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    Pretty cool car

    • Written by from Beavercreek

    I just got Corax, along with the Crossroads track, and it is nice. The car is great, and relatively tough. As they state, you have to beat this car on medium or hard settings to unlock it. That being said, it was not too challenging to beat because I have been racing and upgrading my other cars, particularly Rho for several months now. So when I went up against Corax, I was able to beat it the first battle I had, but it did take a while and it was difficult to nail it. I still like the car, and would say it is becoming my favorite, that is until I get Hadion and see how it handles. My recommendation is, if you want a real challenge against Corax, use a car that had few upgrades, or try beating it on hard setting. I am also writing a review of the new crossroads track!

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