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    Very Nice Sounding Headphones, But a Bit Flimsy

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    So, what do you get from B & O for just over $100? I wondered the same thing. The answer so far is you get a comfortable, very good sounding on-ear headphone with a unique form factor. The clarity and precision of these phones is quite nice and i find them to be pretty sonically neutral. Not too bright - not too boomy (as seems to be the inexplicable current trend). And I think they look nice (in white).

    I'm disappointed with the build quality and don't expect these to hold up to any abuse or even long-term use. NOT for exercise - I wear them on a public transit commute. The cord is very, very thin. The headband lacks sufficient tension for me so it slips forward and needs frequent readjustment. And I'm pretty sure that there's a fair amount of sound bleeding from the earphones considering their design. Overall, a 3.5 from me. Giving a 4 rather than 3 here in generosity and due to the option of upgrading to a 3 year warranty from B&O.

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