• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not waterproof

    • Written by from Hamburg

    I bought my case in a German store and did the water test. There was a bit water on the bottom inside, but I thought I might have closed it not well enough, so I didn't mind and put in my iPhone 5. After holding it underwater for a little while in my sink, I took it out and the sound didn't work well anymore. I contacted Lifeproof and they sent me a new case right away. But same thing happened again, the sound wasn't working well after putting the phone under water. So I basically spent 100 dollars on nothing.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Getting Worst Not Better

    • Written by from Houston

    I have owned 5 lifeproof cases, several had Sound Issues, this one also has horrible picture quality.
    The lens is impossible to get clean.
    I am giving up on Lifeproof....

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst case ever.

    • Written by from camillus

    I've had to get my case exactly 12 times. All cases failed to protect the phone from water. Every single case has a crack on the side where the water leaks through. One time it leaked through the screen! Terrible case, not worth the money at all.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Disappointing at best

    • Written by from Tumwater

    I bought this case for my son to protect his phone from water etc. The case performed reasonably well until it got totally submerged and than leaked. I contacted the company and they would be happy to replace the case but would not replace the contents ie my sons iphone. So a $500 phone gets destroyed but their happy to replace the case. My question is what is the point of having this case if they are unable/unwilling to stand behind their product completely. They said this was noted on the side of the package it came in - I didn't see it and it certainly wasn't made obvious if it had been I would have looked for a product that it's maker had more confidence in.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not a fan

    • Written by from Toronto

    I bought this case for my 5s after having my old phone water damaged and beat up by regular use without a case. I purchased my phone with my own money that i spent a year saving up so I wanted to protect my investment. It turns out there was a lot of cons to this. First of all the call quality is horrible. Without the case its crystal clear and I have no issues but with the case my voice is faint and none of my friends or family can hear me and often misunderstand me, which creates more problems. 2. My Touch ID rarely works and I have tried all tips for setup with this case. This really bothers me. 3. The Ports are a hassle to open. The charging port requires nails and after opening it my nails are often cracked or scratched. The audio Port also does not work with my beats studio cables so i have to use the adapter with takes a while to put in and is highly inconvienient when i'm on the go. 4. The mute button doesn't work at all and I have to take off the case which is quite a task just to mute my phone before tests etc... 5. My camera is dusted over like crazy and it is impossible to clean with my micro fibre cloth .Overall this case is kind of false advertised because really it's not very accesible or slim and it makes usage difficult. I'm gonna switch to otter box.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    What's Everybody Complaining About?

    • Written by from Rockford

    This case is great. I purchased it directly from LifeProof's website. The green and clear gray case looks great. The nüüd case works great. No complaints from the other end that I sound muffled. Took a shower with the phone so I can listen to music, no damage.

    Unlike some people on here, LifeProof directs you to make sure your case is still waterproof by using the dummy phone that came with the packaging. That'd eliminate half of peoples complaints about this case. In my case, the dummy phone stayed dry and cool when I left it underwater for a minute like the instructions tell you.

    TouchID still works great with the case and I did not have to delete and re-register my fingerprints.

    I did, however drop my phone onto concrete after stopping by my local coffee establishment. I am grievously sad to report that my phone was perfectly fine. Though, I accidentally attempted to shatter the shatter-prone glass on my iPhone, it didn't break. What a shame.

    What I did notice reading though peoples' complaints is that several of them are upset that the screen shattered. Let me educate my fellow Americans on something. The iPhone is a touchscreen phone. A screen protector is only going to prevent scratches to the screen. Any more protection and people will be complaining about not being able to use the touchscreen. Honestly, use common sense. Don't make America look *that* bad.

    In conclusion, here's the skinny.
    - Follow the directions on making sure your case is still waterproof. Don't expect everything to be perfect every time. Otherwise you'd be in for a rude awakening in the real world. Honestly. Doesn't take any more than a minute.
    - TouchID still works, and works great.
    - No muffling of my voice on calls. (Voice, FaceTime, Skype, etc...)
    - My case stopped any damage to my iPhone whatsoever when I dropped it onto concrete.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Failed within a week

    • Written by from San Antonio

    Bought the case, was really excited, made sure we did the water test and it was used correctly on the phone. 4 days later, i drop it into water. pick it up quickly, and after a few minutes, my phone no longer works. I paid almost $100 to ruin my phone. Not worth the money, there is certainly no "freedom," there.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Seems the Nuud prevents phone speaker from being heard

    • Written by from Ames

    I recently bought a nuud after having a fre (which self destructed) for my iphone 5.

    The Nuud worked fine for about 3 days, then suddenly I stopped being able to hear the phone at all--this is not an issue of muffling or poor sound--it's no sound whatsoever coming from the ear piece. Popped the phone out of the case and it worked ok. Right now it seems like the phone does not work well when the phone is completely sealed in the case--I can hear the phone when the case is not totally clicked together but when I click closed the last part of the case, it knocks out the phone volume completely. Speaker phone, however, works fine at all times.

    Not sure if this is a nuud case or an intermittent iphone problem--could be a combined issue of too much pressure on the phone speaker "thing" or perhaps blockage by case's film over the phone speaker. To "resolve" the problem I seated and resealead the phone in the case about 10 times, working to put the final pressure on the bottom end of the phone, until I could finally get the phone to be heard again when the case was sealed. This makes me wonder how water tight the whole case is now....

    Overall, the lack of sound may not be a nuud case problem, but thought I'd post this in case others are having the same problem of no sound. For the time being the seating and unseating and resealing saved me a 1 hour drive to an Apple store.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    worst case ever

    • Written by from Paramus

    I just got the life proof case for my i phone 5c. the next day i took it in the pool and it broke i think the life proof case horrible don't buy it!!!!!!! and the worst part is if you break your phone they will only refurbish your case when your phone is still broken like what is that supposed to mean i am just saying that the life proof company just wants money. so to resolve this paragraph. don't get played by life proof

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Callahan

    I loved this case because you could bring it under water and it fits so good on my phone but it isn't waterproof at all. It ruined my iPhone!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lifeproof case

    • Written by from nicasio

    This case is extremely disappointing. I just had to have a 9th replacement sent to me. When I first bought this case, I was very excited. Waterproof, dust proof, drop proof to an extent, ect. Sounds perfect right? Well it's definitely too good to be true. This case is everything that everyone else complained about. Again, I just called the company and they are sending me my 9th one. Thinking that with all these constant complaints, the company would have improved its product or at least made an attempt to make it look as if they've tried. So here is the negative. No one can hear me on the other end of my phone conversations, with constant complaints that I sound muffled. Ok, so with my new $90 case, it makes my phone useless for what it was made for. If I use the case, it's essentially a protective box that I must take the phone out of in order to make or receive calls. Seven out of the past 8 lifeproof cases that I've had, had over sized gaskets/seals where the case comes together as one of the water damage preventatives. Since this gasket is oversized and it must be stuffed into the groove that it belongs in, often popping back out as I tried to close and seal it up. This problem with the gasket/seal makes the phone no longer water tight. One phone was dropped in its case from waist height and the screen cracked. Two of the cases that I bought, the clear plastic screen was partially unattached, again compromising what this product was initially intended for. You have to press firmly on the touch screen for it to function. The only earphones to work without the adapter that comes with the case, are the apple headphones that come with your iPhone. The adapter is very inconvenient, as it falls off it's tether that is supposed to help you from losing it. Once you lose this adapter, you must either be gouged buying a new one from lifeproof at $20 a piece or opt for going without the adapter, which again kills the product original intentions. The outer speaker and microphone for hands free or listening to music is painfully muffled and not even worth trying to use. There were 4 phones broken while in these cases, all either bought brand new or sent from lifeproof as replacements for the defective ones bought. I was just always hoping that they'd get it right as they keep replacing my cases. I've asked for a refund before asking to replace the case every time only to be denied and offered another case. Why would the new one be any different than the previous 8? When I asked lifeproof if they've made any changes to their product, I was told no. What's the point in replacing my garbage iPhone case with the same exact dysfunctional garbage? This product is overpriced, useless, frustrating garbage. If I could give it a negative star, I would. This case is very disappointing and is highly recommended not to buy

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't waste your money

    • Written by from Saint James

    Bought the life proof case from the Verizon store for my 5S. The
    Representative told me it was the best case out there and would protect
    The phone fully. My son fell w the phone on his pocket and
    Shattered the screen. When I went back to Verizon, they told
    Me it does nothing to protect the glass. Changed their
    Tune from when I bought the case. Can you say GARBAGE!!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Muffled voice fix

    • Written by from San Antonio

    Purchased lifeproof the day I bought my iPhone 5s. Didn't put it to any tests considering I would eventually be cliumsy and drop it or get water on it. Both of those incidents have happened and my phone and case are not damaged. Twice I've accidentally dropped the phone from a couple feet up in the air and it bounced down 3 stairs and was still fine. Also while washing dishes a decent amount of water splashed on it and still no damage.

    I did notice initially that while on phone calls, the person on the other end would always tell me I was cutting off, sounded far, or muffled. A lot of other reviewers complained about this also. I fixed this by going into settings, clicking "general", then under "general" clicking "accessibility". In accessibility I scrolled down to "hearing" and turned off the noise cancelation switch. After some research I learned that over the microphone the case provides a film as protection so liquid won't penetrate, sound will. My theory was that if this film is touching the microphone and causing even the slightest friction while your speaking into it, it would create a noise into the microphone. So having the noise cancelation switch on might be trying to cancel out that "extra" noise while you're talking but also canceling out some of your voice. Anyway that was my guess, mainly because now that I've turned switch off, everyone says my voice sounds clear.

    Just hoping I could help. Other than being a little to bulky for my taste, by far the best case I've ever used. And for the people who give it a bad review because they wanted to test it out by purposefully submerging it completely in water, or trying to use it as an underwater camera and it messed up your phones, I mean c'mon. Nothing's 100%. The case is meant to significantly lower chance of irreparable damage when real life accidents occur. It's not meant for you to push it way beyond it's realistic limits of protection by submerging it for half an hour then call it junk because your phone got inevitably damaged. Hope you guys don't use that same logic with prophylactics

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not so waterproof

    • Written by from PORT SAINT LUCIE

    I've used these cases before & didn't have much problems with them, other than the fact that no one can hear me. When I got the nuud case, I was skeptical about the screen being unprotected.. and I had every right to be because my phone broke the first time going out to use it. I was SO excited but in the end I was just disappointed. I did the water test and it was fine, but when I put my phone in there and actually put it to the test it broke. So no, I wouldn't recommend.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Take care around water!

    • Written by from Lodi

    Case for iPhone 5c worked twice in water. Third time fried the phone. I wouldn't buy these if you plan on putting it in water often. Otherwise seems like a good case.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Anything But Lifeproof

    • Written by from Camuy

    I bought this cover very enthusiast for using it underwater and so that my iPhone 5s would resist a lot of time with me. The very same day I got the case I followed all the instructions and went to a pool party. The case work at first but then water got in it, luckily I saw it and nothing happen to the phone, they gave me another case. So my best friend bought it two and happen the same thing. I went to the beach later that month and we were both taking photos underwater, not to deep obviously, and my replaced Lifeproof cover Failed, I was a little off shore but you can still walk on the water so by the time I got to my spot on the beach to dry it off it was too late water got into the phone and damage the A7 chip, only that, and since that's the most important thing about the phone the phone died. My cellphone company said it was water damage so they didn't cover it and I needed to pay $260.00 dollars for my new iPhone 5s. My best friend was more lucky and a month later he dropped it on the sand and sand got into the phone and damage the inside of the screen. BY ALL THAT SAID I DO NOT RECOMEND SPENDING $100.00 DOLLARS ON AN "LIFEPROOF" CASE. Save your iPhone by not buying it, if you do please do not use it underwater, or even close to the water. I hope my bad bad experience will help you to not spend money on things that don't work. Nice Day

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Effingham

    Did you know that "lifeproof" cases aren't actually life proof? They aren't drop proof, they aren't water proof, dust proof or anything else proof. AND if your phone gets ruined by water damage, they will refurbish your existing case for the phone that you no longer have... Umm...what? The lady said on the phone "the package says your phone can still get damaged in the case"... In fine print on the back. Sounds like the lifeproof case has zero integrity.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lifeproof cases do not work!!

    • Written by from League City

    This case does not work. After the initial test worked, it didn't work and ruined the phone. You have have no recourse, and I don't think people realize that. And, if you buy it from an outside vendor, they won't refund your money, just send you another one. Why do I want another waterproof case that isn't waterproof?!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    "Lifeproof" case not so lifeproof

    • Written by from Calgary

    Bought my lifeproof case and was super excited to try it out. Did the water test and it passed. Went rafting 2 days later and the case let water into it therefore frying my phone. I had to spend $50 to buy a new phone. If I didn't have AppleCare I would have been paying close to $300 for a new phone. Terribly disappointed in the outcome of this "lifeproof" case... but my Apple store did let me do a full refund on the case.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    More like "Talk proof"

    • Written by from Palm Bay

    I do not like this case. I got it for free when I upgraded my old iphone through Verizon. I liked the fact it was durable and had a clear case so people could see my gold back of my new phone. Well people cannot hear me talk. I cannot tell you HOW many times I have talked to my friends and they stop me and say "What? I'm sorry you're breaking up, I can't hear you." After several times it sure gets annoying...

    Also, on speaker phone people cannot hear me all the time and I have to kind of yell into the phone. I like to use speaker when I drive so this does not help.

    It does look pretty and sleek, so I will give it that, but the whole point of a phone is to talk, so if people cannot hear you clearly, what is the point... Also, when I play my Pandora it is not as clear with the music coming out as it was prior to this case...

    I guess I got it for free since it's not a great case and they are wanting to get rid of it... Just a guess.

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