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    Compatibility issue

    • Written by from Lethbridge

    Although the copy above states:
    "The Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter is designed for use with the iMac (Intel Core Duo), MacBook, and 12-inch PowerBook G4."
    The adapter that came (and works) with my 12" Powerbook G4 (867 MHz) has a different plug configuration than the one on my MacBook. The two are not interchangable. The description could stand to be more specific regarding _which_ models of PBG4 are compatible.
    Both models have worked like a charm for me.

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    BootCamp XP Problem

    • Written by from Lancaster

    Hi, i love hooking the laptop up to the tv, n turning Mirrored Image off. Installed XP Home last night, and thought....Hmmmm maybe i can get M.A.M.E. Killer Instinct on TV!! (Since XP runs like a dream) I plug into my Mini-DVI, and NOTHING but sounds n glitches.. Works GREAT in OSX. Not so sure about XP... (this product gets a deducted star since older laptops had the S-Video built in, without paying the $20)

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    Works good

    • Written by from Bedford

    It works great for my MacBook to my old Dell display. I can't get it to take up the full space on the Dell screen, though. I guess because it needs to be proportional to the MacBook display.

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    Bridging two standards

    • Written by from Oakland

    We use these a lot with our 12" powerbooks, they haven't had any problems at all. However, a warning to those using DVI-based projectors - make *sure* to use a mini-DVI to DVI instead of DVI to VGA to the projector's DVI to VGA cable. This adapter cannot make heads or tails of a converted projector signal, only the original signal.

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    Works ok

    • Written by from Lodi

    it dose exsactl what it say it will do cant ask for much more. Good Product

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