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    • Written by from Haymarket

    at the start there were no problems, now my screen looks like a shortwave radio signal and this only happens on Mac OSX. It does not do it on the Windows partition on the same computer

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    Apple Quality - ???

    • Written by

    I bought this adapter shortly after purchasing my MacBook - after rarely using it for less than 2 years the product is finished - it shorts out, causing the monitor or projector to flash or not show certain colors.
    The fact that this adapter has to be purchased to essentially make the Mac useful with anything VGA is an annoyance in itself - what a money grab!
    And then to have it built so poorly that, after 18 months it needs replacement, is a real irritation.
    This is my first Mac and, if the poor quality of the computer and adapter is any indication, it will also be my last.
    Talk about overpriced trash!

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    • Written by from Whitehouse

    This product worked GREAT... untill it broke.... what happened is i saw NO red channel, so after BENDING IT DOWN, it worked. @3 weeks later, showed red, but NO BLUES! after bending it every single way up, down, left, right, in, out, would not work! I am disatisfied. I will continue to buy apple products and love apple. but, come on apple!
    PS I am buying a new one, i have no choice....

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    Not for Macbook Pro

    • Written by from Pensacola

    Warning: This adaptor doesn't work with the new macbook pro. You should use the DVI to HDMI cable if you are looking to hook your macbook pro up to a flat screen display.

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    Doesn't work with all TV's

    • Written by from Silver Spring

    Works fine for presentations on the LCD projectors I've tried. Connecting to a Sony Bravia--the TV doesn't
    recognize that a computer is connected, and won't allow you to select the PC input (is dimmed). Workaround: Connected a shutdown netbook via 15pin cable, the TV then can figure out that the PC port is live and can then select the PC port input, then switched the cable over to the Mac, and it then works fine. Am guessing there is probably some
    ground or other sense pin that is not properly being seen.

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    6 Month Life Span

    • Written by from Oklahoma City

    This is the second adapter that I have had die at 6 months. The adapter works fine, but is poorly constructed in that it is not very durable. I never flex, bend, fold, twist, etc. the adapter, yet both have stopped passing the red signal. Going to have to buy a third one tomorrow.

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    Resolution Problem

    • Written by from Madison

    It seems like a good product, and i'm not sure if I just have settings wrong on my macbook, my monitor or if i'm doing something else wrong. Either way I can never get the screen resolution right. I've tried all the different resolutions and they all either stretch windows horizontally or vertically. I've read about other people having similar problems but i've never read a solution.

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    How long does it take for Apple to fix something that is obviously faulty?

    • Written by from Edmonton

    Apple has us over a barrel here; the adapter is extremely shoddily made, but it is the only way to attach my macbook to my VGA monitor. As others have written, at first it works very well (for this reason I gave is some stars), but after just a very short while, it begins to "lose red." First it happened when I didn't have the adapter very carefully placed so there were no bends, but I figured that one out very quickly. After a month or so, the colours would change when ever anybody walked by the monitor, shifting the adapter only slightly. After only a week or two of this, it started to change colours all the time on its own. Yesterday I finally connected the new one I had bought immediately, months ago, after reading all of these reviews; I didn't want to be left without one when the first one would inevitably break. I'm now about to order two more for the same reason. How long does it take for Apple to fix a product that EVERYONE has problems with? I shouldn't have to stock up, especially when it costs $25.00 Canadian, plus shipping. I might as well start looking into buying a new monitor with a different connection considering the amount I'm spending on replacing this adapter.

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    A flawed design

    • Written by from cary

    First of all, could they make this cable any shorter? After laying down 20 bux i had to find a radio shack to get a vga extension cable for this cable.... then, it turns out that the mini dvi connecter has just about zero connection strength. move the cable just slightly and out comes the dvi connector... whoever designed this should feel ashamed!

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    Great but...

    • Written by from salem

    for every day use it does not last :( i needed a knew one, 3 1/2 months later... Also it works great when the cord lining doesn't come lose :(

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    Great but doesn't last as long as it should.

    • Written by from suwanee

    This cable is first of all annoying to use because of its way of becoming easily detached at the wrong times. But it worked great for about 6 months then it suddenly screws up and turns the monitor color purple and after a minute of fidgeting with it it will work... then a minute later it wont. Needs improvement

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    Apple have got a little flaky these days...

    • Written by from Knoxville

    I got this adapter shortly after my MacBook, so that I could do presentations and other such things, as well as using the same external monitor I used with my old laptop, and at first I was a little depressed, because the adapter cost $20, half the price of the cable from my monitor to the computer. It worked well enough, however, so I was happy, at least until I had the product for a few months, and the quality of the picture started deteriorating unless the adapter was placed just so.

    My advice to likely purchasers is to treat this adapter better than you'd treat the laptop it's hooked up to -- it works, so long as you don't let it get too poorly handled. Quite frankly, this is not what I expected from a company that has made much of its fortunes from the educational sector, where computers and their peripherals take a lot more abuse than I can dish out.

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    Cable should last longer than 1 month

    • Written by from Topeka

    Hi, I have used this cable a handful of times, (with my 13-inch Macbook) on a Sharp projector, to have the biggest movie screen around. I was with a large group last night and the thing just wouldn't work. Thankfully there was a (gulp) Dell around that had a VGA output so I wasn't completely stranded. Maybe I can get my money back... It worked great, for 3 weeks. Not what I expected from Mac.

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    Dead on Arrival

    • Written by from Doylestown

    Didn't work with my MacBook or any other MacBook I tried. Not a problem with the monitor- it works fine with an iBook and several PC's

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    Great...for a time

    • Written by from New Orleans

    Worked well connecting my 12" G4 PowerBook - it's the ONLY way to connect an external monitor. UNTIL the adapter turned a year old. Poor cord design resulting in some kind of short in the adapter. Now the only way to see anything but an all-purple (or red or yellow) monitor screen is to twist the adapter's cord into a crazy pretzel. Very shoddy manufacturing. If Apple's continuing the use of mini-DVI, they need to devise a better solution than this!

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    . . .

    • Written by from Lakewood

    The Adapter works, but we knew that.

    This came with the ibook but now costs $19. This is not an accessory, it is a necessity. All other laptops can be plugged into an external monitor without having to pay $19 for an adapter. Pretty upsetting, Apple's been getting on my nerves with charging extra for something that should come with the laptop or ipod. Examples: Ipod originally came with a firewire cable, usb cable, and a/c adapter. Now comes with USB cable and costs $30 for the a/c adapter!

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    OK, but not Energy-star compliant

    • Written by from OTTAWA

    I've been using an LG LCD panel as an external display on my first-gen TiBook. Bought a new MacBook, and ordered the Mini-DVI to VGA adaptor so I could continue to use my LCD display. The Adapter works fine, but with one problem - when I sleep (or power-down) the MacBook, the LCD display does not go into low-power mode like it did on the TiBook. The LCD stays on in full-power mode, with a little pop-up warning "no signal". This is disappointing, since Apple claims the MacBook is Energy-star compliant. The MacBook may be, but its accessories should be as well.

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    Doesn't support Windows mode

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Although this adapter works perfectly in MacOS, I can't get it to work in Windows Mode on a MacBook Pro running Boot Camp. Anybody know of a device driver in beta test that I can use?

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