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    • Written by from Philadelphia

    It would be easy to forget you were wearing these...if they didn't make your audio sound so unbelievably amazing. Sorry for the cliche but they're that comfortable and light on the ear. And with the single earpiece connection to the audio source, you aren't constantly getting caught up in a tangle of cord, which is huge.

    Unlike the B&O BeoPlay 6, these won't require a headphone amp to drive them. (I returned those STAT.) They still aren't for bass heads, if that means someone who likes the walls or other bus passengers to vibrate and shake. But they are brilliant for a variety of genres as well as podcasts. My taste ranges from 70s punk to 80s hip hop to classical to iTunes stuff and it all sounds great. They fold inward for storing in a half-moon hard case, which I like because it isn't huge, like the Sennheiser Momentum's case.

    I find myself listening to my music and audio more than I have in ages. So happy with this purchase.

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    KEF are Wonderful

    • Written by from La Crosse

    I am a big fan of KEF speakers. When I saw they came out with Over-Ear Headphones, I had to get them. They fit great, Sound unbelievable. Came with a nice protective case. I can't say enough.

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    Ultimate sound.

    • Written by from D.F.

    It is just unbelievable how good they sound

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