• 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Calgary

    I have owned a few Logitech Ultrathin keyboards and have loved them. When I upgraded to the iPad Air 2, getting the compatable keyboard was the logical choice. However, they made some changes and NOT for the better. Instead of charging the keyboard once every few month, it now takes watch batteries, which increases the cost as the somewhat expensive batteries need to be replaced at least once a month. The bluetooth connection drops ALOT. As the batteries start to fade, the signal drops constantly. Even with fresh batteries, the drop rate is ridiculous. In writing this short review, I have needed to turn off and turn back on my keyboard twice and I replaced the batteries 10 days ago. You are only as good as your last product, Logitech you have lost me.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprisingly mediocre keyboard

    • Written by from San Luis Obispo

    Having been a very happy user of the Logitech ultra thin keyboards on a few older iPads, I was surprised to read the negative reviews about it. Unfortunately, those reviews are right. This is a surprisingly mediocre keyboard.

    I don't have a longer term review of it, because I am actually returning this keyboard. These are my problems with the keyboard:

    The iPad is wobbly when actually used. This is more annoying than anything else, but for me impairs the user experience.

    The magnetic cover mechanism is difficult to close. I found that I had to very carefully slide the iPad into the magnetic latch. There were times when I thought it was latched but in reality it wasn't.

    The magnetic cover mechanism is not solid. The iPad slides around quite easily. I was afraid that it would come apart just from carrying it.

    On the positives, the typing feel is quite good and the function keys are useful. It pairs easily and looks very good.

    However, for me, the negatives outweighed the positives, especially when compare to the older Ultrathin models.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Stay away from this keyboard

    • Written by from Tigard

    I have had nothing but problems with this keyboard. I wanted a thin keyboard that wouldn't encase my iPad. I thought this would fit the bill. I should have read the reviews. It is not worth the money and should have never been released.

    The rear hinge has MAJOR problems in that the magnet won't hold to the iPad very well and when it is closed onto the iPad, there is a sharp edge that you can literally cut yourself on. It also makes the effective thickness of the iPad greater as it sticks up 3-5 mm above the iPad itself.

    The bluetooth connectivity is HORRIBLE. I have been trying to use it during lectures, conferences, etc and it continually disconnects itself and reconnects unexpectedly. Makes note taking difficult when you aren't looking at the screen to see what you are typing. Worse than the connectivity is the support from Logitech. Their suggestion was to unpair and re pair the device... Oh really???? You don't think we would have thought of that on our own? When you let them know that you have done that, they don't have any other suggestions. Go to the support pages and there are literally dozens of pages of people with the same problem. I have just been working with them to get a refund/new device and it has taken over 8 emails back and forth despite me sending in a receipt as well as all the numbers off the device. They then wanted me to be sure that the numbers were coming off the device and not the box!!!. Not sure what that was all about. I supposedly am getting another one, but I would rather have my money back. Not sure I would buy another Logitech device after this.

    I would not get this keyboard. If you don't mind the case with the keyboard built in, it sounds as if that works better, but I would look for another company if it were me.

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    Rubbish hinge

    • Written by from Mississauga

    I loved my Ultrathin keyboard cover for my iPad 3, expected the same brilliance from this keyboard.

    Unfortunately, the hinge is astoundingly useless with the Air 2. It ends up sitting almost 3mm higher than the iPad when closed, which prevents you from, say, putting it in a carrying bag. Should you foolishly tempt fate by putting your iPad away, you will eventually crush the hinge, snapping it off. Mine lasted about 3 weeks.

    The keyboard also has some bluetooth issues; it will unpair from the keyboard within milliseconds of you typing on it, re-pair after a few seconds after you hit another key, then unpair again. This might go on for 5 minutes until it seemingly decides it'll play nice and work normally.

    I hope Logitech rethinks the hinge and re-releases this keyboard. Don't buy it until they do.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't buy this product.

    • Written by from Curitiba

    When the ipad this set this keyboard appears and a blade is exposed, this blade fixing the keyboard has a very sharp edge, when I take my iPad in my bag just by flicking on this sharp blade, and cut myself with a and deep cut on my thumb. Absurd for a product that can be handled by people of different ages and children.
    How hurt myself using this keyboard I do not recommend buying this keyboard.

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    What Happened to Logitech?

    • Written by from Tulare

    This is definitely an awful design and I'm terribly disappointed after having loved my iPad 3 Ultrathin. I can live with the weird magnetic hinge thing, but the Bluetooth connection is terribly intermittent. Digital keyboard keeps popping up. Very annoying. I called tech support and they just had me delete the bluetooth connection and reconnect. Notta. I also searched their forum and unfortunately it is a common problem with this keyboard. I wanted to love it. I would return it but I can't drive all the way back to Fresno to do it. Now I need to start searching for another lightweight keyboard.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Keyboard is excellent, hinge is questionable at best

    • Written by from Burlington

    I've looked at several BT keyboards / cases for the iPad over time, and I thought I'd give this unit a try. First, the keyboard itself. The typing experience on this keyboard is excellent, given the restrictions it has (ie, it's thin, so key travel isn't as extensive as a traditional desktop keyboard). I haven't had the chance to test out the Clamcase Pro, but in comparing the Logitech Ultrathin to the Zagg and similar external keyboards, the Logitech Ultrathin wins hands down.

    The downsides to this unit however may eventually outweigh the positives.

    Downside number one is with the hinge (as mentioned by others). In order for it to lay flat when the iPad is being used, you end up with a hinge that effectively adds a few mm to the thickness of the device when it's in my laptop bag. It's not a show-stopper, but the magnets themselves don't appear to be very strong. So it's not unusual to have the Ultrathin keyboard cover and iPad come apart in my laptop bag.

    The bigger downside for me is the poor physical connection when you're actually using the keyboard itself. The iPad Air 2 doesn't fit well into the "slot", and more than once I've found that pushing on the touchscreen has resulted in my iPad Air 2 falling out of the keyboard slot, and landing on my desk / table.

    As a keyboard, it's excellent. However the poor hinge design, as well as the very poor "grip" the unit has on the iPad Air 2 when it's being used is enough for me to recommend looking elsewhere.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Almost as good as the previous version

    • Written by from Falls Church

    I like the keyboard and it really changes how I use my iPad day to day. I find I'm using it for my tasks when I have the keyboard. I was surprised to find out it has a built in non-rechargable battery with an estimated 2 year life span when used 2 hours a day. I suspect it will last at least as long as it takes for another iPad form factor to come out and I'll need a new keyboard anyway.

    The previous version required occasionally plugging it into a USB port for re-charging worked well and I was able to go months between charges. I did note Logitech says the battery can be replaced as well.

    The only negative is the sharp edge of the magnetic clip when it is attached to the iPad. It is noticeably sharper than the previous version and makes it uncomfortable to hold on that edge. The previous version had a softer edge that felt better to me.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall design is fine, but expected more

    • Written by from la mesa

    I do like the slim design and overall function of the keyboard. The board should have back lite features and the cap key for sure, when in use. The two year battery life is fine as long as batteries can be replaced. I have emailed Logitech three times and they don't seem to know their own products- saying that the batteries are rechargeable. Other than that a pretty good companion to the iPad Air 2.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible hinge design. A step backwards.

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I have been a huge fan of the older version of this Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard cover (the one for the iPad 2) for years now. Honestly, that is a 5-star product and I cannot recommend it highly enough. However, this version of the keyboard for the iPad Air 2 is absolutely terrible. I got a new iPad recently and wanted to get the newer version of the case that would work with the thinner iPad Air 2. But Logitech has ruined an amazing product with an inferior hinge design and weaker magnets.

    The hinge on the older version of the keyboard was smooth edged and very sturdy. When you clipped it to your iPad and closed it, it was flush with the edge. It stuck out about the same amount as the Smart Cover did. However, the new hinge is bigger, has a sharp edge and sticks out from the back of the iPad by a considerable amount when closed. So not only is it uncomfortable to hold (sharp edge), but when I tried to slide it into the neoprene case I use when I travel, it caught on the case. No matter which direction you put it in the case, it's going to get caught either going into the case or coming out of it. And it's not like it was a new case. The iPad Air 2 is thinner than my old iPad, so there should theoretically be more room, since I used the same case. But it didn't make a difference. Still gets caught.

    I understand what they were trying to do when they added that sharp edge to the hinge. They wanted it to lie flat and flush when the keyboard is in use. But that is kind of a useless consideration in my opinion because when your iPad is in the slot, and you're using the keyboard, the hinge is behind the iPad. You can't see it. And you're not going to be moving it around a lot, so it's not like it can get in the way of anything. I'd rather have the hinge be flush when the case is closed rather than flush when it's open.

    I also feel that the magnets on this case are weaker. The iPad did not feel as secure in its slot when the keyboard is in use. And when the case is closed, the weaker hinge magnet combined with the fact that the sharp edge keeps getting caught on things makes me think this case is more likely to be dislodged.

    My boyfriend was thoughtful enough to get me this case to go with my new iPad Air 2, but sadly, I have had to return the keyboard since I am so unhappy with the new design. If Logitech were to make a version of their iPad 2 case with a thinner slot that works for the iPad Air 2, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. But this particular design is a no go.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as advertised

    • Written by from Burnaby

    This is a cover that protects the front surface of your iPad Air 2, and is held on securely with magnets much like Apple's own Smart Covers. The product has a hidden hinge which lies flat on the keyboard until you slide the edge of iPad Air towards it. The hinge automatically raises in anticipation of meeting the edge of the iPad where upon it snaps securely onto the side.

    There is a slot just behind the keyboard that holds the iPad securely with magnets. This only works in landscape mode with the home button to the right of the keyboard. The iPad can be put in the slot with the home button to the left, however lifting the iPad vertically will remove it from the docking slot. When inserted properly the keyboard will accompany the iPad if you lift the iPad and move it.

    The iPad can be in the vertical orientation, however it is not particularly stable in that configuration. It does stay in the slot and is not at risk of falling out if the base is stable, but it does not fill one with confidence, especially evident when the slot is rotated rearward and sitting on a soft surface.

    On that note, the slot does tilt rearward. The slot rotates back a few degrees, however it retains it's place purely due to frictional resistance. It can be difficult to give it that initial rearward rotation and requires a decent amount of force to return it to the "cover" position. Many times I neglect to return it to the downward position and the cover doesn't sit flat until I remove it and push down the slot so it fits flush. A mechanical ratcheting mechanism with the release in the magnetic hinge would be preferred.

    The keyboard has a nice tactile feel, and has smart keys at the top where normally function keys would reside. From left to right there is a home button, multi tasking, siri, search, an "internet globe" key that doesn't seem to perform any function, a show/hide keyboard button, screenshot, playback (forward, play/pause, forward), volume keys (mute, lower, raise), and finally a lock button.

    The keyboard does not come with sufficient documentation, not written in the package itself nor is there any manual available on the logitech website online. There is no explanation of what any of the special keys on the keyboard do for example there are clear cut/copy/paste icons on the keys but I do not know how to make those features work. The manual consists of a wordless pamphlet with simple pictures that are supposed to indicate how to attach and use the keyboard. I could figure out what they wanted me to accomplish with the pictures, but many people would find it unclear and there is no excuse to be so deficient on product documentation.

    The keyboard contains 2 non-rechargable lithium coin batteries purported to last 2 years of 2 hours a day usage. One assumes the keyboard will shut off into power saving mode after a period of time however without any documentation to support this assertion I manually shut the keyboard off when I not using it.

    TL;DR - Product works, attaches firmly, is of high quality and is recommended.

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