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    New cables need to be invented

    • Written by from Chesapeake

    This adapter is great and offers excellent picture quality to a High Definition TV when used with a DVI to HDMI cable. However, Apple should eliminate the need for that extra cable, and just create an adapter from Mini DVI to HDMI. There is a large percentage of Apple customers who own High Definition TV's with HDMI inputs, and there should be a direct adapter from the computer to the TV.

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    Keeping it simple

    • Written by from Santa Fe

    Wow, what an exercise trying to figure out which cable to get to hook up my MacBook to a DLP projector which has a DVI-I connector. The source of the time and confusion in figuring this out is that Apple does not provide the technical specification for their mini-DVI to DVI connector (which it turns out is a mini DVI-D male to DVI-D female dual link). Once you know that, it's easy to figure out the rest.

    The bottom line is as follows: Purchase from Apple the mini-DVI to DVI connector. Then from an internet vendor, purchase a male DVI-D to male DVI-D dual link digital cable at a length of your choice (but less than or equal to 25 feet).

    Why can't Apple save all of us countless time and effort by just giving the technical specifications for their connectors? Calling the Apple store to get this information was useless as the people working there had no clue.

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    Great product

    • Written by

    I wanted digital output from my macbook (black) to LCD HDMI (Samsung LCD TV). Bought another cable though from a local store DVI to HDMI (easily available) and output is great. I'm happy with this product.

    And someone mentioned in the product reviews section not to drop it, please read all the reviews.

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    Great Product - Just be careful!

    • Written by from Ontario

    The product works as described. I use it to connect my macbook to an external monitor as well as to my HDTV. It works perfectly.

    However, DO NOT DROP THIS ADAPTER. I dropped it by accident, 3 ft from the table to the hardwood floor and it hasn't worked since. I don't know why it breaks so easily, I think this is a huge mistake on the part of Apple. The quality of all their products are diminishing and it's making me start to buy alternative products where they are available. That being said, the product performs as it should, albeit you have to be ridiculously careful with it.

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    • Written by from Derby

    Everybody keeps complaining about how this adapter is too fragile and "oh mine lasted 2 months." get over it, this thing is perfect and does exactly what it's supposed to.. and if something goes wrong with it? it's got a full year warranty. so stop crying already.

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    Best Buy

    • Written by from Perth

    This item is a true life save, now i have extended me macbook 13 inch monitor to 19inch. What a great product, thanks apple :)

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    It works great

    • Written by from windsor

    It is a great product. I wish the MacBook had a DVI port instead of mini-dvi as it is annoying having to have a mini-dvi on your desk period, or if you bring your notebook to a meeting/presentation.. don't forget the adapter.. so I bought two, one for my travel case one for my desk.. just to make sure I don't forget it.

    And to the people saying it is "too short". Uhh, this is an adapter not a cable.. big difference.. it expects you to already have the cable.. the adapter is just the little link between your MacBook and your LCD monitor's cable.

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    Mini-DVI to DVI to HDMI = Beautiful

    • Written by from chandler

    I bought this and a generic DVI to HDMI cable to hook my HDTV up to my laptop. I was amazed by how simple it was. Here are the steps I followed:

    1. Plug everything together.
    2. Instant 1080i output to the TV, it even knew it was a Sony TV.

    I am giving this 5 stars to augment all the morons that gave it one.

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    • Written by from Las Vegas

    So just like my title this is an adapter, basically to keep imacs and other products neat and clean, Apple has made the DVI port small, the full DVI-D port and VGA ports are big and clumsy and wouldn't look sleek. SO Apple figured they would keep them small and of course proprietary because its cleaner looking and because there is no such DVI-D or VGA connector thats small in the industry. SO again Apple developed a new type of DVI-D socket to keep it small and clean at the rear or sides of their computers. Now since this is an adapter all it has to do is convert the socket type to a standard DVI-D adapter which is female, like that located on any other device that has the DVI socket. So this adapter does not need to be longer etc. or any other convenience. Again, this adapter needs to provide the consumer with a standard DVI-D receptacle like found on PC computers and Tv's DVI standards call for female ends to be located on devices, and cables are to be male on both ends. DVI-D and HDMI are both the same, onlY HDMI carries sound as well. Analog signals are older and require a different connector all together, eventually they will be phased out, no new LCD had an analog VGA or Analog DVI port. They all have HDMI or DVI-D which again are both the same. Ofcourse you will need an HDMI to DVI-D adaptor if your TV has HDMI, or you can buy a MALE DVI-D to HDMI Male and ofcourse the adaptor on this page.

    There is however one suggestion I do have for Apple. Make a new connectors capable of both DVI-D and Analog DVI so its completely error proof. Basiclly a DVI-D and Analog DVI on the single side of the "Y" cable and the other ends of the "Y" cable should conect to both Analog and Digital ports on the mac. Since both Analog and Digital DVI can be present on the same DVI port either format will work once both conections are conected to the mac.

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    • Written by from Wood Dale

    First, I read all of the reviews and I thought that this would probably not work. It works fine. The one-star people don't know what they're talking about. Its an adapter!! Not a cable!! Read before you buy! I give it 4 stars because its good but its $20 for an adapter, but for a really good adapter. Don't listen to the one-stars!

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    Thumbs down to Apple on this one, even though it works

    • Written by from Chicago

    Okay, it works, and works fine once I figured it out (four hours later and trips to five electronic stores). That’s not the point.

    1. This part is proprietary to Apple. You have to buy it from them, they're the only ones who make it.

    2. So if that's the case, why not make the whole cable? (the kid at the apple store called it an "adapter." Calling it an adapter doesn't help - it still is worthless absent more $$$)

    3. This cable is 4inches long and ends in a female DVI-D. As is, it is too short for any use, and ends in the wrong connector for the LCD monitor I bought anyway.

    4. If you want to actually use this piece, you need to buy a male > male DVI-D cable to go from the part to the monitor.

    5. So why not make this piece, except (a) about two feet long, and (b) ending in a male DVI-D?

    6. I had to buy this part for $20, and another cable for $30. It shouldn't cost me $50 to hook my Macbook up to a standard monitor.

    So thumbs down on this one.

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    Works as Described

    • Written by from Annandale

    I have had this adapter for over a year now and it has functioned without any problems with my iMac. It works as described in the product description and is compact, yet flexible and easy to work with. The only downside is, if you move the connector around a lot, it tends to slowly "wiggle" it's way out of the Mini-DVI port. However, the solution to this is simple; just plugging it back in. Also, the locking system on the DVI end is very good and works with standard Male DVI cables.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from London

    I went to the apple store in regent street London to buy this, after reading all the reviews on how to connect my macbook to my 42 inch samsung plasma and the best option for the best picture was to buy a dvi mini- dvi and then buy a dvi to HDMI for the best picture the picture is suberb but i think apple should have made a cable from mini dvi to hdmi direct instead of buying two seperate product costing £15 + £17 i think this product is a total rip off but their is no other option if you want to connect you mac to a tv and as said the picture is superb

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    hdmi rules

    • Written by from petham

    i have a mini dvi to dvi cable that is the attached via an adaptor to hdmi to my tv. it looks wicked and the sound is great via optical. however it would all be a lot simpler if apple had a hdmi output on the side of the mac book/ imac. or even better, take the next step and start producing large tv's with a mac built in.

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    Works GREAT!

    • Written by from Kailua

    I now use my MacBook or MBP as my primary machine. For home use, I set up a Viewsonic 28" LCD screen with 1920x1200/60fps native resolution/refresh. The most amazing thing is it is "hot plugable". Just plug it in and it works.

    With Windows, you are lucky if rebooting does it. (Remember Alt-F5?). I have this working next to a MacPro with a 30" Apple monitor and I prefer this setup since the type size is bigger on the 1920x1200 28" screen vs the 2560x1600 on the 30" screen. For my work (not an architect), 1920x1200 is more than enough screen real-estate.

    I have tested this setup (1920x1200 monitor) and it works for MacBook Pro using plain DVI to DVI cable, MacBook with this adapter $19, and MacBook Air with the included microDVI-DVI cable that ships with the MBA.

    No rebooting, no ALT-F5 key command to memorize. Just works. And when you unplug the DVI cable, the laptop display reverts just as it should. Why can't programmers in Redmond do something like this? Is it really that hard?

    Good job, Apple.

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    • Written by

    The cable works fine, easy to hook up. The thing is is that it lowers the graphics to 840 by 524! Everything is blurry. I would rather just sit at desk that have to deal with the resolution. I do not recommend buying the cable, wait for Apple to hopefully change the cable.

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    this is all very confusing...

    • Written by from New Haven

    Apple should put head-on pictures of the ENDS of these connectors with EACH ITEM. This would solve so much of the confusion associated with buying connectors. I bought this item thinking it would serve as a simple way to get around the fact that my old G4 MacBook Pro had a male DVI-D port, and came with a DVI-D to VGA converter so I could give presentations and such, and my new MacBook has this mini-DVI thing and didn't come with a converter so I figured a "mini-DVI to DVI" would be perfect. Unfortunately, it wasn't - now that I've done a little internet research, i see that what I bought was a mini-DVI to female DVI-I, and my existing converter is a male DVI-D to VGA connector. Unfortunately, the projector in my lab is old and does not have a DVI-I cable.

    If Apple would provide images with the ends of these products displayed, allowing us to see the arrangements of the pins both regular and flat, it would be incredibly helpful to figuring out if it's the right piece for us. Thanks.

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    Works, but looks awful

    • Written by from Colchester

    The adapter works fine for me, but it just looks awful sitting on my desk. Either the cable needs to be longer (and more flexible) so that I can tuck it behind my desk OR Apple should make a DVI to Mini-DVI cable that completely replaces the standard DVI cable. This is an ugly wart on my beautiful MacBook.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Be sure to get the correct one.

    • Written by from Laurel

    Simply put... read the other reviews. Make sure you are looking for a DVI-D connection (this happens to be dual, but single or dual work), and a female end.

    Apple, your packaging is wrong. PLEASE change the green DVI image you have on the back of the package. It's DVI-I. This product is NOT compatible with that image.

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    The 1-star people have legitimate questions

    • Written by from Austin

    They're over-reacting, and one star is too drastic, but I believe you're wrong to be so dismissive of their questions/points. Since Apple does sell a mini-DVI to VGA adapter, it appears quite reasonable to think that a mini-DVI to DVI-I adapter is perfectly possible. It might cost a bit more than the DVI-D adapter since it would have more wires, but I don't think it requires any electronics (if they can convert to VGA for $20, surely they can take mini-DVI to DVI-A for that little or less).

    Now, as to why you'd want such an animal, consider my situation. I have an extra flat-panel VGA monitor lying around. I also have a very nice DVI-D flat panel, but it's currently occupied on another project. I also have a DVI-I to VGA adapter. So, why should I have to buy a mini-DVI to VGA adapter now so I can use the available monitor, then later buy a mini-DVI to DVI-D adapter when my nice monitor frees up? If I could by a mini-DVI to DVI-I adapter, I'd have everything I need.

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