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    Is it just me???

    • Written by from Calimesa

    I'm not techno-illiterate, but I'm not a hardware geek. DANG it, Apple!! I've been going through holy heck trying to figure out which kind of DVI my MacBook has and just what it is that I need to get. I appreciate the input (ha!) from others on this site, but y'all are talking way over my head. Apple seems to ignore the normal people! UGH! I want my HP back!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Apple can fix this but hasn't

    • Written by from Coon Rapids

    Apple can fix this easily by any one of these options (but first inform buyers that the new mini-DVIs do not fit the old mini-DVIs): 1) Clearly state that the adapter is DVI-D and will not work with DVI-I, or 2) require the purchase of both mini-DVI->VGA and mini-DVI->DVI-D (for $25 total), or 3 (best)) manufacture and sell a mini-DVI->DVI-I adapter. After 2+ years of this problem being known, no one I talked to at Apple today was even aware that DVI-D vs. DVI-I exists! This is just wrong. Yet Apple's VGA->DVI connecter is DVI-I. Apple, will you fix this problem and also send at no charge the other adapter to everyone who was schnookered by your opaqueness (really, false advertising)?

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    Deceptive advertising

    • Written by

    actually, the title should read, "lots of details purposely omitted by apple so you will buy more merchandise"

    There are two different sizes of Mini-DVI ports on Macs. Be very very careful when you are ordering.

    the iBook G4 1.2 GHZ uses a smaller Mini-DVI port than later generations.
    (it's what I have)
    I bought the Mini-DVI to Video adapter only three weeks ago at the Apple Store in a mall. Then it was easy to see the two different versions.

    I went back today to buy this Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter, and Apple had pulled all other versions off the shelf, so you can only get the later versions for newer machines. (typical Apple move)

    No information on apple.com about the generation difference.
    No information available to Apple Store employees.

    I'd suggest you bring your machine to the store and make sure any adapter fits.
    If there was any reliable information on line (particularly from Apple, where it SHOULD be, but isn't) then I'd say just be careful with matching your machine's specs. But, since they are being deceptive by leaving information out you should NOT buy this adaptor unless you can actually get to a store and try it out.

    I suspect that Apple's marketing team has determined that enough people will just give up and buy a new machine. Be careful. You want to buy some hardware, not a fashion.

    If someone finds a place that reliably shows the difference between generations of laptop Mini-DVI ports, particularly if you find the correct adaptors, please please please post here.

    Until then, be very careful out there people.

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    Doesn't work on all DVI monitors

    • Written by from New Hyde Park

    What it doesn't tell you in the description is that this doesn't work for all DVI plugs, only those that DO NOT have the 4 pins on the top and bottom of the slotted pin. If you have one of those plugs, this will not work.

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    DVI-D not DVI-I

    • Written by from Champaign

    I rate this one star because of lack of transparency. For the record this is DVI-D which means it can do only digital. That is all fine and good, but should be advertised as such. It is not simple DVI nor is it DVI-I (which would be capable of doing anything and would make sense to use if you are advertising DVI) instead it is DVI-D. What does that mean? Well it means that it will work perfectly if you are connecting it to a monitor or projector that is Digital using DVI-D connections. If you have monitors or projectors that have analog VGA connections and you want to use a converter to DVI you are out of luck.

    Apple could have saved you from having to purchase two connectors. Obviously you could purchase both the DVI and the VGA, but you shouldn't have to. If they had made this DVI-I than all would be well with a simple VGA-DVI converter. I don't have a problem with Apple doing this, but I do have a problem with Apple not being transparent about this. Apple put it in your tech specs that it is DVI-D. I shouldn't have to read about this in the comments

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    • Written by

    The cable works fine, easy to hook up. The thing is is that it lowers the graphics to 840 by 524! Everything is blurry. I would rather just sit at desk that have to deal with the resolution. I do not recommend buying the cable, wait for Apple to hopefully change the cable.

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    VERY Disapointed! USELESS!!!

    • Written by from Novi

    Misleading and useless adapter! Will not actually work for most common DVI equipment you have! Bought to use on a DVI monitor and with the DVI adapters I already have for my Macbook Pro, but will not work. Apparently it is a very useless form of the DVI "standard" adapter. Not what is typically expected from Apple at all and it has no warning to tell you. Even the package picture describing DVI end is wrong, it has the 4 pins shown for DVI-i but thy are not there its a DVI-d dual link. Highly disappointed Apple really should fix this to make all of their DVI modifications actually work with the "standard". Unfortunately Apple will try to squeeze extra money out of you to buy 2 more adapters when all you should really need it this ONE!

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    Product misleading, USELESS

    • Written by from Port Orange

    I bought this adapter to connect to a DVI monitor. I attempted to connect the DVI connector to the DVI monitor, but no go. I looked and sure enough, the apple connector has four fewer pins and a wider center pin on one side. It doesn't match my DVI monitor at all! I have owned many DVI devices and never run into this problem before! Every plug i've ever seen that is DVI has been DVI-I since it only makes sense to have extra compatibility including Apple's powerbook output 4+ years ago. Why does this adapter have fewer features when there is no advantage? Even if these pins aren't active, they should at least be there, because it can't even work in Digital mode on most monitors since the pins don't mesh!

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    The adapter is fine. Really.

    • Written by from Edinburgh

    It's the long-time known Apple quality we've come to expect. Which is to be expected considering this is a simple adapter.

    However, it shouldn't even exist in the first place! DVI should be standard on all laptops.

    Also, perhaps more importantly, why did Apple make it so DVI-VGA adapters don't work with this? This means I have to carry 2 extra adapters just so I can use both outputs.

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    • Written by from BANGKOK

    For all those people telling us "one stars" to do research, why is it that Apple isn't publicizing the fact that the female DVI end is actually DVI-D? I'm greatly annoyed now because I've wasted money and it is a pain and inconvenience to spend even more money to head back to the Apple store to return this piece of junk. Why can't they just make one that works? So much for Apple "just works". And why is it that even the diagram on the package has those four analog pins that are actually missing?

    Is it any surprise the only way you can actually discover the true specification of this adapter is from complaints and forums, NOT from Apple. People buy this thing expecting it to work with "DVI" (which is all the information Apple gives us) but why on earth did they not choose to get the more compatible type? It makes me so angry.

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    NOT FOR MACBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Written by from North haven

    so yeah i had to show a keynote at school (totally wish i ad MS office '08 rather than iWork '08) and i needed this addapter to show it because it only had the full size one at school on the LCD projecter, so i want to the media center and asked for the cord.. they took it off an iMac (white previous gen) and it wouldnt fit even though it had the symbol like this |[]| but it wouldnt fit so i was like whatever and i bought this and nope doesnt work with macbook DONT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (well you can if you have an iMac that you'd like to bring to class)

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    Mostly useless

    • Written by from BRUSSELS

    This is a Mini DVI to DVI-D not DVI-I! why can't they make something compatible with the world out there that uses DVI-I ports!

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    Missing pin holes, so useless to me :(

    • Written by from Le Puy Ste Reparade

    I don't like ranting about stuff, but this adapter is very bad.

    I have the following hardware:

    DVI to TVOUT (for mac-mini) Apple
    2x DVI to VGA (mostly for beamers) WIESON & Apple
    standard (I think) DVI cable (came with my 22" display)

    All four parts listed above work great with my mac-mini!
    This adapter is missing the 4 pin holes around the wide horizontal pin on the right-hand side and the wide horizontal pin-hole is not wide enough!

    According to the DVI specification, it is a digital only plug, this however, is not clearly written in the description. The problem is that all my equipment here is dual (digital and analog) like most of the stuff out there! ddwg.org dvi specification page 45 and 46.

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    To those saying reviewers giving 1-star are idiots...

    • Written by from Austin

    I got this product to connect my macbook to an external monitor, knowing that I already had a DVI-VGA adapter. When I tried to connect the two adapters (mini-DVI to DVI and a DVI-VGA), the pins didn't match up and both are useless. Some reviewers are claiming that this incompatibility should be common knowledge...

    Here's the kicker though: on the mini-DVI to DVI product label, it has a graphic showing the pins on the DVI female part and they do NOT match the product. In other words, the label shows that the DVI out should work with my DVI -VGA adapter, but the actual product is missing 4 pins!!!

    This product gets a 1-star for BLATANT FALSE ADVERTISING!

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    Why no DVI-I

    • Written by from Huntsville

    The usefulness of this adapter is seriously limited by the fact that goes to DVI-Digital rather than DVI-Integrated. The mini-DVI connector on the macbook carries both, why can't apple just include the extra wires in this adapter? There's no reason why not to, and I have to buy two over-priced proprietary adaptors rather than just one.

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    • Written by

    On the package of this product, there is a picture of the inputs/outputs. This picture shows the product to be a mini-dvi to dvi-i adapter.

    If you open the package, surprise! It's NOT a mini-dvi to dvi-i adapter. In fact, it's a dvi-D adapter.

    So, I have no choice but to rate this product a 1, not because it doesn't work with a dvi-d, but because its non-standard outputs and deceptive packaging make it a worthless product because you'll end up buying something that you think should work only to get home and realize that you have to return it.

    Apple, please fix your packaging, or pay for the gas and time used to drive back to the store and return this thing.

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    Dead after one month

    • Written by

    I just don't get it
    It worked fine after I purchased this product and my new macbook to plug it into my new Samsung 216BW monitor.
    But after just one month, it stopped working. My monitor is perfectly fine (cause it worked in my other computers) I think there is a problem with the adapter.
    Now when I plug this into my macbook, my macbook shuts down and starts to reboot....and then does this over and over again, so frustrating.

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    won't fit dual link

    • Written by from Toronto

    This adapter does not allow a dual link DVI cable to fit. Poor picture of the connector end or I could have seen that.

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    Works fine for DVI, but...

    • Written by from Toronto

    I had the same problem as som eother reviewers here--I figured it would work with Apple's own DVI to VGA adapter so I could use it for both VGA and DVI. The picture on the packaging shows the number of pins I expected, but the product is different.

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    • Written by from Council Bluffs

    I've been looking forward to receiving this cable in the mail for 2 weeks to hook my flatscreen up to my iMac. No way. The cord is so short that it simply will not reach. Why so CHEAP on the cord length Apple? It might have cost you a few cents to make this a useable length? Now I have to hope I can find an extension. How ridiculous is that?

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