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    The BEST Lock since the creation of locks!

    • Written by from Waldorf

    I absolutely LOVE this lock! It works seemlessly without a problem in the world. GO ahead and give it a try!!! You'll love it just as much as I do!

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    This is a GREAT product... response to negative feedback

    • Written by from Pikeville

    This is my review of the product, and in addition, a response to the negative feedback above.

    Chris R says, "the locking/unlocking process didn't seem to quite work". I have had nearly no issues whatsoever with the lock unlocking, and definitely no issues with the lock locking. Any issues I have had with it unlocking are limited to 1 or 2 out of a hundred attempts. And the only "issues" are that it might take an additional tap to unlock the lock. HARDLY worthy of returning the item.

    Chris R says, "I noticed that the outside is made of a cheap plastic. I'm worried that someone is going to slam the door, and the cover will just come off and shatter."

    This is where I question your integrity, and whether or not you even purchased the lock to begin with. The outside is NOT made of "cheap plastic." That's factually false. The inside portion of the lock, as in, on the INSIDE of the door, has a plastic backing cover, as does ANY ELECTRONIC DOOR LOCK ON THE MARKET TODAY. Look at ANY Kwikset or Schlage electronic door lock - they all have the plastic cover covering the electronic components on the INSIDE of the door. To say the outside is made of "cheap plastic" is, well, a lie. Furthermore, your SPECULATION that "the cover will just come off and shatter" if someone "slams the door" is just that -- SPEC-U-LA-TION.

    You can't write factually untrue statements, speculate, and otherwise slam a good product with 1-star review -- that' just not right.

    I don't own stock or any portion of this company, I simply own this lock and really enjoy it, and I am disgusted by misinformation (potentially purposefully so) about an otherwise great, new, high-tech product.

    That is all.

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