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    battery problem 30 seconds and it stops

    • Written by from Las Condes

    Couldn't get the drone flying more than 30 seconds even after a full night of charging. Anyone got this problem solved? the this is close to new I used 2 times before this no crashed seems fine but pbattery % drop very quickly until it stops. a real shame...

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    Battery lasts in 3 ( three ) seconds

    • Written by from Istanbul

    3 days after receiving the spider, battery died. Battery level indicater of Free Flight 3 shows "critical" and the drone is landed after three seconds of flight even when the battery was full before.. This issue is quite common and may be a software issue as it began after I upgraded software to 1.0.103

    But the toy is great if it flies. Controls are intuitive and easy. The body and propellers are robust.
    Package does not include a spare propeller set.

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    Use with caution

    • Written by from Winchester

    I have multiple in door helicopters and thought this looked fun. Firstly the camera is not what I expected it faces directly down but I have not tested this properly yet. I tried this for the first in a large open living room with the safety wheels on. Initially all looked good but a sudden surge in power took the bot across the room. Dispute killing the power it went into my 5 year old son lacerating his arms. Unlike most helicopters this has short thick Blades and will cause damage on impact. Use with care.

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    Cool but still needs improvement

    • Written by from hayward

    I purchased this item when it was first offered. When I received it in the mail i was surprised to see how small it was compared to others. The first problem i saw was that to charge the device you would have to plug it in your laptop. The second problem was unless you plan to use it with an iOS device do not bother. To link it up with the device was close to impossible and the app. would always crash. Making updates close to impossible. The biggest problem was the battery life, on a full charge i would be able to use it for tops 3 mins before the battery life would be down to zero. It still needs a lot of work to be done.

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    Uncontrolled climb watch out !!!

    • Written by from seattle

    So I've had it for two days and today I almost lost it . I was flying it at a local park when it took off climbed to about 50ft rolled over on its back nose diveed into a tree . Hitting a few branches on the way down. It survived unscathed. Then I rebooted it it took and it shot skyward at full throttle until I lost sight it of it ( altitude at least 75-100 ft ) I walked several blocks in the general direction it was heading and just as I was walking home getting ready to print lost Lost Drone posters I found on the sidewalk 700ft from its launch point . I'm totally amazed I found it was completely in tact with 42% battery remaining. I took it home set max altitude to 1m and it took off like a rocket and smashed into ceiling. So until Talk to Parrot it not flying outside again.

    Pros:Its durable
    Cons: It might fly away from you and never come back / poor documentation

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