were very happy with the laptop though so decided to purchase me one. We got the baseline model for me and whala figured out the difference that was being stated here in the reviews. She had the 2.16Ghz 15" Macbook Pro, and I purchased the 2.0 Ghz Macbook pro and bam I get the full 4 to 4.5 hours stated.

    Could it be the difference in the battery? Could be, we havn't switched the batteries to see if it still held true but bet your money that it would hold true.

    Now to the warping of the battery. Havn't had that problem but willing to speculate that its because the laptops get really hot if laid on a flat surface weather a table top or bed.

    With this in mind I think I will purchase either a platform or some type of cooling device for under the laptops. Yes it makes them tougher for portablitiy if you took that everywhere. So proably will just use these things when at home.

    I do believe though this will prevent the battery from warping from the heat, if this is truely the reason they are warping. Some type of energy has to be making them warp and this is proably it.

    It is truely a great computer though!!!! :O)

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    1 Battery 3 years

    • Written by from Waukesha

    I just purchased a new battery for my 15" macbook pro. I purchased this MacBook Pro early in the year of 2008 and now its August of 2011 and my battery just went down on me about a month ago.
    EVERYONE remember charge battery to full charge day 1 and dont touch it, use the computer till it dies and then give it one more full charge. I got 3 years and so can you. GOODLUCK everyone

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    Love it now!

    • Written by from Metamora

    The battery in my Macbook Pro was exhausted quickly because I did not cycle the battery properly, leaving the power adapter plugged into my computer most of the time. I ordered a new Macbook Pro battery, it was in my computer within 3 days and now my computer is back to operating without the power adapter for a solid 2-3 hours like normal. The battery was no hassle to select or order, and I now love having the freedom of no cord! The battery operates properly when you cycle it, so do not leave it plugged into your power adapter!

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    Does NOT need to be cycled.

    • Written by from American Fork

    Don't take my word for it—look it up.

    The nickel-based batteries that used to be used for most devices, like the ones commonly still used in wireless phones, need to be cycled to stay healthy (fully drained and fully charged regularly), as any RadioShack employee will tell you. BUT these MacBook Pro batteries are Lithium-based and cycling has no effect on them.

    You get a fixed amount of use out of Lithium-based batteries like this one so draining the battery just for the sake of draining the battery is actually shortening the life of the battery.

    The best way to extend the life of the battery is to only use power when you need it. Don't drain your battery unnecessarily. Don't leave you're laptop awake when not using it. Don't run a million things at once on your computer unless you need to. If you feel your laptop getting hot, that means your usage is high and you are using up your battery faster too. If you can conserve energy, you are also conserving the life of your battery.

    I've been very happy with this battery.

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    The battery in my MBP is fine.

    • Written by from independence

    I bought my wife the early 2008 model for Christmas last year, and we've yet to have any battery life issues. I can even play Quake Wars, Halo, and hop over to Windows to play Crysis, and the battery will last for a good 2.5 hours under that kind of load before it's out of juice. Using MS Word or surfing the internet is good for 4 hours and 45 minutes with the keyboard lit up.

    It's all in how you take care of your laptop. If you let it get too hot, then stuff is going to break. The battery is among the stuff that breaks when it gets too hot, which is no fault of Apple's since the people that manufacture the battery cells themselves (companies like Sony, for example) design the cell walls to be as small as possible and aren't great about the purity of material that goes into the batteries. (Remember that big battery recall? It could have been avoided had Sony checked the Li-Ion battery "batter" for the metal shards that caused all of the issues with Apple, Dell, HP, Acer, and Sony laptop batteries.)

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    Great life.

    • Written by from Bayonne

    My battery in my macbook pro 1.85 ghz lasts up to six hours. normal use gets just under 4 and 1/2. Considering that most batteries on the market last up to 3 hrs, this is great. Also the mbp is exponentially faster than its older cousin the powerbook g4, the fact that it has all of the newer features, runs for the same price, and has longer battery life, this is a great deal too!

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    • Written by from Allen

    I've had the battery for almost 5 years, It still holds a charge i can go unplugged about an hr now, when i got it originally it lasted hours. I am now looking into replacing the battery. I see some bad reviews but this battery has been solid for me.

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    Great Battery for me

    • Written by from Hallandale

    I am buying my second battery for my macbook pro and i must say that this is a great battery. My current battery was not holding charge at about 100 cycles. but after speaking to a apple tech they told me to calibrate my battery every week or so ( info can be found on support pages) and it has worked like a charm ever since. I have 386 cycles on it now and it still hold about 60-65% charge. hope this new one performs the same. if you calibrate the battery you can definitely get some outstanding life. there are some people who will rate this battery as not good but in all honesty with the proper maintenance and charging habits it will be an awesome battery.

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    They've worked out the problems

    • Written by from Fresno

    I bought my MacBook Pro 7 months ago and the first battery failed after 2 months. The tech support admitted that there were problems and promptly replaced it. I revceived a new one in 2 days! It has performed flawlessly for 5 months. Given the recent problem with Sony-produced batteries for Dell and Apple, it seems reasaonable to give Apple a break on this. Their vendor produced a faulty battery. The gladly replace them. The new ones work wonderfully. I am experiencing the life that they claim.

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