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    Very good!

    • Written by from Elizabeth

    I use an iPad mini in my retail store and hate the fiddly regular connector to recharge during the day - it just slows down helping customers if I put the iPad on charge. This product looked like it would fit my needs perfectly if it was sturdy enough for customers to sign on the iPad screen while it is in the charger and reliable at connecting to charge without having to fiddle around. So, I went to the Apple store to take a look at this before ordering.
    Unfortunately, they didn't have any of these charge cases at the local Apple store (perhaps no longer in any of them) and so had no choice but to order online.

    I've had it for a week now, and I LOVE this product... the case is nice, has a nice quality look at feel and I can "throw" it into the charger when the iPad isn't in use, to recharge and then just grab it and go when I have a customer needing something in the store. It's definitely sturdy enough to withstand someone signing on the screen while it's in the charger and although I use in landscape, the charger does charge in portrait orientation too. All in all an A+ product!

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    Great charger and stand!

    • Written by from Irvine

    I have been using this for over a month now. It's a great product. It's very convenient. When the battery is low you just put it on the stand and started to charge. And you can adjust the angle of the stand according to how you want to look at your ipad mini. When you take off from the stand, the cover is good enough to protect the mini. Just one small suggestion, now if i don't have the stand with me and I want to charge it on regular charger, I have to either take off the cover or take off the small piece on the bottom and sometimes it's hard to take that piece off. If you can somehow make it easier to take off and give us the freedom not only can be charged on the stand, but also can be charged on regular charger easily, it would be great! But overall, it is a great product!

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    The anchor of my living room

    • Written by from Irvine

    ...... and my entertainment system (thanks to apple TV).

    The dock-n-charge feature makes my life a lot easier. I never have to worry about low battery level, and almost never have to rummage my apartment to find my ipad mini; of course it is on the dock. The magnetic "clamp" makes mounting and dismounting easy and smooth.

    The charge case is surprisingly thin and light-weighted; so ipad mini is still portable under its protection. Besides, the silicon texture feels really good in hand. A byproduct is that my old smart cover now officially becomes obsolete...

    The angle-change feature works as expected. But so far I rarely use it, because I am hand-holding it for gaming for the most of time. So no comments on it.

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    • Written by from New Milford

    I love the fact that I don't have to fiddle with the charging cable anymore. Really solid base and the magnetic charging feature means I never have to try to align it with the connector - it does it for me. The perforated area that re-directs the sound from the back to front is amazing and makes the unit have a rich sound, far better that without it. I use it as a laptop replacement in the kitchen for email with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I can tilt the unit in the base at a fixed angle for easy reading. The must have accessory, especially for the price.

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    • Written by from Costs mesa

    What impresses me most about the iPort Charge Case and Stand is the ability to charge my iPad wirelessly. Originally I was only shopping for a case, but when I came across the charge case it just made sense. The case doesn't take away from the sleekness of the iPad which is usually a problem I've had with most cases. The base is solid and supports the iPad without being too bulky. The magnetic mounting feature was a really good idea, it eliminates any fidgeting with alignment when mounting (portrait or landscape). All in all, its probably the most useful iPad accessory out there.

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