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    frustrated person.

    • Written by from new haven

    i just came back from nyc to my home in connecticut after buying a
    "mini dvi" to vga adapter for my ibook g4.guess what...IT DOES NOT FIT!!! what is the deal with mac making different mini dvi adapters that look excactly the same but in reality they are a nano meter wider than the other one that, unless you know this, looks like the right one for your machine.heres a novel idea , apple inc...stop trying to be so different, to be so original, that you make longtime customers or any customer for that matter, like myself, get so fed up that they "being me , for whom i can only speak but are surely not alone on this matter" decide to switch to PC just for sanitys sake.by the way those "mac man vs pc man" commercials speak volumes...more than you could have ever known...

    signed,frustrated pc,i mean mac person!

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    Apple Store Man sucks!

    • Written by from Scottsdale

    I just went way out to my "local" apple store and I told the guy working there that I had an iMac G4 and I wanted to get a mini DVI to VGA adapter for it. He showed me this one and I asked at LEAST 3 times if he was absolutley sure that it would work and he said "yes" everytime. I went all the way back home and I try to hook it up and it doesn't fit!! I'm really ticked off!

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    Video Adapters should last longer than 4 months

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    If you order one of these treat it very gently, be careful how you pack it when traveling, etc. My first one broke in 4 months (the wires internal to the rubber cable enclosure shorted - so the screen would drop out certain colors). And then, when I ordered and paid for a replacement, the wrong adapter was shipped to me. The sales web page does not bother to mention that there are different versions of the PowerBook G4, which use different types of video ports (mini-DVI and mini-VGA). Make sure you know which one you need before ordering. An improved sales web page would at least show all the VGA adapters in one place, so one could see all the choices.

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