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    Seems the Nuud prevents phone speaker from being heard

    • Written by from Ames

    I recently bought a nuud after having a fre (which self destructed) for my iphone 5.

    The Nuud worked fine for about 3 days, then suddenly I stopped being able to hear the phone at all--this is not an issue of muffling or poor sound--it's no sound whatsoever coming from the ear piece. Popped the phone out of the case and it worked ok. Right now it seems like the phone does not work well when the phone is completely sealed in the case--I can hear the phone when the case is not totally clicked together but when I click closed the last part of the case, it knocks out the phone volume completely. Speaker phone, however, works fine at all times.

    Not sure if this is a nuud case or an intermittent iphone problem--could be a combined issue of too much pressure on the phone speaker "thing" or perhaps blockage by case's film over the phone speaker. To "resolve" the problem I seated and resealead the phone in the case about 10 times, working to put the final pressure on the bottom end of the phone, until I could finally get the phone to be heard again when the case was sealed. This makes me wonder how water tight the whole case is now....

    Overall, the lack of sound may not be a nuud case problem, but thought I'd post this in case others are having the same problem of no sound. For the time being the seating and unseating and resealing saved me a 1 hour drive to an Apple store.

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    • Written by from Lexington

    This case is cheaply made. My phone cracked just from dropping it, not very life proof. I do like how you can touch the actual screen and it is still waterproof. But I would not recommend it.

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    Okay but not great

    • Written by from Bismarck

    I think it's a good case if you don't mind the limitations and you NEED the waterproof/dustproof feature perhaps on outdoors trips etc. where you want to play with your phone instead of putting it in a small dry box/bag etc.

    First, be warned as others have said, if water ruins your phone, they won't replace it, only the case.

    I agree with others, and people feel both ways but to me the case slides on surfaces too easy, making it easy to slide off a car or get bumped off counters etc. It makes it easier to slide in and out of a pocket but it needs some rubber on the back to keep it from sliding.

    What really did the case in for me is that it does not work well (for me) with the touch ID fingerprint sensor. The opening for the home screen button is just too small and does not allow enough of the finger to interact with the touch ID sensor. So while I can go weeks with no fingerprint issues, once in the case every few days the phone no longer recognizes it. Add to this that you can't register a new print in the case so you have to repeatedly open the case, register a new print. My guess is repeated opening/closing of the case is likely to create waterproof/seal issues.

    So on one hand it's probably the smallest/cleanest "waterproof/dustproof" case out there that does not cover the screen but there are tradeoffs.

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