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    used for 6 months now

    • Written by from DULUTH

    I bought the Lifeproof nuud case for a trip I took to Central America this past summer. I was a bit skeptical that this case was waterproof, but I was sure it would be protected from water damage in my book bag if I got caught in the rain. Plus the case was sturdy and it would protect my iPad from accidental drops since I needed a sturdy case as well. I was skeptical when I did the water test as instructed before installing the case to ensure the case has no defects. The case passed the test, but I still wasn't sure it would actually survive being dunked in water because maybe I would make a mistake installing it.

    I took my iPad to Central America and found the case to be sturdy for daily use. I had no concerns of its ruggedness while traveling. I got caught in the rain a few times, and the nuud case protected my iPad from water damage (it doesn't hurt my book bag has a vinyl cover protecting it from rain too). Finally, after a week of traveling, I got to officially test out the waterproof feature of the case. We took a trip out to a lake and I took my iPad along to take pictures. I figured the case should protect my iPad from splashes from everyone swimming around by the boats as long as the iPad stayed on the boats. My normal digital camera would not be "ok" in these conditions. After taking a few pictures from the boat, my friends kept goading me to join them in the water. After a long moment of reflection (and the hope that if the case fails LifeProof would hook me up) I jumped into the lake with my iPad in the nuud case. Just to assail all thoughts and fears, I'm typing now on my iPad in the nuud case. The case protected my iPad! The case however does not make underwater photography look good (they were horribly blurry). I took a few test pictures underwater and they were all blurry. It worked as advertised! I didn't try take it deeper then about a foot because there was no point in taking more blurry pictures. I've taken the case into another lake a few months back. The seals still worked.

    I use the case as my only case now for my iPad Air. I'd only recommend it if you think you'll want to use your iPad near water (or when you are in water). It's a good sturdy case too, but you can find a cheaper one I'm sure. I didn't try a depth test, and the blurry photos right under the water give me no desire to try at a deeper depth.

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    Totally Worth it!!

    • Written by from MISSOURI CITY

    I bought this case as a replacement for a protection plan and this was so much better. Any way you drop it, back, front, side, thrown :D, it is always protected. IT EVEN WORKS UNDERWATER which was awesome! Defiantly was worth it.

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    The is the best case for your iPad Air, hands down!!

    • Written by from Greenville

    I simply love this Lifeproof nuud case for my iPad. I had originally bought the Otterbox case first but did not like the rainbow effect it has on the screen. I bought this case straight from Lifeproof with no problems. Yes at $129 for a case sounds steep but if it's going to protect my iPad i do not mind the cost. I did not buy it for the water. I bought it for the sole purpose of protection it gives and the lightness without the bulk like Otterbox.

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