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    • Written by from Bronx

    This book bag is great! you can carry pretty much anything you need for work, travel and maybe some shopping i rate this bag 5 stars because i have bought a bag for my macbook pro before and the storage was very limited with this bag i can carrying everything that i need oh and did i mention the great quality of the material and the nice color on the inside its nice and soft. i think its worth the $$$.

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    amazing quality

    • Written by from Pocatello

    I have had this backpack for over two years now and it has never failed me. It's been all over South America, Asia, and road tripping across the US. I've put it through a lot and it has yet to fail me. After putting it through a lot of stress there is only one small rip on an area with thin material and I blame myself for that one shortcoming.

    I 100% recommend this product.

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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Love this back pack!!!!

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    • Written by from Montreal

    I have 5 backpacks (including this one), all of which can be used for carrying laptops—I have an Arc'teryx, a Thule, a Nike and a Victorinox, just so you know the parameter of comparison here. This is by far the best of all five. The quality is excellent (honestly, it feels significantly better than the Arc'teryx—and it feels much more comfortable as well), and I was really surprised by the style of the product. It has a minimalistic, classy design. It's very sturdy, and it has some internal compartments (iPhone-size internal pocket; iPad-size internal pocket; some room for pens etc. It's also a very good pack for a weekend trip. There are *no* lateral pockets, so water bottles have to be inside the backpack (up to you if this is an issue)—I personally find that the absence of lateral pockets/compartments gives the product a more 'clean' aspect. If you're a perfectionist, this is definitely for you.

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