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    Slightly disappointed

    • Written by from YORKTOWN HEIGHTS

    I have had a 16g spacepack on my 16g 5s for a few days now, I primarily purchased it for the storage aspect, as the battery life has never really been an issue. And honestly it works great, syncs my photos and videos automatically which frees up the memory on the actual phone for me to add whatever music I want. My beef is with the battery, I am not exaggerating when I say that my battery life has been worse with this thing on, the phone dies about two hours earlier than without the case at all. Hoping I have a defective unit, I am Going to exchange it for a new one and probably upgrade to the 32g model, fingers crossed that I just have a dud because this thing is great. I don't mind having to wait a whole second to load 1 of 3k photos from an external device nor that I can't fit a file larger than 4gb file on there. One more thing, if it was possible to make this case why not have a micro sd slot instead? Maybe that's crossing the line with apple lol

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