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    The "1 star" people are buying the wrong product...

    • Written by from Sherman Oaks

    For all the complaints you read below, remember these people are buying the wrong product and then getting mad that it doesn't work. While it is confusing, the world of VGA and DVI is complicated.

    This product is designed for one thing and one thing only: connect to the current 12" PB and core duo iMacs and provide a standard DIGITAL DVI connector to plug a cable into. It is not designed for the older powerbooks or ibooks with mini-vga output, or any other computer that doesn't have the mini-DVI. It will not work with older macs. It will not work in series with VGA adapters because this adaptor does not pass ANALOG signals from the mini-DVI port. That's why they sell the VGA adaptor instead for VGA monitors.

    This adaptor may not work with cables that are analog+digital DVI without an adaptor. This is not apple's fault. This is the way the spec is written. The various flat pins are there to control which connectors fit together, to prevent accidental damage to your equipment.

    If you have a DVI-D equipped monitor and want to hook it to the iMac or current PB 12", this adaptor is for you. If you want to hook up some other sort of monitor (analog, DVI-I, ADC), this is not for you, or you may need an additional adaptor.

    Plain and simple.

    As for rating: it would get a five if it was another 6 inches longer. But otherwise, it does what it does and doesn't cost too much.

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    This works well with my Macbook

    • Written by from Monona

    This adapter works well with my Macbook and an external monitor. (I had to get a dvi cable to attach it to the monitor but that was not a problem.) For me the idea of screws to hold the connection in place would not work well for this adapter because I have to unplug my laptop to take to my office and screwing it in on out would be a nuisance. I was concerned when I bought the adapter because I have never used an external monitor which I needed to connect via an adapter so I am quite pleased with its functionality.

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    does exactly what Apple says it does

    • Written by from Marionville

    I bought the adapter, dual-link cable, and a Mitsubishi monitor, and never had a problem with anything. All I did was plug everything in and then went to the display prefs and set how I wanted the monitor and Macbook display to be.

    FYI, do your homework first before buying this adapter. Wikipedia has an excellent page on digital visual interface, and Apple still has specs on all their Macs. If not, you certainly can find it out from someone on the net.

    Any downsides to this? Possibly could be cheaper since it's for older Macs, and maybe a little bit smaller. After all it's an adapter not a cable.

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    Keeping it simple

    • Written by from Santa Fe

    Wow, what an exercise trying to figure out which cable to get to hook up my MacBook to a DLP projector which has a DVI-I connector. The source of the time and confusion in figuring this out is that Apple does not provide the technical specification for their mini-DVI to DVI connector (which it turns out is a mini DVI-D male to DVI-D female dual link). Once you know that, it's easy to figure out the rest.

    The bottom line is as follows: Purchase from Apple the mini-DVI to DVI connector. Then from an internet vendor, purchase a male DVI-D to male DVI-D dual link digital cable at a length of your choice (but less than or equal to 25 feet).

    Why can't Apple save all of us countless time and effort by just giving the technical specifications for their connectors? Calling the Apple store to get this information was useless as the people working there had no clue.

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    No sound on your MacBook to HDMI TV hook-up?

    • Written by from SUFFERN

    It took me a while to figure this out - buy I got it working now. The MacBooks mini dvi port only supports video, not sound.
    But this plug works great, just be aware that you will still need an extension because this plug is way too short. I use a dvi extension cable with two male plugs (my tv has a female receptor). You could use the 3m DVI-D M/M Dual Link Digital Video Cable from Cables to Go.

    To get the sound, you just need to add a 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable M/M (Make sure your tv has one, but my 2007 LCD TV did).

    Now you have video AND sound.

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    Get the right cable

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Does it's job well. Just be advised, it goes from mini-DVI to DVI-D. If using it with a KVM setup you will need to connect it to a DVI-D cable (Pure Digital Signal), not the common DVI-I (DVI plus Analog signal) cable that comes with most switches, as it won't accept the analog pins (the Belkin cable sold on this site is DVI-I).

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    Know your technology

    • Written by from Mission Viejo

    For the dummy that stated "the sound output does not go through like the video feed does" ...that's because there is NO audio signal in a DVI cable. Period. Even if you plugged it into a DVI-HDMI adapter, you will still have no sound. The DVI interface contains video signals only, and as the other well-informed poster stated, there are different types of DVI connector; DVI-I, DVI-D, DVI-A. Know what you need to buy before your ignorance makes you write something stupid.

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    works fine but...

    • Written by from grand prairie

    i got this adapter when i bought my mac mini and it does what is supposed to but it does fall out of the port on my mini quite often. i have my computer on the keyboard part of my desk because theres no room on my desktop for it. its probably because of how short the platform for the keyboard is and the dvi cable does tend to hang there. if they put screws on the mini dvi side that would be perfect. and the whole digital only problem did get in the way once. it took me quite a bit of frustration to finally realize that my analogue cable wouldn't fit into it. and why isn't there a hdmi adapter? that would be amazing. work perfect on my 46" samsung instead of a series of adapters.

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    Does What It Says

    • Written by from Natick

    Does what it says it does, simple as that. I wish the cord was about 6" longer, though. I have a 20" iMac with a 20" cinema display as an extended desktop. Besides for an issue with the 20" CD's power supply/cord design this combo is more than ideal.

    And to people buy the wrong cables: Yes, I understand Apple does complicate this a bit more than they should. But that doesn't mean if you know nothing about a product you should just assume it works. Ask someone of proper technical expertise, visit an Apple store and ask an employee, call up Apple, just don't assume you can get lucky and then get all mad when you don't. You wouldn't buy a counter-top for your kitchen without knowing the proper measurements I hope...

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    Easy to use

    • Written by from Papillion

    I bought this along with a DVI to HDMI adapter and it works great to view macbook video on my 46" HDTV. I also bought a headphone to RCA output for audio.

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    hdmi rules

    • Written by from petham

    i have a mini dvi to dvi cable that is the attached via an adaptor to hdmi to my tv. it looks wicked and the sound is great via optical. however it would all be a lot simpler if apple had a hdmi output on the side of the mac book/ imac. or even better, take the next step and start producing large tv's with a mac built in.

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    Does what it's meant to

    • Written by from North Vancouver

    Can't fault it for what it's meant to be. However there's some confusion over using this with a DVI-VGA adaptor. Technically this is possible. However, if you look at the adapter's DVI end there's a flat blade connector. The issue is that it's quite large on this adapter, and doesn't fit certain DVI - VGA adaptor, including (I think) Apple's own. Perhaps this is to encourage you to buy another cable from Apple. However, this is a DVI connector. If you want to connect to VGA, then go buy that one instead or as well as.

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    Great Product - Just be careful!

    • Written by from Ontario

    The product works as described. I use it to connect my macbook to an external monitor as well as to my HDTV. It works perfectly.

    However, DO NOT DROP THIS ADAPTER. I dropped it by accident, 3 ft from the table to the hardwood floor and it hasn't worked since. I don't know why it breaks so easily, I think this is a huge mistake on the part of Apple. The quality of all their products are diminishing and it's making me start to buy alternative products where they are available. That being said, the product performs as it should, albeit you have to be ridiculously careful with it.

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    NOT compatible with iBook G4

    • Written by from Ferndale

    I bought the wrong part. iBook G4 does not have a mini-DVI port. It has a mini-VGA port. Please don't make the same mistake as me.

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    • Written by from Middlesex

    why don't you get it?? why use vga when you have DVI? DVI-D btw, is standard... most monitors have one vga input and 1 dvi-D input.

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    Some bugs, but overall good product

    • Written by from Newfoundland

    It is a GREAT product overall. You NEED dvi to get a great picture on your monitor. I used a Dell S2009W Monitor, and it is great. Swing running applications to the other monitor, put the menu onto different screens, etc.

    However, this adapter DOES NOT work on BootCamp. All it does is flash the MacBook's screen Black.

    Anyway, like I said, great product.

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    mini-DVI to mini-DVI?

    • Written by

    This adapter works great, but the cable is too short. The "regular" DVI end and it's mating connector are big and bulky, sitting on my desktop just to the left of my MacBook.

    It would be great if Apple would make some mini-DVI (male) to mini-DVI (female) extension cables.

    Preferably in a couple of different lengths.
    ~ 1.5 ft
    ~ 3.0 ft
    ~ 6.0 ft

    These mini-DVI extension cables could be used with any mini-DVI adaptor type.
    ~ mini-DVI to VGA
    ~ mini-DVI to DVI
    ~ mini-DVI to Video

    The mini-DVI connector is also used on the iMac and Xserve. For an iMac, an extension cable would look better along side the USB and Firewire cables than it would with this big DVI connector hanging down off the back.

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    Apple should provide a clearer description

    • Written by from Calgary

    A picture of the DVI adapter termination would be great. There is a big difference between DVI-D (what this is) and DVI-I (what a lot of people seem to have).

    On newer high def panels and sets, HDMI is standard. There are HDMI to DVI adapters, and I think they are usually DVI-D. In my case I need a DVI-D adapter so this is perfect, but I had to do a bit of homework before figuring this out.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Wood Dale

    First, I read all of the reviews and I thought that this would probably not work. It works fine. The one-star people don't know what they're talking about. Its an adapter!! Not a cable!! Read before you buy! I give it 4 stars because its good but its $20 for an adapter, but for a really good adapter. Don't listen to the one-stars!

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    • Written by from London

    I went to the apple store in regent street London to buy this, after reading all the reviews on how to connect my macbook to my 42 inch samsung plasma and the best option for the best picture was to buy a dvi mini- dvi and then buy a dvi to HDMI for the best picture the picture is suberb but i think apple should have made a cable from mini dvi to hdmi direct instead of buying two seperate product costing £15 + £17 i think this product is a total rip off but their is no other option if you want to connect you mac to a tv and as said the picture is superb

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