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    Battery issue FIX

    • Written by from Swift current

    Step 1 calm down
    Step 2 remove battery from unit
    Step 3 take a thin long flat screwdriver in one hand and the mini drone in the other hand
    Step 4 locate the battery connector pins
    Step 5 gently push the outside 2 pins inward slightly so that they make better contact with the battery terminals
    Step 6 reconnect and fully charge battery (1 hour min.)
    step 7 update FreeFlight 3 software
    Step 8 update Parrot mini drone firmware
    Step 9 enjoy

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    Best mini drone out there.

    • Written by from Oakland

    Super fun and really easy to set up and use. I also have the Parrot 2 but for indoor use this little guy rocks.

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    Take it from an expert, awesome "toy."

    • Written by from Port orange

    Why am I an expert you might ask? Well I am a 25 year old aerospace engineering grad student that does a lot of work with quadcopter/octocopter UAS's, or as some like to say "drones" (such an ugly hateful word.) So I like to tell myself that I know a thing or two about these things. But one thing I know for sure is that I absolutely love this thing, probably mostly because I'm a huge nerd but also because it is the most impressive remote controlled toy I have ever used. It spins, it turns, its does flips, it takes pictures (no video), it menacingly blinks LEDs at you and it does this all while FLYING, it doesn't get any cooler than that.

    So enough fanboying about it, there's probably things you want to know:
    1. The battery life: usually 6-8 minutes: you may not think that isn't very long, however, even large professional quadcopter rigs fly relatively the same flight time. There's math that i could show you behind all of that but I'm sure you don't want to get into that.
    2. The camera: It does take pictures! The pictures are low res and but still high enough quality that you will want to post them on instagram and facebook and it can store many pictures on the little thing. I'm not exactly sure how many but more than you will ever need to store. It does not take video nor stream video back to the phone you are controlling it with. This would be cool if it could do that, however there is probably good reason it doesn't have this function, such as power issues.
    3. It is very easy to fly: It took me about 2 flights to get very comfortable with flying it. It has 3 other control modes for when you get better at flying it and need to chase your sister or girlfriend or parents or burglars around the house quickly.
    4. It does acrobatics just by touching the screen! It will flip forward, backward, left and right just by double tapping the screen. These tricks are fun and impressive (just don't tell people how simple they are to perform)
    5. It is DURABLE: Okay so i broke the wheels that you can attach to it because i tried to flip to the right with them on and it didn't work out, so i don't recommend you try it (smashed into some furniture) but who needs the wheels anyways! I have crashed the thing many times into countless things and it just keeps going. Even if something does break, Parrot sells every part on the thing separately and modular so you don't have to replace the entire thing if you somehow snap an arm (which i think might be impossible).

    This thing is AWESOME. I would highly suggest purchasing it for absolutely anyone who enjoys having fun (i know that's broad but I mean it.) I would especially recommend it for any aviation buff or aspiring engineer or your son/daughter/nephew/niece who is young and easily entertained. It's overly enjoyable, extremely durable and the most impressive quadcopter or RC toy you can buy for the price. So this holiday season, forget the old RC trucks, this has them beat by a long shot.

    I hope this helped, because I know most reviews don't.

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    • Written by from DORAL

    Great drone for indoor use.

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    Best Minidrone ever!

    • Written by from Georgetown

    I have currently had my parrot rolling spider for the past 2 months and I have to say, best Minidrone I have ever flown!, the controls are stable indoors and out. And it is even better with the wheels!, when I first tried it out. I had no clue on how to operate it. But within 5 minutes I was flying about my living room, worry free. I have no problems with the Bluetooth, and it is really cool to fly with your iPhone. It brings a whole new level to the word "drone" it is a very cool product, and I can't wait to use it even more in the near future. It is well worth the money. I would recommend this to anyone who is willing to have fun.

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    Tahir Besok

    • Written by from İstanbul

    I have a Parrot Minidrone Rolling Spider, and its name is Corvus :) Really cool stuff to have! Parrot minidrone rocks!

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    Perfect gadget for helicopter lovers

    • Written by from Dubai

    Smooth to drive and easy to control, definitely recommended

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    The Minidrone to Have!

    • Written by from East Hills

    This has so far been the best miniature quadcopter that I have flown. It stays steady when in air which makes it easy to fly indoors and can withstand light winds when outdoors which is great. The control you have over the vehicle is amazing and the flips make it even more phone to play around with and show off. The camera on the bottom is also really fun, you can crowd under with a bunch of people and get an aerial view which you can't do with many devices. All in all well worth the $100 to have a little fun.

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    Best Thing ever!

    • Written by from West Grove

    Love this thing! Such a stress reliever, I find myself flying it on my lunch break everyday! On those tough days at the office it sure helps me let off some steam! Defiantly worth every penny! And so rigid... Takes a spill and comes back asking for more! Easy to fly and so intuitive!

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    Fun Toy!

    • Written by from Dinuba

    This is a fun great drone to play with especially if it's your hobby.

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    Very fun for all ages

    • Written by from Stittsville

    This drone is very small, which makes it ideal for flying indoors. The wheels prevent the rotors from hitting obstacles, and you can roll it along the ceiling or walls, etc. There is even a small on-board camera that you can use to take photos! The app uses Bluetooth and connects very easily. The drone is easy to control using the accelerometer or joystick mode, and you can even perform flips in mid-air. The battery life is a bit short, so it would be good to get a second battery.

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    • Written by from las vegas

    Right out of the box, this RTF quad mini drone is a real treat. It features a GYRO stabilized self-hover in the event of releasing the controls. User friendly Free-Flight 3 app for iOS and Android, connects via Bluetooth 4.0, built in camera capable of still photo and video to on board storage, updates to firmware by connecting to any USB port with included ULTRA fast DATA connect cable that is also used to download photos or video. LiPo hard shell battery charges in 1 to 3 hours (depending on USB power output) and gives you approximately 10-15 min flight time (I got almost 20 min per charge) has a DROP -N-FLY mode that is SUPER COOL! With a double tap on the free flight controls it will do a flip maneuver in whatever direction you choose.

    This Rolling mini spider is a treat to fly has several user settings for flight controls (depending on pilot skill) and a Rolling mode for rolling across floors walls and ceiling. The Drop-n-Fly mode is so easy to use it flies itself!! Set the Drop-n-fly mode by one button on the control screen and toss the Rolling Spider into the air... IT WILL TAKE OFF IN MID DROP AND HOVER IN PLACE! Until you are ready to take the controls.
    This unit is VERY stable in flight as well as very durable ( I took mine to max altitude about 30ft. and did an emergency cut out of motors and was fine it has been built to take the abuse of a crash over and over. SUPER light agile and VERY FAST!!

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    • Written by from Santa ana

    This is a really fun quad copter. It's really easy to drive and it withstands a lot I wou know because I've put it through it's paces.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Paris

    I never tried a drone in my life. This is an amazing toy and now all my little cousin want a drone for Christmas !

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    GREAT but not perfect...

    • Written by from North Hollywood

    I was really excited to be one of the first people to purchase the Parrot Drone and quite honestly the presentation is top notch. Flying the drone with the protected wheels on is super easy and user-friendly but understanding the advanced functions was a bit challenging even for a seasoned tech guy like myself. The drone ones to reach a certain height when you first turn it on and that was not a problem until I took the wheels off and it hit my ceiling. After falling to the ground it broke but I was able to repair it quite easily. Controlling this from my iPhone was easy but understanding the range was impossible. When it goes out of range it simply flies away from you. I had one day of fun with it before I lost it on the roof of an apartment building nearby. It would be awesome if it knew to come back to you or even hotter if going out of range. I would say it was about 30 feet out. Other than that I think it is very stable and durable. I just wish I could get mine back :/ I recommend keeping the wheels on no matter what for your first 10 flights at least. Oh and one more thing Parrot, LONGER BATTERY LIFE!! Please and thank you :) Great product tho!

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    • Written by from Singapore

    Thanks PARROT group to make such a fun toy if the battery life can be longer will be better.

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    Super Stable

    • Written by

    This is the most intuitive and stable quad copter I have ever flown! Very fun to fly.

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    • Written by from Mount sinai


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    very fun product

    • Written by from sylmar

    it really fun product , but the battery should last longer at least 30 min , 8 to 10min is not enough , but very fun Im happy with it

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    Coolest mini-drone ever

    • Written by from Dana Point

    1) To start, this drone is so much smaller than you think. I can easily wrap the palm of my hand around it. 2) It is the easiest thing to connect, it connects automatically within seconds. 3) The wheels that attach that help you go on the ceiling are extremely fun to use. 4) The only downside is that you really only get a solid 8-10 minutes to use it before it dies.

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