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    NOT compatible with iBook G4

    • Written by from Ferndale

    I bought the wrong part. iBook G4 does not have a mini-DVI port. It has a mini-VGA port. Please don't make the same mistake as me.

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    Mini-DVI to DVI exactly what it's suppose to be

    • Written by from Ottawa

    First off, all these individuals who say this didn't work for them, didn't do their research properly.
    Many of the comments are coming from individuals who's computers are way out of scope, and not intended to work with this adapter.
    I had to decided between a 24" iMac and a 20" imac and a dual monitor set-up. I chose the 20" since a dual monitor setup would be cheaper, and give me more desktop space.
    I chose a 20" acer LCD monitor, that listed as being DVI and analogue. Two seperate cables came with it, for two seperate connections.
    I plugged the Mini-DVI adapted into the iMac, plugged the digital cable into the Acer, and connected the two. Turned on the Monitor, turned on the Mac, and like the listing here on the store says, it works. That simple.
    People need to start doing their research.

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    Product Incorrectly Packaged

    • Written by from Portland

    I am another who was misled by the packaging. It is reasonable to assume that two products from Apple labeled simply "DVI" should be compatible. And when the company has goofed in this way, their sales people should not try to double-talk you into thinking it's your own fault.

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    Works well.

    • Written by from Ladysmith

    I must say I'm quite pleased with this adapter, seeing the negative feedback people have been giving it I was a little concerned with the fit and finish of it, not the fact that it is DVI-D, which my 19" LCD display is.

    It connects firmly to my MacBook isn't too bulky. The one gripe I will mention is the packaging isn't very clear on what type of DVI connection it is, not a problem for me as I checked it before I purchased it.

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    Worked fine for me, ...even runs dual display!

    • Written by from Courtice

    If you have any doubt on this connection, do a search on Google for "DVI-D", then click on 'images' at the top and look at the first 3-4 pics to see the connection type.

    Not sure why so many people are having a problem with this adapter - I got mine, plugged it into my Macbook, plugged an extension into the adapter, and plugged the other into my 32" LCD TV and it worked without a hitch. Maybe all of the DVI ports I have in my house are all DVI-D, ...maybe that's why it was so easy for me.

    By the way, Apple's shipping is amazing, I ordered this on a Friday night, and it was at my doorstep Monday at noon. :) ....and that's from the U.S. to Toronto, Canada.

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    Bad, bad, bad. Wish I'd read this first.

    • Written by from LONDON

    No need to repeat what many others have said, except this is not the more common DVI type. Who knew there's more than one? It's not even like the photo on the pack. Apple's own DVI-VGA adapter does not fit this!

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    Apple should provide a clearer description

    • Written by from Calgary

    A picture of the DVI adapter termination would be great. There is a big difference between DVI-D (what this is) and DVI-I (what a lot of people seem to have).

    On newer high def panels and sets, HDMI is standard. There are HDMI to DVI adapters, and I think they are usually DVI-D. In my case I need a DVI-D adapter so this is perfect, but I had to do a bit of homework before figuring this out.

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    DVI-D is the right choice

    • Written by from kelowna

    Works great with my DELL 2005FPW.

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    needs an adapter...usually

    • Written by from Encinitas

    unless you have a brand new apple monitor that will take DVI-D, you gotta buy an adapter. I found a great one for about 10 bucks, which connects the DVI-I of your monitor to the DVI-D of apple's adapter. annoying, but it works.

    it's called a DVI-D dual link male to DVI-I dual link female adapter. (i can't post the url on here for some reason).

    also, take care as to whether your plugs are dual link or single link (i.e. whether or not they have a gap in the pins or a full three rows of 8).

    many thanks to apple for the hours of confusion and adapter hunting.

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    Works Great with Macbook

    • Written by from Media

    This product met all expectations for my use ... which means that I was able to plug the adapter into the Macbook, connect the DVI-HDMI cable my 46" HDTV (Sharp LC46D62U), and have it work with little fuss.

    I did have to play around with the settings to get a 1080p resolution working, but that's more an issue with OS X Tiger and not the adapter itself.

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    • Written by from ravensdale

    Just like almost everyone else on here, I was not informed this is a DVI-D connection. Even worse, on the back of the little package, there are 2 logos, one is a mini DVI connection, and the other is a DVI-I connection.... VERY misleading. It has the 4 pins pictured next to the large flat one. Why was this printed with the incorrect logo? It makes the purchase pointless, and just frustrating in the end. At least get the image on the packaging correct.

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    Does what it says but BEWARE!!!

    • Written by from gainesville

    i have a new macbook that i bought a few months ago and got a new samsung 19 inch LCD tv and i got this cable, so i can do display mirror and that other thing ( the name ecapes me at the moment ) whre you can drag the mouse and windows from one screen to another. but anyways so i bought this cable and a male dvi cable at both ends to plug in from my apple dvi adapter to my tv. This works perfectly but the resolution is not excellent but normal quality

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    It works fine, go figure...

    • Written by from St. Thomas

    While it works fine - it irritates the heck out of me, that after having already paid a premium for buying a MacBook, I now have to bend over again and pay for the ability to connect an external monitor. To those that bought the wrong cable - RTFM!!

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    DVI-D adapter, will not work with DVI to VGA adapters

    • Written by from Buffalo

    If you buy this adapter be sure your cable and monitor will plug into the DVI-D plug on it's end. The DVI-D is lacking the holes for the 4 pins near the wide flat connector and the wide flat connector is narrow compared to a standard DVI connector. This connector difference WILL NOT allow a standard 29 pin DVI plug to connect. The adapter should be great if it fits your monitor, I thought I could keep some options open and save $20 by using this connector with a DVI to VGA adapter, NOPE! I even contacted Apple tech support to be sure it would work before I bought and they couldn't give me an answer other than "it should" (and in reality "it didn't"). I give it 1 star because there was no reason Apple should have used the less common DVI-D connector on this, for $20 we should receive a full blown standard DVI connector.

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    Works Great with LCD Projection HDTV

    • Written by from Helotes

    I bought this adapter at a local Apple Store and a Monster HDMI-DVI cable on eBay to connect my MacBook to my Hitachi LCD Projection HDTV. This setup works flawlessly, and the MacBook immediately detected and displayed my new extended desktop on my HDTV with the correct native resolution. I use this setup primarily to show iPhoto slide shows and do iChat video chats. I have a separate digital optical cable to plug into my home theater system for the latter. A word of advise: if you want to pay a fraction of the cost for HDMI/DVI cables, buy them online at places like eBay. I bought my 8ft Monster HDMI/DVI cable for $25 after shipping. The same cable sells for >$125 at most retail stores.

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    States DVI and IS DVI-D Packaging Graphics show DVI-1

    • Written by from Lenexa

    Just for info for others as has been stated this is not a common (in use at this time with majority of Monitors) DVI connector ....


    The packaging Graphics (which I trusted) are of DVI-1 (the "common" one)

    Rather frustrating and strange

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    Adapter does what its intended for

    • Written by from Whitby

    The adapter does EXACTLY what its supposed to do...let you connect a second display to your iMac. Of course it has a female connector....so does every dvi connector that I've ever seen on a computer. Although this will work with the DVI port on a high def. tv, yeah, you will need to change the cable because most tv's don't come with their own cable like an LCD monitor does.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from eindhoven

    The packaging for this product says NOTHING about what type of DVI connector (I, D, or whatever) this thing has. Now I have to kill another hour going to CompUSA. To the folks talking about "People's lack of good sense and poor computer component shopping skills," how the heck are you supposed to know this is DVI-D when all it says is DVI???? Apple, give us a little warning next time, please!!!!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from San Jose

    Just bought this from a local store to connect a Viewsonic VA712b LCD monitor to my Mac, with the DVI cable the monitor comes with. Works flawlessly.

    I had a problem with EyeTV locking up when I first connected the cable, but a single restart took care of that, and I haven't had any problems since then. It's nice having the TV display full-screen on one display, while the controls are displayed on the other screen.

    If I had one complaint, it would be that the length of the cable is too short. I am using this with a MacBook that is up on an iCurve stand, and the connectors for this cable and the monitor's cable are dangling in mid-air. I hope it doesn't put too much stress on the mini-DVI port?

    Ignore the morons that are giving this cable 1 star because they didn't read the specs. Sadly, Macs tend to attract some of the stupidest users on Earth.

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    Ridiculous product, must be changed to DVI-I

    • Written by

    I bought this adapter fully knowing that it was DVI-D formatted...however i have to join the wailing masses and say, WHY didn't they make it DVI-I??? It would cost them nothing, WOULD NOT the signal quality, WOULD make it completely universal...4 holes apple, you can fix this can't you? One thing is if you are set up with the right equipment at home..another thing entirely is when you have your mac on the road...that makes for 20 pointless extra dollars..and losing quality in addition (DVI to VGA)...terrible planning Apple

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