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    Audio & Video by the Mac people whatever

    • Written by from Evansville

    SImple as. I went through some of the pains as many others review here. Having macs for years but never using a display. Having my most recent Intel core duo 2007 mac book and wanting to hook it up to most anything, I finally I bought the apple mini dvi to RGA, the mini dvi to svideo & composite(RCA), and this mini dvi to dvid. Also found I was dealing with an apple female connector and that for most applications had to buy a male dvid to hdmi. Awesome now i can pretty much hook it up to anything. What i found out later was that it didn't matter whether I had the DVI option or not...No sound goes out the video port on macs...Lame. No matter which you use you will always be hooking up both a video adapter and an 1/8 to 1/8 male stereo plug to som headphone jack on whatever you want the sound to come out of. SO having option to hook it up to hdmi does nothing but supposedly give you a better quality video signal. One which I can't tell on anything I have played it on. Used apple for years but unless you are willing to spend 8 grand on apple tv and apple movies you can't use front row easily with regular tv products or simply plug it into yout AUDIO VIDEO system and enjoy..you must use 2 cables.

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    All DVI are not Equal...

    • Written by from Nokomis

    I, like others, have learned the hard way that this adapter, which I bought for my MacBook, only outputs DVI-D, as per another of the reviews. I should have read the reviews in advance. Lesson learned.

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    This is for DVI-D ONLY

    • Written by from Toronto

    Be careful - this adapter can only be used with DVI-D connectors. There is a difference - you can see examples on Wikipedia - search for "Digital Visual Interface".

    DVI-I and/pr DVI-A connectors/cables will NOT work with this adapter.

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    This is DVI-D

    • Written by from la quinta

    This is a Dual Display DVI-D not DVI-I. Not to big of a deal because the adapter is cheap, but beware older DVI monitors probably won't work with this alone. Bad rating cause of the lack of this information on the site.

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    why does Mini DVI exist

    • Written by from Pasadena

    I have this to run dual displays on my imac every time I move my imac in the slightest this cord pops out. It's the biggest annoyance in the world. Also I found it strange that the imac didn't come with one of these since mini DVI in no where near the standard. Other than that its fine.

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    Works, but looks awful

    • Written by from Colchester

    The adapter works fine for me, but it just looks awful sitting on my desk. Either the cable needs to be longer (and more flexible) so that I can tuck it behind my desk OR Apple should make a DVI to Mini-DVI cable that completely replaces the standard DVI cable. This is an ugly wart on my beautiful MacBook.

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    Can't go mini-DVI to DVI to VGA

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Just to clarify what some folks are complaining about. Normally on computers that have full sized DVI output you can just throw on a "DVI to VGA" converter. Unfortunately, you can't use this product to bring a full sized DVI out and THEN throw a DVI to VGA converter on the end of it. If you want the choice of VGA and DVI from your MacBooks you must buy BOTH the "mini-DVI to DVI" AND the "mini-DVI to VGA" adaptors.

    Apple, why, oh why, didn't you just replicate all the typical DVI pins on this adaptor so it really is a converter that would be useful in ALL situations? I love you guys, but sometimes you really aggravate me.

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    • Written by from San Francisco

    Why doesn't Apple or anyone make a normal-length (3' or 6') Mini-DVI to DVI cable? I couldn't find one on the 'net anywhere. All I could find were this cable and versions the same length. (on eBay) This adapter works, but overpriced and wasteful. And my iBook came with a video adapter. My MacBook should have too.

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    Cord too short

    • Written by from New Orleans

    The cable worked fine with a nice crisp picture. Very impressed! But the cord is like 6 inches long. Who could possible use this without an extension? Apple, I think you need to lengthen this cord. Now I have to buy an extension. Really, 6 inches. Come one! I'd have to pull my monitor away from the wall and hold the laptop next to the back in order to use it.

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    Suspect at Best

    • Written by from Jackson

    As others have said, this cable terminates in DVI-D. What this means is that the cheap-o $6 DVI-VGA adapters will not work with this plug. Apple chooses to make it DVI-D so that you will have to buy 2 adapters instead of one. The DVI-I format adapter can pass an analog or digital signal, but alas that wiring type was not used. I've heard there are DVI-D adapters to VGA, but I think they involve buying a box that costs well over $50.

    Bottom line, buy the VGA adapter if you want to connect to a CRT or LCD with a VGA plug.

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    • Written by from Los Gatos

    OK, it works from my iMac Core Duo to a Dell 24" display, but the DVI connector pair makes quite a bulky lump hanging off the back of the iMac. Here's what I really want: a mini-DVI to DVI cable, sans adapter.

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