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    Great underwater video

    • Written by from Lexington

    Just bought this before a Christmas beach trip knowing the reputation of LifeProof. I have to say, the videos from my iPhone 5s were better than what I was seeing through a snorkeling mask. Absolutely amazing case and gives me a lot of confidence. They recommend programming touch before, but I would recommend redoing after in the case because of the spacing.
    If using while snorkeling you must get into camera or video before going under as screens don't work in water, but buttons do. Also, keep the phone in motion so the screen doesn't shut off or you will have to float and try to unlock, etc.
    Highly recommend, even though it is $90.

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    Great Case, But Let Me Clear Up Some Myths For Prospective Buyers

    • Written by from Oceanside

    It's a great case. Like most other protective cases, you may need to play with the vibrate switch in order for it to work right. I see alot of people complaining about this and other things:

    Myth #1) Control Center wont work, no matter how hard I try.
    Fact #1) If you slide your finger down the ridge on the bottom of the case and onto the screen and then up the screen, you'll have no issue with Control Center. Starting off with your finger already on the screen won't trigger the control center.

    Myth #2) The charging port door is super hard to get off.
    Fact #2) While it may be a little difficult, I'd rather it be a little tough and stay closed under water than a little loose and open up under water. Also, it isnt that tough to open once you get the hang of it. Get your fingernail in the groove on the top and push down as the nail pulls out on the tab. It's fairly simple.

    Myth #3) The screen protector is really cheap and is a lint magnet.
    Fact #3) If you apply it right, you will not have any lint under the protector. It's the installer's fault for getting lint under the protector and should not be blamed on the scrren protector and a quality issue. I, personally, installed the protector with the case already on. I wiped the screen donw with a microfiber cloth that is included then a can of air to get rid of lint. I followed the instructions from that point and "bam", the protector is on without any lint.

    Myth #4) The vibrate/mute switch doesnt work.
    Fact #4) The vibrate/mute switch works just fine. You will need to play with it for a minute for it to fully get seated into the case. If you expect it to work right when you put the phone in, it most likely wont. Patience is key.

    Myth #5) The Touch ID hole is not big enough/won't scan my finger/is off center.
    Fact #5) The Touch ID on this case is made to work while also keeping the case waterproof. It's not perfect, but it works 90% of the time for me. If the phone is in the case and the hole is not centered, as some have said, I'd exchange it for a different case, as it is perfectly centerd on mine. The top of the Touch ID ring is covered, but I'd guesstimate it to be around 1mm or 2mm that is covered. Not enough to affect true preformance. If you have your finger scanned properly, you shouldnt have an issue with it reading your print. The hole is big enough to scan my fingers and I have pretty big hands.

    Hopefully this helped clear up some myths that lower rating reviews have stated. The only one that I didnt address was the Mic issue for talking on the phone. It does seem to affect call quality, but unless you talk very quietly or whisper, you won't have an issue making a call. Good luck on your new purchase, whatever it may be, and have a great day.

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    Beautiful and protective... perfect!

    • Written by from Miami

    I bought this case directly from Lifeproof a couple of days after it was released. I'd just purchased a Silver iPhone 5s and wanted a case that would make my phone look good, but above all--PROTECT IT without added bulk/weight. After much research I new this was the case: it was super light and had a minimalist design that complemented the phone perfectly, meanwhile keeping it completely protected.

    It is very expensive, but it is worth it. The quality is spectacular. I did the recommended water test and it really works (not a single drop of water after 30 mins under pool water)! I'm not active at all, and I don't plan to be outdoors but I like having the security that my phone is protected no matter what. If you care that your phone looks stunning but want to protect as much as possible, then this is your case.

    Something to note, it says on the box to do the touch scan BEFORE you put on the case, otherwise you will have a very hard time getting your finger read. I did just that and my finger is read just fine once the case was on (however, it takes more than 1 try, but I was having that problem already).

    All in all, I totally recommend you buy this case. Why? It complements the aesthetics of the phone really well while protecting it.

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    What's Everybody Complaining About?

    • Written by from Rockford

    This case is great. I purchased it directly from LifeProof's website. The green and clear gray case looks great. The nüüd case works great. No complaints from the other end that I sound muffled. Took a shower with the phone so I can listen to music, no damage.

    Unlike some people on here, LifeProof directs you to make sure your case is still waterproof by using the dummy phone that came with the packaging. That'd eliminate half of peoples complaints about this case. In my case, the dummy phone stayed dry and cool when I left it underwater for a minute like the instructions tell you.

    TouchID still works great with the case and I did not have to delete and re-register my fingerprints.

    I did, however drop my phone onto concrete after stopping by my local coffee establishment. I am grievously sad to report that my phone was perfectly fine. Though, I accidentally attempted to shatter the shatter-prone glass on my iPhone, it didn't break. What a shame.

    What I did notice reading though peoples' complaints is that several of them are upset that the screen shattered. Let me educate my fellow Americans on something. The iPhone is a touchscreen phone. A screen protector is only going to prevent scratches to the screen. Any more protection and people will be complaining about not being able to use the touchscreen. Honestly, use common sense. Don't make America look *that* bad.

    In conclusion, here's the skinny.
    - Follow the directions on making sure your case is still waterproof. Don't expect everything to be perfect every time. Otherwise you'd be in for a rude awakening in the real world. Honestly. Doesn't take any more than a minute.
    - TouchID still works, and works great.
    - No muffling of my voice on calls. (Voice, FaceTime, Skype, etc...)
    - My case stopped any damage to my iPhone whatsoever when I dropped it onto concrete.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from ORANGE

    I bought this box a month ago and I love it, my iphone looks spectacular on, I have no problem making calls or receiving, thank you lifeproof.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Case I've Ever Had :)

    • Written by from Parker

    Love this case! My wife got it for my for my birthday a few months ago. I've already recorded great underwater videos of my 3 year old at swim class, and love the fact that my 7 month old can get a hold of it and not hurt it. Mute control is easy enough to use once I figured out that it switches the opposite way than normal. My wife wants me to buy her one now! People on the other end have a hard time hearing me in speaker mode, but for a waterproof phone, I expected that.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it!

    • Written by from Olympia

    Just got this a couple weeks ago. I'm floored by all the negative reviews on here for this case!!
    1)Case does not vibrate when I listen to music. If anything it amplifies it for me which I love
    2) Touch ID works just as regularly for me with or without the case-which is to say it is inconsistent. Works about 80% of the time
    3)When in speaker mode I do have some issues once in a while with being heard but this is not a huge deal for me because I usually use my Era bluetooth anyways
    4) I don't get the complaint about the material feeling slick,too hard or chunky at all! It has a great amount of grip around the sides and is the sleekest case for the level of protection offered. If you're anything like me you like great protection without the bulk. This is perfect.
    5)I agree both the power port and audio port are initially a pain to open but once you 'break them in' with something small (I carefully used the tiny pliers on a mini multi tool that my friend gave me) use of both becomes much easier to open/close.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great case

    • Written by from Pittsburgh

    I was reluctant to buy. This case because of poor reviews. I have only had it a few days but I am very impressed Fit is great it has a very tight seal. Case itself is very sturdy. Nice to be able to use the real touchscreen. I entered fingerprint before and after case instillation to insure proper finger position and I have no problems. I have no degradation of sound but I read to make sure ports are free of water and lint. I don't see how people got dust inside case it seals to tightly to allow dust. Nice deep lip to protect screen. Screen protector is junk but the case is about touchscreen bein open

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this case

    • Written by from Grove City

    It is waterproof, it says specifically in the packaging to check all the seals and it even gives you a fake iphone to test with it. The only problem i ever have is that the screen gets hard to touch in the shower because of the hot water acting as a conductor making it possible for the water to act as a 'finger' and it'll jump around when you touch things not a big deal. my favorite part is that you can touch the real screen i had a lifeproof case for my iphone 4 and i HATED it. this one is perfect. i wish i would have had it when i first got my phone.

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