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    Wont work

    • Written by from Chapel-en-le-frith

    Bought one, plugged it in to my tele all i can get is the screen saver.
    Anyone any ideas please.

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    I'm Mad at apple

    • Written by from West Orange

    I went to compusa looking for a dvi to s video adapter and I thought that I found one. So I went home thinking that it was the right adapter and found out that it was a mini dvi to s video. I returned it and went to a local apple store and they also didn't know what they were doing. I think that I have to buy 2 adapters, which is really annoying. I have to waste 40 dollars to get and adapter and another adapter to adapt that adapter. I love apple products but this has upset me a lot.

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    I can't get anything to show up besides desktop

    • Written by from De Forest

    Bought one and the adapter, plugged it in between my iMAC and LCD TV (2008), and all I get is my desktop picture.
    Nothing else. What gives?

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    • Written by from San Diego

    I bought this adaptor to connect my PowerBook Duo to my B&W television. I wanted to do full text Gopher searches on channel 3 but apparently all this this thing does is connect a device with a Mini-DVI output port to a DVI connector on a display. I bet it will even connect a Mini-DVI capable device to a VGA display if you also had a DVI to VGA adapter. If I added a VGA to composite video output adapter and found a composite video to RF converter I would still not be able to connect my PowerBook Duo. I would have to throw out the Mini-DVI adapter and ...

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    Is it just me???

    • Written by from Calimesa

    I'm not techno-illiterate, but I'm not a hardware geek. DANG it, Apple!! I've been going through holy heck trying to figure out which kind of DVI my MacBook has and just what it is that I need to get. I appreciate the input (ha!) from others on this site, but y'all are talking way over my head. Apple seems to ignore the normal people! UGH! I want my HP back!!!!!!!!!!!

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    too short!

    • Written by from copenhagen

    this cable is way too short to be useful

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    • Written by from Middletown

    I purchased this cable so that I could connect my MacbookPro to my 21" DVI monitor. The cable is only 5" long, which renders it physically useless as a cable needed to connect the two. I did not see the length of the cable in the description, but I just don't understand how this could be used without a cable extender, which I don't see on this web site. I am sure this cable has a purpose, but I can't find one at the moment.

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