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    • Written by from Oakland

    The thermometer works well and the hardware is good quality (plastic but not weak). Cables will not melt, base is solid, battery life should be long, and cable wrap is handy. I am pleased with the iDevice and would buy it again.

    Pros: I have used it for casseroles, roasts, and hamburgers. I have used both a single probe and two probes and both work well. The software is set-up to give the user a choice of dishes and standard temperatures the meat should reach. Using the two probes the app is set-up so that It is easy to distinguish the two dishes and easy to add your own description to the list of dishes and temperatures. I.e. if you have a favorite dish, say a taco casserole that should be heated to 160 degrees, it is easy to store and save. When one of the two dishes is done, the app displays which one on which probe.

    Possible con: Be aware that the blue tooth range is 10 to 12 meters, so it will not work too far from the kitchen area. I.e. if your kitchen is in the back and party in the front this will not work if it's much more than 10 meters. But it is great for sitting down and working while the roast bakes. No more getting up to check. And if someone else is in the kitchen, they can still read the base station without using a smart phone.

    Con: My one complaint is that the software to set the temperature is not intuitive. The most basic aspect of the software should be intuitive. And it is not in the manual. I had to fiddle around with app for a good 5 minutes before finding the screen where the temperature is set. There are three step to get to it: First hit the circle around the probe number, then hit the "Edit" button, and then the "Preset" button. What "edit" has to do with temperature setting, I don't know. And why "preset" rather than "set". But a change of these buttons would do the trick. The software engineers should ask their Moms.

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