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    • Written by from Calgary

    I have owned a few Logitech Ultrathin keyboards and have loved them. When I upgraded to the iPad Air 2, getting the compatable keyboard was the logical choice. However, they made some changes and NOT for the better. Instead of charging the keyboard once every few month, it now takes watch batteries, which increases the cost as the somewhat expensive batteries need to be replaced at least once a month. The bluetooth connection drops ALOT. As the batteries start to fade, the signal drops constantly. Even with fresh batteries, the drop rate is ridiculous. In writing this short review, I have needed to turn off and turn back on my keyboard twice and I replaced the batteries 10 days ago. You are only as good as your last product, Logitech you have lost me.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stay away from this keyboard

    • Written by from Tigard

    I have had nothing but problems with this keyboard. I wanted a thin keyboard that wouldn't encase my iPad. I thought this would fit the bill. I should have read the reviews. It is not worth the money and should have never been released.

    The rear hinge has MAJOR problems in that the magnet won't hold to the iPad very well and when it is closed onto the iPad, there is a sharp edge that you can literally cut yourself on. It also makes the effective thickness of the iPad greater as it sticks up 3-5 mm above the iPad itself.

    The bluetooth connectivity is HORRIBLE. I have been trying to use it during lectures, conferences, etc and it continually disconnects itself and reconnects unexpectedly. Makes note taking difficult when you aren't looking at the screen to see what you are typing. Worse than the connectivity is the support from Logitech. Their suggestion was to unpair and re pair the device... Oh really???? You don't think we would have thought of that on our own? When you let them know that you have done that, they don't have any other suggestions. Go to the support pages and there are literally dozens of pages of people with the same problem. I have just been working with them to get a refund/new device and it has taken over 8 emails back and forth despite me sending in a receipt as well as all the numbers off the device. They then wanted me to be sure that the numbers were coming off the device and not the box!!!. Not sure what that was all about. I supposedly am getting another one, but I would rather have my money back. Not sure I would buy another Logitech device after this.

    I would not get this keyboard. If you don't mind the case with the keyboard built in, it sounds as if that works better, but I would look for another company if it were me.

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    Rubbish hinge

    • Written by from Mississauga

    I loved my Ultrathin keyboard cover for my iPad 3, expected the same brilliance from this keyboard.

    Unfortunately, the hinge is astoundingly useless with the Air 2. It ends up sitting almost 3mm higher than the iPad when closed, which prevents you from, say, putting it in a carrying bag. Should you foolishly tempt fate by putting your iPad away, you will eventually crush the hinge, snapping it off. Mine lasted about 3 weeks.

    The keyboard also has some bluetooth issues; it will unpair from the keyboard within milliseconds of you typing on it, re-pair after a few seconds after you hit another key, then unpair again. This might go on for 5 minutes until it seemingly decides it'll play nice and work normally.

    I hope Logitech rethinks the hinge and re-releases this keyboard. Don't buy it until they do.

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    Don't buy this product.

    • Written by from Curitiba

    When the ipad this set this keyboard appears and a blade is exposed, this blade fixing the keyboard has a very sharp edge, when I take my iPad in my bag just by flicking on this sharp blade, and cut myself with a and deep cut on my thumb. Absurd for a product that can be handled by people of different ages and children.
    How hurt myself using this keyboard I do not recommend buying this keyboard.

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    What Happened to Logitech?

    • Written by from Tulare

    This is definitely an awful design and I'm terribly disappointed after having loved my iPad 3 Ultrathin. I can live with the weird magnetic hinge thing, but the Bluetooth connection is terribly intermittent. Digital keyboard keeps popping up. Very annoying. I called tech support and they just had me delete the bluetooth connection and reconnect. Notta. I also searched their forum and unfortunately it is a common problem with this keyboard. I wanted to love it. I would return it but I can't drive all the way back to Fresno to do it. Now I need to start searching for another lightweight keyboard.

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    Terrible hinge design. A step backwards.

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I have been a huge fan of the older version of this Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard cover (the one for the iPad 2) for years now. Honestly, that is a 5-star product and I cannot recommend it highly enough. However, this version of the keyboard for the iPad Air 2 is absolutely terrible. I got a new iPad recently and wanted to get the newer version of the case that would work with the thinner iPad Air 2. But Logitech has ruined an amazing product with an inferior hinge design and weaker magnets.

    The hinge on the older version of the keyboard was smooth edged and very sturdy. When you clipped it to your iPad and closed it, it was flush with the edge. It stuck out about the same amount as the Smart Cover did. However, the new hinge is bigger, has a sharp edge and sticks out from the back of the iPad by a considerable amount when closed. So not only is it uncomfortable to hold (sharp edge), but when I tried to slide it into the neoprene case I use when I travel, it caught on the case. No matter which direction you put it in the case, it's going to get caught either going into the case or coming out of it. And it's not like it was a new case. The iPad Air 2 is thinner than my old iPad, so there should theoretically be more room, since I used the same case. But it didn't make a difference. Still gets caught.

    I understand what they were trying to do when they added that sharp edge to the hinge. They wanted it to lie flat and flush when the keyboard is in use. But that is kind of a useless consideration in my opinion because when your iPad is in the slot, and you're using the keyboard, the hinge is behind the iPad. You can't see it. And you're not going to be moving it around a lot, so it's not like it can get in the way of anything. I'd rather have the hinge be flush when the case is closed rather than flush when it's open.

    I also feel that the magnets on this case are weaker. The iPad did not feel as secure in its slot when the keyboard is in use. And when the case is closed, the weaker hinge magnet combined with the fact that the sharp edge keeps getting caught on things makes me think this case is more likely to be dislodged.

    My boyfriend was thoughtful enough to get me this case to go with my new iPad Air 2, but sadly, I have had to return the keyboard since I am so unhappy with the new design. If Logitech were to make a version of their iPad 2 case with a thinner slot that works for the iPad Air 2, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But this particular design is a no go.

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